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Gallery Update - Elle UK

12 Sep 2011 - Share →

This Elle fashion story called for some serious old school pin up glamour with a modern twist. I started by bleaching our model Agnete's eyebrows to lift the heavy-ness of the lashes & liner on her deep set eyes and to create a sense of something stark and modern in her face. I dyed her brows back to their natural shade (a greyish brown) afterward. Not surprisingly, many models hate having their brows bleached as they look a bit scary on a regular day when they are not working and being made up. I always re-assure the girls I'll put them back to their former glory before they leave. Plenty of models positively love it though and have made bleached brows their signature. Its a look that's been around editorially (and for runway) for SO long now that its become less of a trend and more just another option of how you can work brows on a shoot.

The lashes I used were the Eyelure Girls Aloud Nicola’s as they are spectacularly winged and thick at the outer corners so perfect for a vintage feel.

The lips were different in all the pictures ranging from naturally baby pink to the bright coral/pink/red in these shots (a custom blend using my lip palettes, Mac lip mixes and some fluro cream colours by Kryolan).

I was thrilled to see that along with this editorial I was also named as an Elle ‘Power Woman” in this issue! I feel so flattered and honoured to be named as a ‘Power Woman” in the beauty category alongside Pat McGrath, Charlotte Tilbury and Sophy Robson. I really couldn’t hope to be in better company!

Would you or have you ever bleached your eyebrows or changed their colour in a radical way (maybe after changing your hair)... if so how was it?!!!

Photographer: Pierre Bailly

Editor: Anne Marie Curtis

Hair: Mark Daniel Bailey

Nails: Trish Stephenson


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