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Gallery Update - Elle's Belle

Blog - 7th Aug 2010 - Comments 13 - Read →

I've been really bad at updating my Gallery these past few months mainly due to lack of time. So I've decided to make amends and start adding all the recent covers and shoots starting with this Tatler cover I did with Elle McPherson and photographer Ruven Afanador. It's always a pleasure working with Elle as she is such a smart cookie. This shoot was all about her summer and beach style but let's face it, with a body like hers absolutely anything would look good!

Love it or Loathe it... 10 Years Younger is back!

Blog - 2nd Aug 2010 - Comments 24 - Read →

Starting today the new series of 10 Years Younger will be on Channel 4 EVERY evening at 5pm for the next two weeks. For those of you who haven't seen it, the premise of the show is make-up and beauty treatments verses quite heavy duty surgery. I am of course the champion of the power of make-up. Two women take part and are judged by the public to see who has lost the most years... sometimes I win ...sometimes I don't.

This series was shot over a year ago so I'm looking forward to catching the show just to remind myself of the all the fabulous women I worked with. I do remember there are some phenomenal transformations and, I seem to remember, a few victories for me.

To watch the shows on the internet go to

If you manage to catch any of the shows let me know what you think. Lisa x

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Four Shades of Bronze

Video - 28th Jul 2010 - Views - Comments - Watch →

Back in March when we were all looking a bit grey and winter worn I was busy looking through all the upcoming summer collections for the best bronzers to use for my bronzing story for UK Glamour magazine. There isn't one bronzer to suit all. The shade of bronzing products that will work best for you is dependent on your skin tone and type.

Anabel at Paparazzi
India at Storm
Stella at Viva
Tsanna at Premier

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Bronzed Summer Look

Video - 21st Jul 2010 - Views - Comments - Watch →

A luxe tanned look to demonstrate that whatever your skin tone good bronzing make-up is primarily about uniformity of colour. In my case this means creating a base colour all over before correcting flaws and then using bronzer to shape, give a healthy glow and really bring the skin to life. If you are already tanned or have darker or more olive skin… skip the first step and go straight to the second. I have also made a video about bronzing different skin tones, which will go up next week. Hope you like this fresh, glowy look! Lisa x

Lipstick in the shape of a Cat? Yes Please!

Blog - 15th Jul 2010 - Comments 24 - Read →

Oh I practically squeeled for joy when I first clapped eyes are these babies. They are part of Paul and Joes 'Clair De Lune' collection which is released on the 6th August. It comprises three packaging styles which are all cute but for me the beautiful Swan design known as 'Paper Moon' is the most desirable.

The collection is made up of three pretty eyeshadow palettes, six waterproof eye pencils and, the piste de resistance, (drum role please)...Three CAT shaped lipsticks!!! I never thought I'd find a product that could satisfy my cosmetic AND cat obsessions in one hit. The closest I've come to this before is my 'Emily The Strange' black cat lip gloss palette (see pic) but this new find has upped the ante enormously. 

I dont know if I could actually use the lipstick as the ears would surely go first which would be a tragedy, so I intend to collect all three for archiving purposes only. Yes I know they are more of a novelty than anything but they are FUN!

The timing of their arrival is perfect as its my cat, Betty's first birthday tomorrow. So Happy Birthday Betty!

What are your thoughts on cat shaped lipsticks?

Nail Colour Alert

Blog - 15th Jul 2010 - Comments 22 - Read →

Inspired by the decidedly Autumnal weather, I took a bottle of Chanels new Autumn colour 'Paradoxal' to work with me yesterday hoping to persuade nail god David Barton (yes him from my Shellac Nails Video) to paint my nails with it.

While the lovely model was in hair he managed to get it on my nails perfectly in record time and here are the results. Its a very unusual shade of  taupey, mauvey and mushroomy deep base tones shot through with bright pink and purple psycho pearl (synthetic pearl particles which have different colours on different sides).

The result is chic and edgy at the same time...which we love right?! I was hugely inspired by the Hydrangeas in Kensington gardens, were the shoot was taking place and the wonderful degradation of the colours in their 'end of the season' petals seemed the perfect frame for the nail colour.

If you love this better get your name down soooon.

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Pastel Beauty Trend

Video - 13th Jul 2010 - Views - Comments - Watch →

A much requested tutorial from the gallery section of my website. This chalky pastel editorial look is taken from ‘Chalk It Up’, a trend beauty shoot I did for the June edition of UK Vogue.

Matte chalky textures have had something of a renaissance recently and can add a really fun element to your make-up. The look can be toned down and adapted to suit every one; all the tips are in the film.

Hope you enjoy watching the look come to life!

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