Velvet Jazz

Plush True Velvet Lipstick Colour


Velvet Morning Velvet Jazz Velvet Ribbon


A muted, earthy, brick red inspired by the 1930’s red lipsticks in my vintage collection.

Saturated and highly pigmented lipstick with a beautiful, true velvet effect on the surface of the bullet which looks exactly like velvet fabric. The formulation is a creamy, hydrating matte with a slight sheen - its not a 'flat' matte. The colour is long wearing and non drying on the lips. This shade is something of a chameleon and ranges from an intense brown/red to a soft, brick red, depending on skin tone and method of application.  Its an incredibly glamorous shade, equally beautiful as a fully saturated 'wow' lip, as it is as a naturally flushed stain. 

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My lipsticks are cruelty free.

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