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21 Jan 2011 - Share →

I LOVE the feedback and comments I get from all of you when I post a video or blog item but often there are so many additional questions and queries that I find impossible to reply to individually. I’ve decided to make a film (or films) where I attempt to answer as many of these as possible - this will hopefully be useful for those of you with burning issues!

I already have a good list of previously received beauty and make-up related questions via my website and inbox but if you have any more then please leave a comment below and as I said I will try to answer as many of them as I can.

Please bear in mind that I want to answer as many as possible so will try to give to short answers and for this reason please don’t ask questions which will require a 60min+ answer…. like “tell me everything you know about foundation”?!! Ha ha, you get my drift!

Check the ‘About’ section at the top of this page where you can read my full biography and client list etc and check out the ‘gallery’ section which contains some of the work I’ve done over the years – and feel free to ask me questions about any of my work as a professional Make-up Artist.

The photo above was taken backstage at the Todd Lynne show at London Fashion Week were I was directing the make-up look.



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