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Yasmin's Party

Blog - 14th Sep 2009 - Comments 2 - Read →

I was working again with Yasmin Le Bon recently on a December cover and she invited me to the launch party of her new range for Wallis.

I’ve known Yasmin for a LONG time, longer than either of us would care to admit. I did one of my first ever big trips with her when I’d only just started in the business. It was to Kenya and we stayed on the most amazing Island. On the way home there was a mix up with my flight back to London and I was really stressed. When Yasmin heard what was going on she marched over to the BA desk and told them “You WILL get my friend on this flight” even though I’d only known her for less than a week. She was brilliant and although she wasn’t even on my flight (she was off to Paris), her tone and manner certainly told them. Needless to say they found me a seat (and upgrade) instantly and I’ve looked up to her ever since. Anyway here we are all these years later and I’m so proud of her achievement at Wallis. She has done a lovely blouse in the most amazing emerald green – thats the one I want!

Red Carpet - Keeley Hawes

Blog - 8th Sep 2009 - Comments 2 - Read →

Yesterday afternoon the divine Keeley Hawes came round to my house to have her make-up done for the National TV awards. Keeley was nominated for the best actress award for her role in Ashes to Ashes and the show was also up for a whole host of awards. I’ve worked with her A LOT because of our work together on No7.

Keeley and I realized the first time we met that we have a very similar sense of humour so we always laugh a lot. I drafted in the fabulous hairdresser Ken O’Rouke, got my best china out for tea and cakes all round and we got to work. My 10 year old was very excited as Keeley does the voice for the tomb raider games so he was expecting Lara Croft to be here when he got home from school! Keeley had a very cool vintage 50’s lace dress and bow headband. I went very simple and modern on the make-up so’s not to make the whole thing look too ‘period costume’. Lovely creamy base and natural blush with black kohl pencil smudged all around the lashes, mascara (with a couple of individual false lashes at the corners) and a slick of nude gloss. Here's a photo...I think she looks beautiful!

10 Years Younger Live

Blog - 14th Jul 2009 - Comments 2 - Read →

Spent 3 days meeting fans of the show and answering questions in my ‘Ask Lisa’ master classes which were a huge success with standing room only. Thanks to all of you who came to see me, meeting you really is the best bit of my job and I hope you found the sessions helpful in solving your make-up dilemmas. I’m making a film of one of the Q&A sessions which I will post on the site soon.

Myleen, Andrew and I had such a laugh doing the make-overs on stage spending most of our time, in between talking about how to get look, making fun of each other. Poor Myleen was still jet lagged from her stint on I’m a celebrity USA but managed to look as bright eyed and gorgeous as usual and deftly fended off all of Andrews rubbish jokes with aplomb. I hear we are all set to do another one next year and I really hope to meet lots more of you there.

10 Years Younger Filming

Blog - 24th Jun 2009 - Comments 2 - Read →

Today was my last days filming for the next series of 10 Years Younger. Its been a bit of a marathon as we filmed all of the last series and 7 new shows back to back. This combined with all my regular make-up work, shoots and the work I do for No7 has made the past 12 months rather hectic. Anyway its all been absolutely worth it with some pretty amazing transformations particularly in my ‘non surgery’ camp. The new series will go out some time at the beginning of next year. I’ll let you know when as soon as I hear something.

Watch this video

Sophie Dahl on Jonathan Ross

Video - 22nd Jun 2009 - Views - Comments - Watch →

Make-up by Lisa Eldridge.

Gallery Update - Amanda Seyfried Red Carpet

Blog - 14th Jun 2009 - Comments 3 - Read →

Last night I did Amanda Seyfried’s make-up for the Glamour Women of the Year Awards. I go to this event every year and it’s the most fun of all the award ceremonies. When I got to Amanda’s hotel room I was greeted by 2 of her fellow actresses from Mamma Mia as they were all getting ready together. There was definitely a girls pyjama party feel and because Amanda’s girlfriends were VERY into make-up the room quickly turned into a shrine to make-up as I unpacked my kit.

Amanda had chosen to wear a beautiful multi-coloured and jewel incrusted dress so I wanted to keep the make-up fairly simple. Amanda has completely flawless skin so didn’t need much help in that department so I decided to focus on her eyes which are enormous and bright blue. Shades of bronze, pale apricot and chocolate really made the blue stand out without being too over the top. I used Chanels Brun-Cuivre pencil along the inner and upper rim of her eyes and smudged it along her lash line too. This red based bronze shade really made her blue eyes pop. Gentle sculpting with a pale bronzer brought a touch of warmth to her cheeks and accentuated her killer cheekbones. All was finished off with a creamy nude pink lip.

Yasmin Le Bon and Wallis

Blog - 1st Jun 2009 - Comments 3 - Read →

I was thrilled to be asked by Yasmin Le Bon to do her make-up for a shoot to advertise the new range of clothes she has designed for Wallis. After a bit of a ‘show and tell’ by Yasmin to introduce me to the clothes (which were all gorgeous) we decided the make-up should be all about variations on a lip, ranging from a deep plum stain to a full on red. This felt like the best way to go, as all of the outfits were very rich in colour and texture. I kept the rest of the face fairly neutral just a light smoke of grey eyeshadow to add a little mystery and a touch of brow pencil.

The only downer of the day was the fact that I managed to leave my amazing palette of red and orange lipsticks at the location. This was an empty palette with about 60 spaces which I had carefully filled with a completely mind blowing array of the very best reds of every hue and texture. Absolutely gutted as by the time I went back the next day it had gone! Tears and a period of mourning followed. I hope you like the pictures!

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