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Runway Trend - Matchy Make Up

Lots of fall/winter shows featured either matching lips, cheeks & nails or, in some cases, matching lips, cheeks, eyes AND nails. Its a look which hasn't been around for a while as it was seen as pretty naff to pair up lip and nails let alone every area of your face. As much as I love clashing colours its really nice to see this trend winging its way back as its universally flattering, chic and sophisticated. Theres something so classic and pulled together about a monochrome look whichever tones you choose to use. This look was seen using purples, plums, neutral brows, bricks and pinks. As make-up trends go its pretty foolproof and looks equally at home in the office as it does on the runway. x

Special thanks to the amazing Luma Grothe for modeling this look. You can follow Luma on twitter @LumaGrothe

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