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Video - Thursday - 22/09/16 - 7:25pm

Metallic Mermaid, 70's Glam Makeup

This look was requested by my instagrammers! I hope you like it. x

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Video - Thursday - 15/09/16 - 5:37pm

Opulent Burgundy and Berry Makeup look Using Organic, Natural Colour

I loved trying out all the organic and natural colour in this film, let me know what natural and organic brands you like on my instagram here. I hope you like the look. X

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Wednesday - 07/09/16 - 1:05pm

Topping Up for the New Season

After an indulgent summer break it's time to sharpen my pencils and replenish my kits ready for the new season! Although I'm always on the lookout for new products to trial to see if they pass the necessary 'Eldridge pro kit tests', there are lots of failsafe products and tools that I'm never without. Here are some essentials I've been stocking up on this week...

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Inspiration - Lisa Loves - Thursday - 01/09/16 - 1:00pm

The Beauty Pioneers: Serge Lutens

Makeup artist, photographer, art director, filmmaker, perfumer… it’s hard to define Serge Lutens, but true to say that he's one of the most iconic beauty visionaries of our time, with an incredibly powerful and provocative style. He's also someone I've greatly admired and looked up to throughout my career, and I followed in his footsteps working as a creative director for beauty mecca Shiseido (one of my favourite things to do during my time there was to visit the archives and look through all of Serge's incredible work for the brand).

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