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Inspiration - Grace Kelly - Wedding Day Beauty

Blog - 1st Jun 2010 - Comments 9 - Read →

Ooo how much do I love this picture of Grace Kelly on her wedding day.

I particularly love (well I guess I would!) how her make-up is so timelessly beautiful.

Looking through the photographs taken throughout her life I noticed that although it was sometimes easy to date her clothes and hairstyles the same could not be said of her make-up. This seems to be because she never followed beauty fads. For example, the perfect brows of her earlier films, seen here on her wedding day, were never subjected to over plucking - even in the 70’s when it was highly fashionable.

Always favoring a fuller brow, flawlessly natural looking skin, well defined lips and flattering, simply made up eyes (usually just pencil and mascara) it is always her astonishing ‘beauty’ you see not her make up.

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Bridal Make-Up Tips

Video - 31st May 2010 - Views - Comments - Watch →

This video features some of my thoughts and ideas about bridal make-up and kicks off my first bridal week on There will be more ideas and tips posted as blog entries throughout the week. In addition to more tricks and tips, I’ll be posting two classic bridal make-up tutorials this week. There are many looks you can do for a wedding but for now I’m keeping it simple and elegant. Both of the looks can be taken further with the addition of eyeliner, individual lashes or more emphasis on either eyes or lips to suit the bride and wedding.

Inspiration - A stitch in time

Blog - 29th May 2010 - Comments 9 - Read →

In the past year I have spent quite a bit of time researching illustrators for various projects. There are a lot of amazing illustrators out there and I have about five peoples work that I absolutely love and follow religiously. Someone whose work really caught me eye is Stephen Campbell, not so much for his straightforward illustrations (which are also fab) but for his stitched work which is so much fun.

This work centers mainly around the worlds of fashion, beauty and fragrance. He has some really beautiful pieces taking inspiration from iconic fragrance bottles.

This is a very small selection of some of the simpler stitched illustrations in this portfolio. I just love how they appear so homemade and crafty and yet so chic and sophisticated.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

You can see more of his stitched portfolio here:


Gallery Update - Kirsten Dunst Red Carpet

Blog - 27th May 2010 - Comments 11 - Read →

I was working with Kirsten Dunst this week and as this blog is dedicated to all things beautiful, it seems right and fitting to have a photo of her on here. Most of my friends have huge girl crushes on Kirsten and who wouldn't quite frankly, she's the nicest, sweetest girl who happens to look divine

This is the look we did for the opening of the Louis Vuitton Store. Kirsten wanted simple make-up with glowing skin, fresh pink cheeks, defined plummy coloured eyes (which really made her ice blue eyes pop) and a natural lip.

I hope she had fun hanging out with her friends in London and comes back to visit again soon!





The 12 shades of Shellac...which one would you go for?

Blog - 26th May 2010 - Comments 10 - Read →

At the moment there are only 12 shades available in the Shellac range but as you heard in the video thats all about to change with another 12 this August and an extra 36 next year, taking the total to 60.

In some cases the colour of the bottle is slightly different from the shade inside. I hear that the most popular in the UK are currently the deep Chocolate shade (which David tells me is nearly out of stock in London!), Negligee, a perfect beige buff (I'm trying this next) and the rose pink shade on the top right of the picture.

As it only launched globally a couple of weeks ago it'll  probably take a while to reach all salons but keep your eyes peeled, it's coming to one near you soon!

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A dream come true for nail polish lovers everywhere!

Video - 25th May 2010 - Views - Comments - Watch →

I love painting my nails different colours and getting the occasional manicure but its always a pain when they either smudge immediately or start to chip a day or two later. When I first heard about Shellac it sounded like a dream come true…a nail polish that doesn’t budge for at least 2 weeks! This film shows the complete application process and explains what its all about. Read more at

I’ll post a photo of my nails two weeks after the treatment so you can see how they are doing. Hope you enjoy this bit of fun. Its coming to a salon near you! Btw, David, the lovely guy who did my Shellac so beautifully has joined twitter, he’s @nailistasista

Lily wins 3 Ivor Novello Awards!

Blog - 20th May 2010 - Comments 11 - Read →

I have worked with Lily Allen quite a bit and earlier today I did her make-up for the Ivor Novello awards. I was completely thrilled and delighted to hear she had won 3! Lily works incredibly hard and this industry recognition is well deserved.

When I heard she had cried a lot during the acceptance speeches the first thing that came into my mind was "thank god I used waterproof mascara and eyelash glue!" Lily had some incredible vintage dresses to choose from, all of which looked great on her but this primrose yellow number was definitely the favourite.

The make-up was a wash of sheer glittery gold on the eyes and a kitten flick liner with lashes. The lip was a bit of an after thought once the dress was on, a poppy coral which added to her fresh prettiness.

I'm sure she is having a big celebration tonight to toast her success.

Congratulations Lily!!!  Couldn'tt have happened to a nicer girl

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