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Ring and Earring Care

Take care when wearing your jewellery not to drop it or knock it against a hard surface, as it can easily damage the stone or the setting. It is advisable to take them off if you are doing any manual work or sports due to their delicate nature.


When storing your jewellery the best place to keep it is in the box that it comes in. Do not keep it with other jewels, as gem stones have different levels of hardness and can damage and scratch each other when kept loose with other jewellery. Silver rings may oxidise over a period of time and storing them in airtight bags can lessen this effect.


Over time your jewellery can get coated with natural oils from the skin and creams etc. You can clean your stones with warm soapy water and a soft interdental brush. Introduce the brush in between the stone and its mount and gently massage. Finally rinse well, dry and polish with a soft cloth (or the puff included) to remove watermarks. Silver mounts can also be cleaned with a silver dip which should be rinsed thoroughly, dried and polished with a soft cloth.


We take every step to ensure that our jewellery is made sustainably. Our semi precious stones are sourced from all over the world and cut to our specification through reputable dealers. To the best of our knowledge and based on written assurances from our suppliers all our stones come from non conflict sources, free from human rights abuses. All our jewellery is made in the UK in small artisanal workshops.

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