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Inspiration - Christine Keeler

16 Aug 2011 - Share →

Of all the publicity shoots I did with it's leading lady Hayley Atwell in the run up to the release of Captain America this summer, these are definitely my favourite. Throughout the press campaign, I consciously avoided the 1940's make-up she wears in the movie (not that she doesn't look good in a red lip ...she totally rocks it!). Actresses need to be seen as distinctly separate from the characters they play otherwise they can look as though they are playing themselves, so I stuck to lots of modern smokey eyes, natural fresh looks and Christine Keeler-inspired make-up looks in these images.

For those of you that haven't heard of Christine Keeler before, she was a model/party girl in the early 60's who became involved in one of the biggest political scandals of the decade. In 1963, at the height of her infamy, Christine posed for a set of photographs which went on to become some of the most iconic and defining of that era.

I find this moment in beauty history especially interesting, as make up was in a real transition from the grown-up, lady-like sophistication of the 50's to the big eyed, bambi look synonymous with the 60's. Christine's style is a great example of this period. Hayley wasn't as scantily clad as Christine in this shoot, as it was for September Glamour, but nonetheless, I think Hayley successfully captured the mood of the 60's starlet.

Who are your favourite icons of this period?

For tips on how to do a graphic black eyeliner, watch my videos on my signature kitten flick eye and black "cat-eye" eyeliner.


For Glamour Magazine:
Photographer - David Oldham
Hair - Lisa Eastwood


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