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Friday - 26/06/15 - 5:16pm

New trend: sculpting and contouring sticks

Contouring continues to be a huge makeup trend, whether you're into it or not. If you are, there are lots of great contouring products available, from powders and compacts to creams and gels - very different to a few years ago, when contouring was much more of a makeup artist thing and specific contour products just didn't exist on the market.

I've recently spotted lots of cream contour sticks, which is another big change as, when I was starting out in makeup, if you wanted to cream contour the only option was to use a foundation stick in a darker shade. I don’t think that these sticks are necessarily any easier to use than powders (as you still have to choose the right colour, apply the right amount and blend it in really well), but there are some benefits - the creamy formulas blend well with fingers or a brush and, if you apply too much, they’re a lot easier to take down than powders (although it’s always better to start with a little and build up slowly).

Here are some of the contour sticks that I’ve been trialling on shoots and at the #HouseofEldridge

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Wednesday - 24/06/15 - 3:43pm

3 new discoveries for sensitive skin

I recently noticed that a lot of the new skincare I've been trialling is designed for sensitive and reactive skin. And while I wouldn’t class my skin as sensitive (although it is prone to breakouts, so you could call it sensitive by definition), I’ve really enjoyed trialling them out on shoots and myself. Here's a quick round up - they're all great for keeping sensitive skin (or skin that's generally feeling tight, irritated, red or uncomfortable) soothed, calm, and gently hydrated...

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Inspiration - Monday - 22/06/15 - 5:00pm

#LisaLovesAudrey - the winning looks

I've just spent a lovely morning in New York looking through all of your amazing #lisalovesaudrey #mylisalook entries - thank you SO much to everyone who entered, it's obvious that Audrey is the ultimate beauty icon for so many of you, and you all looked absolutely gorgeous in your Audrey-inspired makeup looks.

It was a really hard decision choosing just five winners - I clearly have some of the most talented followers in the world ;) So I managed to persuade the National Portrait Gallery to give me two extra pairs of tickets, meaning I could choose seven winners instead of five!

And the lucky seven who each win a free pair of tickets to the National Portrait Gallery's Audrey Hepburn exhibition are...

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Lisa Loves - Thursday - 18/06/15 - 1:02pm

I love blush! My Pro Tips and Tricks

A sweep of blusher is one of the fastest ways to make yourself look fresher and more alive, whatever your skin tone. Like a flick of mascara, it can take you from lifeless to radiant in seconds. It's also one of the makeup products I'm asked about most often, from choosing the right shade to picking the perfect texure. So whether you go for a hint of apricot, a dash of raisin or a pop of fresh neon pink, this is how you can make blusher work for you...

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