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Velvet Cinnabar True Velvet Lip Colour

True Velvet Lip Colour

Velvet Cinnabar  True Velvet Lip Colour

Velvet Cinnabar

True Velvet Lip Colour


Inspired by the dense, poisonous, red mineral which has been used as a precious resource around the world since at least the 10th millennium BC. During ancient rituals and rites of passage it came to denote Blood, Victory, Success and even Immortality. In its various forms (including Vermillion) it has been used as an artists pigment and can be seen in the frescos of ancient Rome. It was also used extensively as a cosmetic, most famously by Queen Elizabeth the 1st to create an intensely dramatic and powerful effect on the lips and cheeks.

Velvet Cinnabar is the deepest, richest, most powerful burnt ochre warm brown red imaginable.

This Cruelty Free product is free from Parabens, Talc, Gluten , Fragrance, D6, and D5.

“Lisa Eldridge has created the best matte lipsticks in existence.”
The Cut
“Lisa’s range of velvety lipsticks are some of the best you’ll ever try”
The Guardian
“So velvety, so plush and so intense in colour that you need to see it to believe it. One of the best matte lipsticks we’ve tried”
ES Magazine
“A truly special matte lipstick with a velvet finish that smooths on easily, fills lines and blurs the lips”
Into the Gloss

The Velvet Finish

The Ultimate Velvet Lip Experience

This is matte lipstick revolutionised with a saturated technicolour formulation and a creamy texture with a slight sheen that’s 3-D and luscious, not a flat matte. So intensely pigmented, it’s easy to create either a one-swipe graphic lip statement or pat gently for the ultimate subtle lip stain.

Velvet Innovation

Leading Edge Technology

Cutting edge lab tech has enabled the creation of a trompe l'oeil lipstick with a texture that is cast within the bullet itself and not a spray-on finish. The innovative long wearing cream formula is non drying and feels lightweight, silky and comfortable to wear.

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