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Dark Circles Under The Eyes - Causes and Treatments

So many people write to me asking what causes their under eye dark circles and what they can do to treat them so I thought I better make a video covering the basics. I’m not a scientist but I do have access to some of the worlds best cosmetic scientists and I’m always pushing to hear what’s new and interesting. Darkness and discolouration under the eyes has two main causes which I cover simply in this video along with some of the most well researched and effective ingredients for tackling the different causes.

I don’t feature too many products, instead focusing on identifying exactly what type of dark circles you have and the best ingredients to tackle them so you can make good choices when product shopping.

There is another video in this series coming tomorrow which covers some of the causes and treatments for under eye puffiness and bags (a question subject which holds joint place with the above as most frequently asked). I also made a video about using make-up to cover up under eye issues however it came in feature film length (so much to say!) so I think I need to re-make it!

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