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Kristen Stewart - Smudgy Black Pencil

This is the eye look I was wearing in the intro to the 'Electric Blue Eyes' tutorial. Inspired by Kristen Stewart and our shared love of a simple smudgy black eye liner combined with a clean natural face. Its super easy to do, and the effect is always modern and youthful. You can use anything non perfumed and greasy to smudge the liner… Vaseline, eye gloss, face gloss or neutral lip balm all work well. Just remember to only use a small amount. Adapt the cheek and lip shade to suit your colouring. Its one of my failsafe evening looks for when I want to look undone but effortlessly ‘done’ at the same time (if you know what I mean).

Hope you enjoy the video! Lisa x

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Burberry Beauty Review

This review video shows my first reaction to the new Burberry make-up line, Burberry Beauty. Although I’ve had them for a while I purposely didn’t try or even remove the products from their boxes until we started filming. Christopher Bailey's concept of naturally enhanced skin and a beauty vision linked to the natural environment really appealed to my beauty aesthetic. The range certainly lived up to my expectations in terms of quality and texture.

Burberry Beauty launches in to Harrods (it will also be available to buy online from the Harrods website) and Nordstrom in the U.S. on the 12th July.

What do you think of Burberry beauty?

Lips of The Rising Sun

Blog - 23rd Jun 2010 - Comments 25 - Read →

When I used to work in Japan a lot for Shiseido they would ask me at the end of each visit what treat I would like as a reward for all the hard work. Sometimes I would choose a treatment at the famous Shiseido Spa in Ginza but mostly I would choose Kabuki theatre tickets. I loved Kabuki from my first experience... so different to the western theatrical experience I was used to. From the extravagant costumes, make-up, wigs and story lines to the way people would shout out the number (the big actors have numbers) of the actor halfway through a dramatic death scene as a sign of appreciation.

On route to the theatre I always used to go to a small and very old fashioned theatrical make-up shop in the old district. The shop was a treasure trove of big old wooden and glass cabinets filled with interesting and often unidentified objects of delight. I always went to the theatre with my interpreter and put her to good use asking the shop proprietor many questions and then later to explain the plot and point out the 'national treasures' (what the Japanese call their finest Kabuki actors).

On one such visit I asked to buy something that would make a perfect Geisha or Kabuki red lip and was presented with a little ceramic dish (see picture). To the naked eye the powder looks gold (it has photographed much more red than it looks). I was confused and thought he had given me an empty mixing bowl, albeit a very pretty gold one.

He explained how the gold was the powder of a flower (cant remember which one unfortunately) which when dabbed with a wet lip brush would turn bright red. I tried it myself and unbelievably and charmingly it did exactly as he said and turned in the most beautiful red pigment, which dried to a deep vermillion stain. I bought 2, one to use and the other to archive, as it was such a beautiful object. I also bought one of their beautifully handcrafted Geisha lip brushes (since lost I'm afraid!). I've tried to search for more info on the origin of the powder but cant find anything on the net so it you are reading this and live in Tokyo anywhere near the old district please pop in to the shop and ask the nice gentlemen for me!

I've also posted a shot of a few of my other Japanese, Kabuki and Geisha, favourites.

1. Nightingale droppings - yes you read it right. A favourite of Geishas and Kabuki actors as the droppings contain Guanine, a naturally occurring enzyme that acts as an exfoliant and lightening agent to keep the skin pale, smooth and pigmentation free.

2. Shisedo - white theatrical power and base. This took a bit of getting used to as the powder has quite an oily feeling base but if you get the application right you can buff the skin to the most amazingly flawless and alabaster finish. I've used both of these products on jobs. Here are a couple of examples from my gallery of a make-up story from Nylon Magazine (shot by Robert Erdmann).

3. Camellia oil – known as tsubaki its been used for centuries by Geisha and Samurai to give the hair an enameled looking shine. Camellia oil is very high in olein acids and glycerides so as well as conditioning the hair it also treats the scalp. Often used for nourishing dry skin and as a bathing oil too, its one of the most traditional Japanese aides to beauty. 

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An Everyday Make-Up Look

Video - 17th Jun 2010 - Views - Comments - Watch →

I’ve had tons of requests for my everyday natural make-up look. I do other looks during the day (depending on what I’m doing) obviously but this is my failsafe super quick favourite for when I need to look like me but polished and pulled together. Hope you find this helpful, thanks for watching. Lisa x

Summer's Here!

Blog - 16th Jun 2010 - Comments 19 - Read →

Now that the brilliant Shellacs are off I was looking for colour inspiration...I need a change from the red! It has come in the shape of Ciates new collection, Festival Fever, which arrived at the house of Eldridge today.

I love Ciate polishes because they are so richly pigmented, definitely more of a paint than a polish. I also love the cute 1950's bows. I'm torn between the green (always love a green) and the lilacy pink. What do you think?

For more colours info about Ciate go to

Shellac Nail Polish - The Verdict

Blog - 6th Jun 2010 - Comments 94 - Read →

So its day 15 of the Shellac nails and I asked my husband to take this picture so you can see we are nails wise. I’m still in Austria on my spa (kind of) break, which has been amazing but ill post about that another time. For those who asked...all the new videos I've had on here during this past week were filmed BEFORE I had my Shellac manicure.

Nail Diary

The first change in the nails happened at the end of day 11 when I noticed a slight wearing at the end of the index finger of my right hand, now when I say slight I mean slight. Most ‘normal’ people would have needed a microscope to see it, friends certainly couldn’t see anything but I was being extra vigilant.

The next change was on day 13 when the wearing on the right index finger turned into a small chip and, at the same time, the middle finger on the same hand started to wear resulting in a thin white strip along the tip.  I must say at this point that I had been in the steam and sauna that morning and again for a mega long session in the evening so this may very well have had something to do with the sudden change. I need to ask David, the nail tech, when I get home whether extreme heat affects their longevity.

Day 14 (granted after another overly zealous detoxing sesh in the steam and sauna), and the thumb of my right hand developed a tiny chip. At this point the left hand was still absolutely perfect.

Today, as you can see from the photo there is a new chip on the right thumb and the first chip on the left hand, also on the thumb and of course quite a bit of  ‘grow down’ at the cuticle.



Considering I have never managed to keep red nail polish for longer than 48 hours without chipping I’m totally thrilled with the Shellac system.I’ve also never had so many nail compliments; I put this down to the incredibly shiny, eye-catching finish – which never fades. I got 13 perfect days which may or may not have been longer had I avoided the heat therapy marathons…. who knows.

In the last day or two I have started to get sick of the colour as I’m used to chopping and changing but having said that, I’ve saved myself HOURS not having to remove and paint, remove and paint etc.Another positive is that my nails, which normally split and flake, have grown long and strong underneath the protective shield.

I’ll definitely have it done again, I’d like to have my toes done too.

I can wholeheartedly recommend this system to anyone who loves nail polish but is sick to death of it chipping and smudging – you will find this life changing and the constant mirror finish shine really is out of this world!

To find a Shellac salon in the UK contact Sweet Squared who are the distributors. You can call them on 0845 210 6060 or email them from their website

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A Classic Bridal Look

Another simple, classic and natural bridal make-up with the emphasis on a 'classic 4 toned eye.' Giving maximum definition and emphasis, its perfect for making the most of your eyes whilst still giving an elegant and soft overall effect. The shades and strength of the look can be adapted to suit you and your skin tone. I've used warmer, slightly peachy tones for this look which works really well on all skins with a predominantly yellow base tone. From the palest warm toned skin through to olives and darker skin tones, tweak the shades accordingly. If you need more definition, add individual lashes and gel eyeliner along the upper lash line. I will post some stronger bridal looks later in the year. Btw, I made this video before the Shellac nails went on, I still have them and I'll post a review and picture this Sunday.

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