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No. 20 Lip Brush Seamless Blend Brush

Seamless Blend Brush

Enables effortless application of lip products for both high precision and soft definition looks, depending on the desired finish. The tapered length allows you to lay colour down quickly and effectively for a long-wearing result, whilst allowing easy access to the inner corners of the mouth and finessing of the cupid's bow. 


“Over the years, making up hundreds of faces, I must have tried every single lip brush under the sun! My main aim when creating my own was to develop a shape that allows for effortless, professional application on ALL lip shapes. It works on fine lips, full lips, uneven lips… the length and width is*perfectly* proportioned for laying down colour, whilst the tapered edge is designed to allow easy access to the inner corners of the lips and finessing your overall shape and cupid’s bow. It’s my dream lip brush!” 

Lisa Eldridge




No. 20 Lip Brush

Seamless Blend Brush

Carefully Crafted

High Performance Brush

Beautiful high-performance makeup brushes designed by Lisa and created by artisans in Japan. Using only the finest quality, state of the art synthetic hair which has been specially created by experienced craftsmen for its softness, wave, diameter and taper. 100% vegan and cruelty free, the fibres are then blended together to achieve the best performance for each type of brush. To preserve their softness the hairs are never cut, instead they are carefully positioned using a patented process that places the hairs in a ‘mould’ to sculpt the perfect makeup tool. The ergonomic handle is made from responsibly sourced ‘Japanese Cherry Blossom’ wood harvested in Kumano-town, the historical production centre of calligraphy brushes. Each handle is multicoated with soft touch, matt black lacquer, to ensure a beautiful sensorial feel and long lasting quality.

Brush Care

Brush Cleaning

For personal use, wash your brushes at least once a week in warm water using shampoo or brush soap. Gently swirl the brush angling the hairs downwards until all traces of makeup have been removed, then rinse. Prior to drying, gently tease the bristles back into shape. Then place a cloth or towel on the edge of a table and position the brushes with the bristles over the edge so they dry evenly all round. Only pack away once they are completely dry.

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