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Monday - 26/06/17 - 5:38pm

Betty's Summer Takeover

Incase you missed @theBettyKitten 'guest editorship' on my instagram stories, here it is! Madam shows us some fabuulous new beauty exclusives, including her favourite skincare products for the summer months. For more Betty follow her on instagram here ;-) X 

For the product links, click below: 


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Video - Thursday - 15/06/17 - 5:23pm

Simple Smokey Eye & Rosy Lip - using drugstore makeup

This look is a hybrid of a few of the red carpet makeup looks I created at the Cannes film festival. To see all the looks I did on Nicole Kidman at Cannes click here. It’s a simple smokey eye and rosy lip using only drugstore/ high-street makeup. I hope you like it.X  

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Video - Tuesday - 13/06/17 - 5:03pm

Ads on YouTube?

Watch this video to find out why I’ve decided to turn on my youtube adverts at the moment (for the first time ever)… and what I’ll be spending the money on ;-) x

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Video - Thursday - 01/06/17 - 6:26pm

One bride, two makeup looks (plus vitiligo)! East meets West makeup tutorial

Lovely Jemma contacted me with a wedding dilemma. Not only did she want tips on how to cover her vitiligo (and share her story with others with the condition), she's also about to get married .... twice! An English country wedding and a traditional Bengali ceremony. Jemma brought visual references of how she wanted her makeup to look - a deep red lip and bronze eye for her western service and a vintage Bollywood inspired bright red lip and black liner for the Indian wedding. I hope you enjoy the tutorial! X

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