The Eva

Cushion Cut Amethyst in Silver

£490.00 inc. free worldwide shipping

A stunningly vibrant amethyst stone. This stone is an extraordinary variety of quartz with a striking violet hue. Its oval cut measuring 10mm x 10mm brings out its unique tones and natural variations. Set in sterling silver with an open back to reflect and refract the light. The stone is approximately 3.1 carats in weight.

Also available in gold.

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The Lisa Eldridge Ring Box

Packaged in a monogrammed blush pink outer gift box, each ring also comes with its own beautiful jewel box to store and protect your ring. Based on a 1920’s blush pot in Lisa’s vintage makeup collection the padded boxes are handmade in the UK using soft vegan suede (alcantara). Each ring also comes with a handmade ‘blush puff’ made with vintage fabrics for polishing your stone.

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