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Beauty Nightmares! Solutions from my Pro Kit

26 Oct 2013 - Views - Comment - Share →

Most of the time my job is all about prettifying - a touch of blusher here and a slick of gloss there - but very often there are beauty emergencies to be dealt with. My canvases are the worlds top models and A-listers who, just like you and I, can be struck with allergies, irritations, puffiness and unwanted facial hair. They are depending on me to make things better and in this film I show just a few of the products I rely on to solve problems quickly.

As I mentioned here are the links to My French Pharmacie Skincare Favourites film  and my Puffiness & Bags Under the Eyes - Causes and Treatments

The lip colour I am wearing is Clinique's Chubby Stick in Pudgy Peony-15 and the nail varnish I am wearing is Foot Loose by Essie

Also, to see how to create the look in this film, take a look at my 'Easy Effortless Winged Eye Liner - My Night Out Look


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