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Video - Thursday - 04/02/16 - 5:59pm

Fresh in a Flash Without Splashing The Cash!

A quick, fresh faced makeup look with a bright pink lip. Let me know what you think on Instagram X

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Wednesday - 03/02/16 - 4:33pm

Three Old Loves...

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen that I've had to move into a new place while my house is being completely redecorated (the cats are not impressed!). I used the move as an excuse for a beauty spring clean, and while I was clearing out my products I rediscovered a few old favourites. I had to pack light for the temporary move and take things that would see me through the rest of the winter (I won't be moving back home until early May) - these 'old loves' have made the cut and come with me...

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Video - Wednesday - 27/01/16 - 6:10pm

THE Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Gorgeously Golden and Glowy Makeup Look

Get Rosie’s gorgeously golden and glowing signature makeup look and do let me know what you think on Instagram x

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Lisa Loves - Sunday - 24/01/16 - 1:03pm

In Essence... What's An Essence?

Years ago, when I was first appointed creative director at Shiseido and was working in Japan a lot, I remember being blown away by the sheer volume of products you could find that catered to every whim. In England for example we had one kind of cuticle cream/oil, whereas in Japan there was one for day, one for night, one for dry cuticles, one for dehydrated etc. etc., it was incredible (and in fact I'm still amazed whenever I visit Asian drugstores and beauty emporiums today). So it stood to reason that the typical Japanese skincare regime (like the typical Korean one) was very different and incorporated a lot more steps than the European equivalent - around five steps morning and night in Japan, and up to ten or more steps in Korea. They also used products like essences and lightening/whitening serums which weren't popular in the West at that time. Fast forward to 2016 and Asian skincare trends and beauty obsessions are gaining popularity globally - think the BB creams and sheet masks of the past few years - and recently at my studio I've seen a huge influx of essences.

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