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Gallery Update - Natasha Poly

17 Sep 2012 - Share →

I recently worked on a series of portraits of Russian Supermodel Natshasha Poly for Vogue Turkey. All the clothes were black, tough looking and sexy so I created a very smokey look. The two products from my kit I relied on heavily were my Kevyn Aucoin Primitif Eye Pencil in black and my Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Palette in Intensity One. The KA pencil is incredibly soft and creamy and almosts melts on contact. Its also highly pigmented and delivers a very dense black, perfect for creating this kind of smudgy, lived in dark eye. I used my contouring palette to futher accentuate Natasha, already amazing, bone structure. I highlighted around the eyes, down the centre of the nose, along the top lip and of course upper cheekbones.

Natasha is a gorgeous girl, very sweet and fun to work with. She's also a cat lover and we spent the shoot thinking up names for the new kitten she was  picking up after the shoot. Natsha eventually settled on the name Sky for her British Shorthair kitten (same breed as dearest Betty!).

Hope you like the make-up X

Photography - Cuneyt Akeroglu

Fashion Director - Ece Sukan

Hair - Kenna

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