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The Elizabeth

Cushion Cut Iolite in 18ct Gold


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A midnight blue Iolite. This gemstone shows strong dichroism and can present as deep indigo blue with flashes of translucence depending on the angle and light. Its cushion cut measuring 10mm x 10mm brings out its unique tones and natural variations. Set in 18 carat gold with an open back to reflect and refract the light. The stone is approximately 2.75 carats in weight.

We can also create bespoke mounts in White Gold, Platinum or Rose Gold. For more information, pricing and any enquiries please contact us.

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About My Jewellery

When I started making YouTube videos back in 2011, I had no idea that the rings I was wearing would get almost as many comments as my make up techniques. I’ve always loved coloured gemstones. It started when I was a child and used to draw intense coloured circles on paper with wax crayons and then add a big drop of water – the wax held the water in a dome shape and create an illusionary jewel. I’m a colour obsessive who spends my days dreaming up colour combinations that I can create on a face and in my mind, makeup and gemstones are all the same - it’s about a love of colour.

Having received so many requests over the years about my rings, I decided to turn a hobby into something more and with the help of my stone hunting friend William (with whom I created my engagement ring many years ago), I now bring you my beautifully coloured, hand crafted masterpieces. I hope you will love, and get as many years of enjoyment out of them as I have.

All of my jewellery is handmade at small artisan workshops in the UK.

Jewellery Boxes

My fantasy was to make a scaled up version of a beautiful, round 1920s blush pot I have in my vintage makeup. I also wanted to make it in blush tones of soft, vegan suede. I hadn’t realised what a tall order that was as many ‘high end’ box makers prefer not to make round boxes as they are difficult to do. I finally found in Norfolk a family owned business established in 1967 who were willing to hand make each box with the level of attention to detail I wanted. The beautiful, padded boxes come in a variety of blush tones ranging from a vibrant rouge red to warm rose pink and a delicate lilac.

Outer Box

Each ring box comes in a monogrammed blush pink or dusty violet outer gift box. Handmade from recyclable cardboard and paper in the UK.


My other fantasy was to try to make a replica of the vintage puff which sits inside my vintage blush pot. This was to be the most complicated process of all, as I needed to source vintage jewelry and fabric from all over the world. Each puff is lovingly hand make in Crete by a friends aunt (true story). Every ring box contains a ‘blush puff’ in a variety of vintage colours, for polishing your stone – and for fun!

Mounts (the actual metal rings)

My ring mounts are handmade in 18ct Gold and Sterling Silver (if you would like Platinum or White gold please drop my team an email on shop@lisaeldridge.com).

I wanted the design of the ring to really showcase the gemstone it holds and allow for as much light as possible to surround and pass through the stone. The unique design was made into a mould at our workshop in Cornwall using a technique called the lost wax process which is a modern version of an ancient process dating back to 3700 BC. A master model of our ring design is made by a father and son in our workshop in Cornwall. This model is then sent to a specialist jewellery foundry in Herefordshire where a rubber mould is taken from the master. Wax is injected into this rubber mould and the wax version of the ring is then invested in a special casting or investment sand. This sand is heated to remove the wax leaving a perfect mould of the original master. The precious metal is melted and poured into the sand mould, after cooling the sand is broken away and the excess metal is cut away from the rings. These cast rings are then returned to Cornwall, where they are filed, cleaned up and pre-polished before setting.

Finally, all my rings are sent to an artisan workshop in Mayfair in the West End of London to be set with the gemstones by our very experienced setter (he’s one of the best in the world!). They are then given a final polish and are ready to be sent out to you.

A free of charge re-sizing service where required is done in the same workshops.


Firstly, let me say that all the stones are natural. I do not use synthetic stones of any kind or gemstones which have been fracture filled with resin, glass or had any sort of surface coating or treatment that may be unstable.

I’ve chosen for my first collection, reasonably large, flat, clear stones cut in the ‘old style’ (simply and without too many facets) to really showcase their colour and natural beauty.

They are cut to my design especially for me in the Bangkok workshop of a very experienced and reputable Swiss gemologist whom I trust and have a personal relationship.

Ethical Practices and Sustainability

My semi-precious stones are sourced from all over the world by a gemologist with 25 years experience and personal ‘one on one’ relationships with all the suppliers. To the best of my knowledge and based on personal mine and workshop visits by the gemologists I’m working with, plus written assurances from our suppliers, all our stones come from non conflict sources/regions and are free from human rights abuses.


Some of the stones are heated or modified by irradiation to improve and maintain uniformity of colour across the range. These stones are: Citrines, Blue Topaz, Lavender Quartz and Prasiolite. These treatments are widely used and acceptable in the world of gemstones.

Emeralds may be treated with oil to improve clarity.

Within the general industry, most Tourmalines are heated to improve colour and it is very difficult to tell whether this process has occurred or not (even our most experienced gemologist with 49 years experience can’t always tell!). While some that we receive will be unheated we have to assume that at least 50% are, unless we have specific information from the supplier that they are definitely unheated.

Our Amethysts, Peridots, Iolites, Garnets and Smokey Quartz are not treated.


Some of the stones display natural inclusions which is a general term for crystals liquid and gas filled cavities enclosed within the gemstone. These inclusions are often highly characteristic of the mineral or gem concerns and form the basis of the distinction between natural and synthetic stones. We do not consider them to be a flaw but part of the natural character of the stone.


I offer one free of charge resizing at my workshop – please click here to see the full terms and conditions.


I’ve given the rings personal names of dear friends, muses and inspirations.

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