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Video - Thursday - 07/09/17 - 5:04pm

THE Ultimate AMY WINEHOUSE Makeup Look with Guest Artist Valli O’Reilly

**update! $10,000 has been raised for the Girls Fund!**

Watch oscar winning movie makeup artist Valli O’Reilly recreate Amy Winehouse's iconic liner and red lips look - and a more wearable version if your not ready for fly your wings that high ;) I hope you like it. X

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Thursday - 07/09/17 - 9:00am

Pollution Products

If you missed my instagram story, I posted some new and interesting skincare I've been trying out lately. I hope you like it. X 

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Saturday - 12/08/17 - 8:00am

3 Natural and Organic Masks I'm packing...

I've packed a few of my favourite natural mask brands for my holiday this summer, from purifiers, hydrators and skin soothers read which masks I’m doting on…

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Video - Thursday - 10/08/17 - 5:29pm


A go-to quick and easy look that works for all occasions. Follow me on instagram here . x

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