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Full Strip Fake Lashes

19th Mar 2010 - Views - Comment - Share

Part 2 of the Lash Series - a beginners guide to applying full strip fake lashes. Fake lashes are everywhere right now, the major eyelash brands are making some incredible designs and lash bars are popping up all over town. No amount of mascara will ever give you the very dramatic effect of strip lashes. Although a little trickier to apply to yourself than individuals (in my opinion), it definitely worth having a go for a special night out as they can completely transform your eyes and give your make-up a totally different feel.

Choose your lashes according to whats going to suit your eye shape and face best. If you really look after your lashes (clean off mascara with gentle remover after every use) and put them away properly in the box they came in, you can use them time and time again. Remove them as you would individuals by soaking a cotton wool disc in eye make-up remover and holding it flat over your eye for several seconds. This should soften the glue and loosen the lashes. Repeat if necessary. Fun and perfect for a night out, follow my beginners guide to getting the application right.

Watch my guide to applying individual false eyelashes below:

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