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Lisa Eldridge Eyeshadow Palettes are refillable and customisable, so you can mix and match your own artists palette uniquely suited to you. These high performance, long-wearing powder eyeshadows come in six innovative finishes that are always flattering.

Seamless Matte - A soft matte texture with a touch of luminosity that practically blends itself. Perfect for adding depth and dimension to the eye. Apply to the socket or lash line for a subtle day look or build for the full smokey effect..

Velvet - A super creamy matte powder paint that grips and adheres beautifully to the skin, with a smoothing finish and even coverage. Can be applied with fingers or a brush.

Luminous - A medium payoff, semi-transparent base that can be applied with a light hand for a wash of luminosity, or with fingertips for an intense, glossy lid top coat effect.

Satin/Metallic - Satin smooth, densely packed soft metallic shine.

Metallic - Full on, glittery molten metallic. Both metallics can be applied with fingers for full opacity, or as a wash with a brush.

Lustre - The densely packed, smooth and extra small pearls gives this texture a soft lustrous, pearly finish.

Top Coat - Multicoloured, sparkling pearls suspended in a transparent base. This minimal pigment formula is great for bringing a touch of light to the inner corner of the eye, or to add subtle extra dimension to the lid as a finishing touch.

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Nocturama (Velvet Eyeshadow Refill)


Deep, blackened violet

£11.00 Add to bag
Illusionism (Top Coat Eyeshadow Refill)

Top Coat

Transparent base with ultraviolet sparkly pearls

£11.00 Add to bag
Mauve Decade (Velvet Eyeshadow Refill)

Mauve Decade

Muted, grey lavender

£11.00 Out of stock
Faded Amethyst (Satin/Metallic Eyeshadow Refill)

Faded Amethyst

Smokey and lustrous, taupey amethyst

£11.00 Out of stock
Victorian Trim (Velvet Eyeshadow Refill)

Victorian Trim

Rich and bright, vibrant mulberry

£11.00 Add to bag
Violet Stone (Velvet Eyeshadow Refill)

Violet Stone

Pure violet

£11.00 Add to bag
Mercurial (Luminous Eyeshadow Refill)


A prismatic ‘green to heather’ duochrome

£11.00 Add to bag
All my products are 100% cruelty free, fragrance free* and suitable for sensitive skin

*With the exception of Baume Embrace Melting Lip Colour, which contains a food-grade, soft vanilla flavouring, that does not contain any allergens