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Best Eyeshadows for Blue Eyes

Myth Eyeshadow Palette – Adorn blue eyes in this rich synergy of contrasting decadent colour, from rich and bright mulberry tones to pure violet. 


Cinnabar Eyeshadow Palette – The powerful, warm tones of Cinnabar are as if drawn from the earth itself. The harmony of rich warm bronze, copper and earthy brown will  especially play up blue eyes as they create a strong contrast.  


Muse Eyeshadow Palette – The rosy, romantic hues of Muse will really make blue eyes truly stand out. 


Maya Liquid Lurex – This vibrant, warm rose makes a stunning statement on all eye colours, but especially blue and green eyes. The super glittery pearls in hot electric pink and delicious apricot further add to the contrasting effect. 


Cinnabar eyeshadow palette open to reveal warm, earthy tones

Eyeshadow Palette
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