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Video - Thursday - 21/07/16 - 5:25pm

Wear a Power Pout and Smile

A quick, simple makeup with a power pout

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Monday - 18/07/16 - 3:10pm

I'm Nuts for Coconuts

If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (THELISAELDRIDGE) you'll know that I was shooting in Barcelona last week where the weather was hot, hot, hot! I noticed that a few of the skincare essentials I packed to keep my skin happy and hydrated were coconut themed - coconut is such a great sunshine scent and, as most of us know, is packed with skin and health benefits, too. Coconut oil is rich in minerals, nutrients, antioxidants and vitamin E and it's a beauty ingredient that's gone mainstream with a plethora of coconut infused skincare, haircare and makeup on every shelf from department store to drugstore. Here are a few from my personal stash...

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Monday - 11/07/16 - 1:30pm

The Skinny on Eyeshadow Sticks

One of the oldest and most popular forms of cosmetic throughout history has been the makeup stick. Max Factor was such a huge fan of classic theatrical greasepaint sticks that he used them as inspiration for his first commercially available foundation, 'Pan Stick', in 1947, which women all over the world adored for its ease of application and portability. I’ve seen an huge influx of new stick makeup for every area of the face recently and particularly eyeshadow sticks. These are great if you like quick and easy shadow application - the formulas tend to be creamy and blendable so you can scribble onto lids, blend with fingers and go. Many also have great long-lasting, crease-proof and often waterproof formulas, so the maintenance is low.

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Video - Thursday - 07/07/16 - 5:20pm

Makeup & Hair - Getting ready with Jen Atkin

When Jen Atkin told me she was coming to London, I asked her over to the #HouseofEldridge to share hair tips and play with makeup. Hope you enjoy our girly chat x

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