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It's Coming... #FacePaintBook

15 Aug 2015 - Views - Comment - Share →

My book Face Paint, about the History of Makeup, is being released on the 13th of October and is available to preorder here - I’m really excited for you all to see it! X

Music - Seeds Of Retribution by Daryl Griffith

Photo Credits:

Cuneyt Akeroglu

Products - David Edwards

Raymond Meier / Trunk Archive

Richard Burbridge / Art & Commerce

A detail of a paining from the tomb of Nakht depicting 3 ladies at a feast / Werner Forman Archive / Bridgman Images /

Portrait of Queen Elizabeth 1st - the armada portrait / Gower, George (1540=96) pg 25

Goyo hashiguchi / Museum of Fine Art / Boton, Gift of Miss Lucy T Aldrich

Madame De Pompadour at Her Toilette C.1760 (Oil on Canvas), Boucher, Francois (1703 - 70/ Fogg Art Musuem, Harvard Art Museums, USA / Bridgeman Images

British Vogue, jun 1971, Peter Knapp, Vogue, The Conde Nast Publications LTD

Drawing Rene Gruau for Dior Rouge 1953 SARL Rene Gruau, Image Courtesy of Dior Heritage

British Vogue late July 1926, Illustration by Eduardo Benito , Vogue, The Conde Nast Publications Ltd

Guerlain Advertisement = Courtesy of the Advertising Archives.

Herbert Bayer Harpers Bazarr, Aug 1940 image courtesy of Hearst

Marlene Dietrich 1945 Popperfoto / Getty Images

Lara Stone - Photography by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott / Art Partner

Amy Winehouse - Bryan Adams / Trunk Archive

Gian Paolo Barbieri

Anna May Wong from Limehouse Blues 1934 Paramount / Getty Images

Nefertiti (14th Century BC), Queen - Consort of Pharaoh Akhenaton, Egyptian Museum in the Altes Museum Berlin / Universal History Archive / UIG / Bridgeman Images

Marilyn Monroe 1953 Photo by Gene Kornman / John Kobal Foundation / Getty Images

American Vogue Shot by Horst P Horst July 1939 `Vogue, The Conde Nast Publications Ltd

Photograph of Sophia Loren by Chris Von Wangenheim 1970 Licensed by VAGA New York NY

Meena Kumari, The Times of India Group, BCCL

Clara Bow - Corbis

Audrey Hepburn Photoshot

Brigitte Bardot , Sam Levin / Ministere De La Culture / Sunset Boulevard / Corbis

Photograph by George Herrell, Joan Crawford, ca.1932

British Vogue March 1st 1974 shot by Eric Boman (Outtake) Vogue, The Conde Nast Publications Ltd

Portrait of Queen Marie Antoinette of France, 1775. Artist: Jean-Baptise Andre Gautier d’Agoty, Fine Art Images / Heritage Images / Getty Images

Portrait of a Lady c.1460 (oil on panel) Weyden, Rogier Van der (1399- 1464) / National Gallery of Art Washington DC USA / Bridgeman images

Glass Tears (Variant 2 Eyes) 1932 Man Ray Trust / ADAGP, Paris DACS / Telimage London 2015

Photograph of Iekeliene Stange by Patrizio di Renzo for Swiss Jeweller Majo Fruithof / Makeup by Kabuki




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Vogue Germany - Paul Wetherell - 2022

Vogue Germany - Paul Wetherell - 2022

Vogue Germany - Paul Wetherell - 2022

Vogue Mexico - Nico Bustos - 2022

Vogue Mexico - Nico Bustos - 2022


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