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Inspiration - Love this...

Blog - 24th Apr 2010 - Comments 6 - Read →

This isn't exactly make-up related I know but I get my inspiration from many different sources. So for a minute and a half of pure beauty watch this inspiring not to mention relaxing. Especially love it when the Peonies appear at 1.06, can there possibly be anything prettier?

Done and Undone Make-up (Lisa Eldridge Style!)

Blog - 23rd Apr 2010 - Comments 16 - Read →

I recently worked on his shoot for the the current issue of Glamour shot by Photographer Alan Gelati and edited by their fab beauty director and 'skinny chick' Alessandra Steinherr. The model was non other than barefoot singing starlet Diana Vickers who is currently riding high in the charts with her debut single.

I loved the idea of Done and Undone looks and Alessandra and I quickly came up with the codename 'Glastonbury Versus Boulevard St Germain' in the lead up to the shoot. Its only when you see different looks on one person along side each other like this that you realise how truly transforming make-up can be!

These are my 2 favourite looks from the story - Faye Dunaway inspired kitten flick liner and pale sexy mouth and the warm, glowy natural look. For the 'Done' look I tried out Mac's penultimate liner in Black with lashings of Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill mascara in Black. The lips were pale and interesting in Lord and Berrys Glazed Pink. For the 'Undone' look I used The Bobbi Brown shimmerbrick in Pink Quartz, buffing the deeper brown shade into the socket line and along the lower lashes to define and a wash of all the shades over lid, brow bone and cheekbones to highlight.

How are you wearing your make-up today....are you 'Done' or 'Undone'?

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Pin Up Look

Video - 22nd Apr 2010 - Views - Comments - Watch →

Following on from the lipstick tutorial earlier this week, today I'm posting a pin up look. I've done this type of vintage look on Katy Perry, Lily Allen, Mischa Barton, Kelly Osbourne, Karen Elson and many others and it's one of those classically glamourous looks that never goes out of style. You can swap the eye or lips colour shades for ones you already have as this look can be done in any of the classic shades. I've kept the brows, skin and general feel as modern and fresh as possible to give an updated feel. Perfect for a party, glam event or girly vintage night. Have fun with it and thanks for watching!

Gallery Update - Emma Roberts (Julia Roberts Niece!)

Blog - 16th Apr 2010 - Comments 5 - Read →

A couple of months ago I was working with actress Emma Roberts whilst she was visiting the UK for a press trip from her native LA. Emma was really sweet and fun to work with. I love these shots we did for US In Style Magazine as they capture her energy and spirit really well courtesy of fab photographer Freddie Helwig and stylist Nancy Rohde. I did a 'rock chic' dark eye using tons of smudgy black kohl pencil and lots of mascara, pale flawless skin and a sexy neural lip. Emma has quite a few new movies coming out soon so look out for her... talent and beauty is obviously in her genes!

Lisa Loves - Perfume Crush

Blog - 13th Apr 2010 - Comments 8 - Read →

When I was in New York last week I noticed Byredo had launched a new perfume called La Tulipe. I absolutely loved it but the sensible side of me managed to talk myself out of a purchase reasoning I really didn't need another perfume. On my return to London I popped into Liberty's to buy a birthday pressie for my sister and once again there is was. It was meant to be and I'm in heaven with its delicious scent. La Tulipe is the most gorgeous springy fresh floral I've smelt in a long time. I also love the packaging and bottle design, very simple...Coco Chanel would approve. Not many fragrances are inspired by tulips as its notoriously difficult to extract their scent which makes this little masterpiece all the more amazing. Byredo are celebrating with a 'La Tulipe' pop up store at the St Martins Lane Hotel in London.

Lisa Loves - Pound stores are so much cooler in Japan!

Blog - 12th Apr 2010 - Comments 11 - Read →

A Japanese friend of mine who has worn full strip fake eyelashes everyday since she was fourteen (that's dedication for you) brought me back this photo from a recent trip home. Their equivalent of  £ or $ stores, the 100 Yen store, sell the coolest stuff. Just look at the choice of fabulous eyelashes to choose from for 99 Yen  (68p at todays rates!) a packet....what a bargain. If you're big on lashes it's almost worth the flight over to stock up on a lifetimes supply!

Inspiration - Inoui Commercial from the 80's

Blog - 10th Apr 2010 - Comments 5 - Read →

I've been trying to track down this Serge Lutens commercial for the now discontinued Inoui (an enormous shame) brand since posting about his lipsticks last week. Despite the 60's/futuristic vibe of the ad it actually ran in Japan in the 80's. I first saw this commercial in Tokyo and thought it was brilliant. I absolutely LOVE the make-up!!!! Doesn't she look incredible? I love the lip liner, the crazy metal claw ring and the general bonkers-ness of it. Make up commercials seem so boring now compared to this...

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