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Video - Friday - 22/05/15 - 5:24pm

Quick Modern Glam

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A modern makeup look that’s great for day or night, it's glamorous but also cool and not too try-hard. This look is inspired by my recent editorial for French Vogue. I hope you like it! X

For more tips on pinpoint concealing and how to achieve a flawless,natural base watch this film.

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Lisa Loves - Thursday - 21/05/15 - 5:25pm

High coverage concealers for naturally flawless skin

Last week I filmed a Natural, Flawless Skin tutorial to show you how you can get a great, clear complexion with a bit of clever concealing - aka the Eldridge technique! (if you haven’t seen the video, watch it here) In the film I mentioned some of my favourite high coverage concealers that I keep in my kit and use on myself. Here’s a little more information on each one - the skin types they’re good for and the concealing power they have.

As I say in the film, these concealers aren’t just for spots or acne (though they’ll brilliantly cover that too) - if you have pigmentation, redness or unevenness that you want to conceal, without masking your entire face in foundation, use these (the only thing they’re often too heavy for is under eye concealing, unless you mix them with a little bit of foundation or tinted moisturiser first). Another thing to remember is that, although they offer intense coverage, they don’t have overly heavy or cakey formulas, as long as you apply them sparingly and blend, blend, blend!

I’ve split them into three groups: hot pours (that come in pans or palettes), sticks and liquids & creams - choose whichever texture you prefer and let me know which ones you’ve tried in the comments…

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Lisa Loves - Monday - 18/05/15 - 4:16pm

Sheet masks: easy at-home facials

A lot of beauty trends are born in Asia, from BB creams to cushion foundations and the graduated lip (watch my Korean ‘Beauty Trends’ Inspired Makeup Tutorial if you want to see me try this), and another Asian skincare obsession that’s quickly gaining popularity globally is the sheet mask. Even June, the #HouseofEldridge studio muse, loves them - here she is having a midday facial in the photo above ;)

If you haven’t tried them, think about sheet masks like individually wrapped facials - they come in single sachets and are usually made from a microfiber that feels like cotton, or a jelly-like hydrogel, both of which are saturated in serum and cut to fit the contours of your face. They might make you look a little scary, but they also give your skin a high dose of hydration in around 10 minutes - so you’re left left instantly brighter and plumped-up (definitely worth the temporary creepy face!).

If I’m working at fashion week or with a celebrity client and I want to give their skin extra glowiness, I’ll use a sheet mask for quick results. They’re also great because they come without any of the fuss and mess of usual masks - you just open and stretch over your face, press into place and relax (if there’s any serum left in the sachet, squeeze it into a pot, keep it in the fridge and use it as a serum over the next few days).

As the sheet rests it forms a seal to lock in all of the goodies so they can treat your skin before they have a chance to evaporate. After 10 or 20 minutes, remove the fabric and, if you're not putting any makeup on top, massage the leftover liquid into your skin. If you're applying foundation directly afterwards, I prefer to rinse off any residue (either with water or damp cotton wool) as, depending on what kind of base you use, it can sometimes end up forming little rolls and peeling off. So rinsing will make sure your foundation (or whatever you apply next) goes on smoothly.

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Video - Friday - 15/05/15 - 6:22pm

Natural, Flawless Skin - The Eldridge Technique!

Watch my live spontaneous vlogs from the #HouseofEldridge using Periscope. Download the app and follow me on Lisa Eldridge Make Up

Get Natural, Flawless skin, with the Eldridge Pinpoint Concealing technique! It’s the trick I’ve used time and time again on jobs and also on myself. It’s not just a life saver for acne but can also be used everyday. X 

On my eyes I'm wearing Maybelline's Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in Black and for mascara Dolly Wink's Long Mascara in black. 


For more concealing tips and tricks, have a look at these films X 

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Tuesday - 12/05/15 - 5:18pm

My Japanese Lash Lowdown

I’m like a kid in a candy shop whenever I visit a drugstore, and the Japanese ones are out of this world - absolutely crammed with makeup, skincare and beauty gadgets, with discount signs, talking advertisements and music playing from every shelf… It’s chaos, but I love it! On my recent trip to Tokyo I did a mega haul (if you haven't already, watch my Japanese Makeup Look film to see some of the products I bought), including a lot of false eyelashes which I wanted to show you all.

Japanese girls’ eyelashes tend to be naturally shorter and finer and lots of the girls crave a big, doe-eyed look, so there’s huge demand for high quality false lashes. Competition is fierce and Japanese brands go the extra mile to deliver - there’s a lot more choice than you find in Europe or the US, with hundreds of sets piled high in every drugstore (as you can see from my photo above), from natural and subtle to full-on, crazy styles, with lots of variation in weight, length and featheriness.

The packaging also tends to be typically Japanese (pink, bows, hearts, glitter and flowers on every packet, with girly names like 'pure sweet' and 'natural cute') and the prices are often very reasonable - the 100-yen shops (the Japanese equivalent of a pound or dollar store) have huge selections - I took a photo below to show you all.

Here’s a (small!) selection of some of the lashes I picked up that shows just how much variation there is, and the different effects they achieve…

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Saturday - 09/05/15 - 10:33am

Face Paint - The Story of Makeup - behind the cover

Last weekend my newsletter subscribers had the world exclusive, first look at the cover of my new book, Face Paint - a book about the history of makeup, something I've always wanted to write.

It's been a very long, intense and at times exhausting journey, so I was excited but also really nervous about unveiling the cover. Since then I've been overwhelmed by all the lovely posts and comments, so a BIG thank you to everyone who has taken the time to repost and share. As I said in my newsletter, what began as a hobby and a passion continued to grow as I connected with you all on my site - you helped me to realise that it’s not just me who loves learning about the history of lipstick, powder and eye shadow, so this book is for YOU!

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Video - Thursday - 30/04/15 - 8:46pm

Japanese Makeup Look, Haul & Chat - (and some BIG NEWS)

The cover is out! If you didn't catch it in my newsletter  I'll be doing more posts and films about my book in the run-up to the launch. To Pre-order my book click here  X

This fun look is inspired by my trips to Tokyo, it’s a kawaii, wide-eyed, girly makeup look using some of favourite drugstore and premium Japanese products. I hope you like it. X

The nail varnish I'm wearing is Revlon's Colorstay Gel Envy in Hot Hand 120

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Wednesday - 29/04/15 - 6:00pm

Everyday nude palettes

A nude eyeshadow palette is a modern makeup staple. The combination of shades from light to dark means they suit a lot of different skintones, and as they can be layered and blended in every way they’re pretty much foolproof to use. For me, they’re a kit essential because they’re so versatile - the light to medium shades are perfect for creating subtle day looks while the darker shades can be layered for evening eyes with sophisticated drama. Obviously as most of you will already know, Urban Decay’s Naked palette was the one that kicked off the trend for great multi-toned, neutral palettes and it’s still one of the classics (and now comes in five different variations). Here are a few others that are also really good…

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Wednesday - 29/04/15 - 11:20am

Behind the Scenes with Vogue Paris

I recently posted my latest makeup story for Vogue Paris with the gorgeous Daria Werbowy on Instagram. I went for an effortlessly cool makeup vibe with five different looks.

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Video - Thursday - 23/04/15 - 8:07pm

Subtly Sun-kissed, Golden Glow Makeup Look

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A natural sun-kissed look that will instantly leave you with a fresh healthy looking glow. X

For more tips on how to contour, visit my tutorials below…


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Thursday - 23/04/15 - 11:59am

Get creative for a chance to win tickets to the Lancôme 80th birthday party in Paris this July!

Lancôme have created a very cool site to celebrate the 80th Birthday of this iconic French brand. As Global Creative Director I'm excited to be attending the big celebratory bash in Paris this July and now you have the opportunity to come too. Anyone who is anyone will be there, including some of the biggest names in Hollywood (all top secret at the moment!).

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Lisa Loves - Tuesday - 21/04/15 - 7:03pm

My Beauty Regime on Long Haul Flights - an update!

I follow a major tried and tested beauty regime on long haul flights (which you’ll already know about if you’ve watched my film) - I like to turn every plane journey into a spa opportunity! Last week I flew to Tokyo for a shoot and to celebrate Lancôme’s 80th birthday and packed lots of my usual in-flight favourites as well as a few new things that I wanted to tell you about.

I know it might seem be a bit extreme to sit on a plane with gel eye masks and hand-moisturising gloves on, massaging my face with an odd-looking silver roller, but this was a long, overnight flight (with the lights turned down for most of it) and I admit I go to great lengths to kill the boredom! Plus, as I had zero recovery time when I arrived in Tokyo, and a long day of interviews ahead, I wanted to make sure I landed with fresh, glowy skin. I admit I do occasionally get the odd funny look, but I don’t care because I find it relaxing - and fun! Here’s a round-up of what I used…

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