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Saturday - 19/07/14 - 4:50pm

Youth in a Tube

I have been working in Ibiza this week and while packing my personal bags and kit, I was thinking about how much choice we have now when it comes to facial suncreams. When I was in my teens, a very well-preserved Norwegian lady I knew told me off for...

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Video - Thursday - 10/07/14 - 6:58pm

Summertime Pin Up Inspired Make-up Look

An easy Summertime pink twist on a classic Pin Up look. Enjoy X

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Tuesday - 01/07/14 - 5:16pm

The Winner of My Makeup Artist Competition Shares Her Story

Hi there! You may remember me from a blog post two months ago— I was the girl with the trompe l'oeil plastic-face makeup who won Lisa’s contest. I’m writing to you from a café in Fulham the day after my graduation from Davini...

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Thursday - 26/06/14 - 3:51pm

'Pout Protection' - Lipsticks for Summer

I’m a big believer in daily SPF to protect from the ravages of time. Most of us are pretty good at making sure our faces are well coated but lips can be easily neglected. Susceptible to sun damage, lips are more sensitive as the skin is very t...

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Friday - 20/06/14 - 2:20pm

A Few of My Festival Beauty Essentials

With the festival season just around the corner, I thought it was the perfect time to share a few festival beauty favourites. You don’t want to turn up with an enormous suitcase of beauty kit (after all, we are trying to give off an air of lai...

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Inspiration - Tuesday - 17/06/14 - 12:23pm

Makeup Moments - The Story Behind A Clockwork Orange

There are certain ‘Makeup Moments’ in film, art and fashion history that stick in the memory. These iconic looks define eras and become key reference points for Make-up artists and creatives everywhere. I thought I’d choose a few to dissect and explore in the coming weeks, so we can really understand the inspiration behind some of the most discussed and reproduced moments in recent make-up history. Whenever possible, I'll speak to, or quote, the original creators.

For my first Makeup Moment I’ve chosen one of cinema’s most iconic and controversial characters, Alex DeLarge from A Clockwork Orange.

Based on Anthony Burgess's 1962 dystopian novella, the movie was released in 1971 to mixed reviews although it has gone on to become a cult classic. It was written, produced and directed by the brilliantly meticulous Stanley Kubrick. The plot deals with gang culture and extreme juvenille violence. Kubrick himself decided to withdraw the movie from UK cinemas in an extraordinary move of self-censorship following a wave of violent attacks after the films release. 

A complex and challenging film, capable of dividing opinion (as the all the best art does), one could go on about it BUT what I really want to talk about is (of course) the make-up!

The film opens with protagonist Alex DeLarge, played by Malcolm McDowell, head down looking up with his chilling blue eyes and.... those eyelashes.

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