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Sophie Dahl

Blog - 30th Apr 2009 - Comments 1 - Read →

This past month I’ve been working a lot with the seriously beautiful Sophie Dahl. I have done her make-up many times over the years and she is one of the most charming and charismatic people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I love going to her house because she always showers me with cakes, homemade cookies, fruit and all manner of delicious goodies. My work with her this month has included a book signing for her new book, several TV appearances including one on the Jonathan Ross show (see the video section of my gallery to view the interview), a magazine cover and a red carpet event.

Sophie is about to start filming her new TV series...I cant wait to see it! For this red carpet event I used layers of midnight blue and glittery silvers all over the eyelids to create a smoky effect. I also used a black eye pencil along the lash line top and bottom and inside the inner rim top and bottom. I finished the eyes with a touch of iridescent powder blue in the inner corners and tons and tons of mascara. I tried out the new Armani mascara ‘Eyes to Kill’ for this having already road tested it on myself. Anyone who knows me knows I don’t normally use expensive mascaras genuinely preferring the cheaper ones but I have to say in this case it produced a magnificent result. Check out the piccie, her lashes are enormous.

Katy Perry in Paris

Blog - 18th Apr 2009 - Comments 1 - Read →

Spent a long day in Paris working with Katy Perry. Lots of celebrities aren’t that into bright make-up whereas Katy simply LOVES make-up. Got to do lots of different looks on her. Red lips (Mac’s Ruby Woo), fuchsia lips (Nars Schiap), techni-coloured orange lips (mix any bright orange lipstick with Macs Lip Fix in matt white to give it a 50’s feel) and cyber apricot not to mention wicked Audrey Hepburn inspired eyebrows and tons of lashes. I love my job!


Gallery Update - Lily Allen for Glamour

Blog - 14th Mar 2009 - Comments 1 - Read →

I’m VERY happy to see how nicely my new Glamour cover of Lily Allen has turned out. I’ve worked with Lily before including another Glamour cover about a year ago, I think (time flies!) The best thing about working with Lily is that she loves fashion, hair, make-up and everything connected with dressing up. I can see why designers love her as she has a genuine passion for the clothes.

On a make-up note, all the inspiration photos the creative director brought to the shoot were of a young Bridgette Bardot. As I’ve always done Lily with bright lips previously I decided to go for a very pale lip and skin (only a touch of peachy blush and shimmery highlighter on her face. On her eyes I did a very restrained ‘kitten eye’ black liquid eyeliner (by Mac) and lots of feathery individual eyelashes to give a flirty eye that had a certain lightness to it. I think she looks extremely pretty, fresh and very young in the shots, which were definitely finished off perfectly by the unbelievably cute bulldog puppy. We all had a little cuddle of him and both Lily and I could have quite happily taken him home (not sure what my cat would have made of that!).

Osman Yousefzada Autumn/Winter 2009/10

Blog - 5th Mar 2009 - Comments 1 - Read →

"Set against Osman Yousefzada's minimal, ultra-modern collection, a heavy head of make-up could have taken the look in a very 'power dressing' direction, but in the hands of make-up artist Lisa Eldridge, working for Clarins, Yousefzada's girls became 'beautiful, futuristic and ethereal, rather than aggressive." Thanks to the collection's oversized aviators, there was "a focus on the cheeks," according to Eldridge, who swept a blend of different blushers upwards and outwards for real Oriental feel. And while acid yellow was daubed on the inside corners of the eyes for a pop of sci-fi colour, Eldridge avoided the robotic look by shunning shine and metallic highlights for a full, matte base.

- Amy Stone"

See this article on

Ten Years Younger Returns

Blog - 28th Jan 2009 - Comments 1 - Read →

I am back on Channel 4's "10 Years Younger", starting this Thursday at 8pm. The show has changed a lot since last year and includes lots of extra make-up and general beauty tips and advice from yours truly.

There is also a 'surgery versus non-surgery' twist which gives a whole new angle to the show. I spent a lot of time working with the non-surgery participants and I have to say, I was thrilled with the results. They all looked absolutely stunning at their reveals. I am a champion of great make-up and good skincare.

In the first show, this week, I give Kath a lesson on how to lift her eyelids with make-up, I'm also demonstrating the importance of eye make-up as your face ages.

I hope you enjoy the show, it was hard work but fun to do. I’ve not seen the edited programme yet, so I will be watching it with you.

New website

Blog - 20th Jan 2009 - Comments 1 - Read →

Welcome to the new-look website for Lisa Eldridge.

The site has been re-designed to add new features and better access to pictures and video, workshop information and more.

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