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Lisa Loves - Sunday - 16/10/16 - 9:00am

Texture Trend: Jelly Masks for a Hit of Hydration

Although I put myself in the combination/oily skin camp, I find that - especially at this time of year - my skin is in need of a mega dose of hydration and these past few weeks I've been reaching for fresh, jelly-textured masks. Think of them as an instant quenching tonic for dehydrated complexions - they nourish, refresh and give your skin a nice big glug of moisture without overloading it. Good for tired skin recovering from a late night, they are also the perfect masks to use on long haul flights as, once you apply them, they're undetectable. 

Here are four jelly masks my team and I are currently reaping the benefits of at the #HouseofEldridge... 

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Video - Thursday - 29/09/16 - 5:34pm

Supermodel Beauty Chat with Yasmin Le Bon

One of my ultimate girl crushes, Yasmin Le Bon shares her beauty wisdom along with brilliant, funny and insightful stories from her long career as a supermodel. In this first video I’m creating a very natural, modern take on the iconic 90’s supermodel look and Yasmin tells us which products her and fellow ‘supers’ used the most. Let me know what you think on Instagram X 

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Video - Thursday - 22/09/16 - 7:25pm

Metallic Mermaid, 70's Glam Makeup

This look was requested by my instagrammers! I hope you like it. x

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Video - Thursday - 15/09/16 - 5:37pm

Opulent Burgundy and Berry Makeup look Using Organic, Natural Colour

I loved trying out all the organic and natural colour in this film, let me know what natural and organic brands you like on my instagram here. I hope you like the look. X

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