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Make-up shoot for Vogue - Chalky Pastels Trend

Blog - 11th May 2010 - Comments 19 - Read →

I created the looks for this make-up story in the new issue of Vogue. Working with Beauty Director Nicola Moulton and Editor Jess Hogan the idea was to create the 'new pastel face' using this seasons latest chalky pastel products.

Matte chalky pastels like these are quite tricky to get right and can be very difficult to pull off outside the studio. I wanted the feel to be as candy/pretty as possible whilst at the same time having a real strength and fashion focus. I feel these sorts of shades and textures look more modern when they are combined in a clashing colour way....warm sunny lemon juxtaposed against cool lilac.

I kept the texture of the skin very velvety matte for the blue/lemon/pink shot and then played around with a lot more shine and highlight in the lilac/lemon shot. Both gave a completely different frame and feel to the pastels.

Its always fun to play with make-up in this way and great to try out and mix new and interesting textures.

Winner Announcement

Blog - 10th May 2010 - Comments 14 - Read →

Emmi Berggren from Sweden is the winner of the give-away and Fed Ex is heading her way! Congratulations Emmi!

There is another give away already in the pipeline and its one I'm very excited about. All will be revealed soon.

Thanks everyone who signed up for to the mailing list and for visiting my site.

Lisa x

The Competition Has Closed

Blog - 10th May 2010 - Comments 5 - Read →

Thanks everyone who signed up to the mailing list, the give away is now closed. The winner was chosen by computer this morning... I will email them later, as soon as I get home... Look out for me in your inbox!!!

Watch this video

Golden Smokey Eye

Metallic eyes are a dramatically glamourous evening look for summer. Here I show you how to work metallic gold eye shadow to best dramatic advantage, applying the product damp and introducing a smoky bronze shade to add detail and depth. You can apply this technique to any tone of metallic eye shadow including loose metallic powder pigments (as long as they are reasonable quality). Building a simple face of lightly sculpted cheeks, a wash of bronzer and a pretty, neutral mouth keeps the look feeling contemporary and current. Hope you enjoy watching and manage to pick up a few tips! X

No7's 75th Anniversary Shoot

Blog - 7th May 2010 - Comments 35 - Read →

I thought I'd show you some of the looks I created for Boots No7's 75th anniversary. There are 7 in total - one for each decade since the 40's but these are my personal favourites (60's, 40's, 70's and 90's).

All of the looks were created on one model so it was a very loooong day but a great one as I got to do exactly what I wanted and be creative. I think its amazing how different the model looks in each of the pictures, initially most people I showed all 7 to didn't believe it was the same girl - shows the power of make-up!

It was decided the best way to really showcase the make-up was to keep the model in more or less the same position for each shot and vary just the hair and lighting each time. Photographer Ben Hassett did an amazing job of really capturing a feel for each decade with clever lighting and hairdresser James Rowe made the perfect subtle statement each time with hair.

I also created the palettes/nails/lips which go with each decade. The eye shadows were chosen by the best sellers from each of the decades and it was great fun researching the archives looking at the original products and advertising for each era starting with their launch in the 1930's.

I have added all 7 to my gallery alongside each other so you can really see the transformation.


New Video: My Favourite Brushes

Blog - 29th Apr 2010 - Comments 17 - Read →

My personal favourite brushes has been the most requested video recently. I’ve also been asked to do a video of the ideal bushes and tools that non professionals should have in their make-up bags… that one is coming soon. So here are the top favourite brushes from my kit. I’m mentioning 27 (there were a few more but I ran out of time) and each and everyone is essential for me in my working life as a professional Make-up Artist. For non professionals, there are some great brushes here that will really help you to apply your make-up with a more polished finish. Enjoy and let me know what you think…your comments are always gratefully received.! Lisa x

UPDATE - for anyone outside of the UK and Japan who are looking to purchase the SUQQU brushes. At the moment the best way to buy them is via mail order from Selfidges Department Store in London. The PR Christa told me this .... "The number to ring is +44 20 7318 3538, which goes directly to the SUQQU counter.  The girls will be able to process the order over the phone and ship any products to anywhere the buyer so wishes" 

They will also be launching onto the Selfrides on-line shop within the next month or so too. Hopefully word will spread about this great brand and they will be available in more countries soon.

Watch the video here.

These are my favourite brushes and links to find them online:

1. Suqqu - Face Brush
2. Suqqu - Cheek Brush
3. Suqqu - Brush pouch set
4. Suqqu - Shadow Brush L
5. Suqqu - Eye Brow Brush
6. Suqqu - Eye Shadow Brush S
7. Kevyn Aucoin - Concealer Brush
8. Sephora - Professional Concealer Brush 46
9. Sephora - Smoky Eye Brush 24 - Professional Platinum
10. Laura Mercier - Smokey Eye Liner Brush
11. RMK - Eye Brow Brush
12. Bobbi Brown - Lip Brush
13. Daniel Sandler - Blending Brush
14. Benefit - Fantail Brush
15. Jemma Kidd - Deepen Brush
16. Paula Dorf - Eye Blender
17. Paula Dorf - Sheer Crease Brush
18. Paula Dorf - Eye Contour
19. Paula Dorf - Lip Brush
20. Paula Dorf - Smoke Lid
21. Sue Devitt - Powder Brush
22. No7 - Foundation Brush
23. No7 - Concealer Brush
24. MAC - Brush - 109
25. MAC - Brush - 129
26. MAC - Brush - 217
27. Shu Uemura - Synthetic Brush - 10

Lisa Loves - More Strawberries Please...

Blog - 28th Apr 2010 - Comments 22 - Read →

With the recent hot summery weather my thoughts returned to the favourite lipstick of my summer holiday last year. I had a thing for wearing Revlon Matte lipcolour in Strawberry Suede rather inappropriately whilst sitting around the pool. Aside from the fabulous shade, which just screams summer, the formulation is feather light, comfortable, smooth and very long lasting (important if you like to sip on a cocktail). The best thing about this shade is its schizophrenic quality; it can look completely different depending on the light. In sunlight it’s the brightest orangey poppy red whilst in the evening it seems to flip into a richer pinkier red. I'm wearing this in my next video which i'll post here on Friday (my favourite brushes....for those who requested!)

Meanwhile, here is a photo of me in said situation (complete with cocktail), working those lips….


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