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Sorcery Eyeshadow Palette

Eyeshadow Palette

Inspired by medieval tales and legends… Sorcery is a story of the magicians, fairs and fantasy of the Middle Ages

A curation of six totally harmonious and complementary eyeshadows in high-performance, easy-to-blend formulas.


Product and Shade Description

Each playful edit of buttery smooth eyeshadows are housed in a customisable compact, allowing you to mix and match your own unique colour story.

In this palette:

Troubadour: Deep, inky teal

Grotto: Rich, emerald green

Madrigal: Blackened, antique green gold

Mercurial: A prismatic ‘green to heather’ duochrome

Mage: Pale, silvery sage green/grey with icy blue, pink, gold and green pearls

Swansong: Rich, sapphire blue

NET WT. 5.4g / 0.19oz



Six Innovative Finishes

High performance, long-wearing powder eyeshadows in six signature finishes that are always flattering. From buttery Velvet to the smoothest, Seamless Matte imaginable.

Curated Colour

Expertly crafted by Lisa, each palette’s colour story covers every mood -  from the simplest, natural looks to dramatic, full glamour.  

Completely Customisable

Each palette is a carefully curated colour story, elevated by the possibility of complete customisation.

Each shade is secured magnetically in the compact, with an easy pop-in and pop-out mechanism - allowing you to effortlessly interchange any shade between your Lisa Eldridge palettes or with the individual refills, to create your own bespoke collectible curation.



For a soft look… Apply Mage all over the eyelid using Seamless Blend Brush No.7, making sure to blend the colour out at the socket line. Use an angled brush to trace the top lash line with Troubadour, keeping the line slightly fuller at the outer corner of the eye. Dissolve the line into the lashes about 3⁄4 of the way into the eye. Soften the line with Brush No.15. Connect the line from the outer corner of the eye to the bottom lashes using Troubadour with No.15, keeping the edges smoky.

For a bold, look... Start by sculpting out the shape of the eye using Troubadour with Seamless Blend Brush No.8 at the outer corner of the eye and into the socket. Seamlessly blend the edges with Brush No.9. Apply Madrigal boldly all across the lid from the inner corner to the centre using Brush No. 7,  before applying Grotto for an emerald look (or Swansong for a sapphire look) from the centre to the outer corner of the eye with Brush No.7. Make the inner corner of the eye pop by applying Mercurial with Brush No. 14.

Line the lower lash line with Grotto using Brush No. 15 and add a touch of Troubadour to the outer edge.


Award Winning

CEW Best Eye Makeup Award Winner 2023




Eyeshadow Palette

“Although each is already filled with its own unique colour story, my Eyeshadow Palettes are totally customisable. You can mix and match your own bespoke palette of shades.”
Lisa Eldridge

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Eyeshadow Palette
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Lisa recommends using the Seamless Blend Eyeshadow Brushes for the most beautiful results


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