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My Face Mask Philosophy & Some of My favourite Products

26 Feb 2014 - Views - Comment - Share →

I love a good face mask and rather than use one three times a week, I’ve been known to wear three in one day! In this film I talk about my face mask philosophy and cover some of my favourite products for all skin types. Masks that plump, moisturise, thoroughly clean, absorb oil, add radiance and generally condition the skin. I hope this film encourages you all to love and enjoy face masks as much as I do. 

To make your own masks, at home for free, check out my blog post on 'Kitchen Cupboard Beauty' here. 

Also in my 'Beauty Regime for Long Haul Flights' film I feature some great hydrating masks. 

The nail varnish I am wearing is Priti NYC Polish - Magic Man and the Lipstick I am wearing in the poster is Giorgio Armani - Rouge Ecstasy Lipstick - 503 x


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