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Video - Friday - 14/08/15 - 4:34pm

It's Coming... #FacePaintBook

My book Face Paint, about the History of Makeup, is being released on the 13th of October and is available to preorder from Amazon here - I’m really excited for you all to see it! X

Music - Seeds Of Retribution by Daryl Griffith

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Wednesday - 12/08/15 - 3:59pm

Texture Trend Alert - New Generation Sunscreen Oils

I packed a few of the suncreams I featured in my ‘Youth in a Tube’ sunscreen film on my recent holiday - which were much needed as the weather was hot! Lots of you asked me for body sunscreen recommnedations and as I said in the video, many of the brands I mentioned (Avene, La Roche-Posay, Institut Esthederm) have great sun protection lotions for body. However, I've noticed a big trend towards body sunscreens with oil formulas this summer.

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Inspiration - Monday - 10/08/15 - 5:10pm

She Wore Blue Velvet - #MakeupMoments

Before doing Isabella Rossellini's make-up recently I wanted to remind myself of the makeup she has worn for movies and in everyday life. As usual with internet (and the power of Google images, I ended up going through all the looks she has worn since her career began. Although Isabella didn't begin acting until she was 31, she's played some truly brilliant and iconic roles. The one that she's perhaps best know for is the beautiful, mesmerising Dorothy Vallens in Blue Velvet, and when I was looking at some of the images from the film I was reminded of just how amazing her look was - I'm still inspired by that electric blue eyeshadow and those glossy cherry red lips, everything about the makeup was so bold and ravishing.

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Video - Thursday - 06/08/15 - 5:06pm

The Eyeliners I Can’t Live Without

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A quick film showing my pro kit favourite black eyeliners. They’re the ones I use time and time again on models, , celebrities - and myself! 

On my lips is Sisley's Phyto-Lip Twist Lipstick in number 1 and on my eyes I used the L'Oréal La Palette Nude in Beige. X

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