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Editorial/Dramatic liner, lashes and stars

For those of you who have seen the December Vogue iPad app, you'll know that I filmed a short tutorial to accompany the Seeing Stars beauty story which showed you how to recreate one of my featured looks. For those of you who haven't seen it, don't worry, I will upload the film soon (sign up to my mailing list to make sure that you don't miss out).

After I'd shot the film I decided to try out another more editorial and dramatic look, again in keeping with the magazine's 'Star' theme. The fantasy eyeliner, lashes and stars gives this look a slightly gothic / 60' s / black magic feel. It's definitely not for everyone, but I thought that it would be fun to try out something which is more of a statement.

If you like the look but find it too much, the good news is that it's super easy to adapt by simply applying less extended liner - particularly at the inner corners (especially if your eyes are more close set). Alternatively just apply a classic kitten flick liner and strip lashes on the top before applying the stars for a sophisticated but fun party look.

Lisa Loves - Kate Mouse in the house

Blog - 30th Nov 2010 - Comments 16 - Read →

I know this isn't a beauty related item but I've had a bit of crush on these T-shirts for a while. I received a Simeon Farrar scarf for Christmas last year and have loved and worn it all weathers since. So when I clocked this witty and fun offering it went straight on to my wish list. I love all the different prints and colours too.

Anyway, my main reason for posting is because Simeon is running a competition for the chance to win one of ten custom made "Kate Mouse's" (or should that be mice?), 5 on Twitter and 5 on Facebook. The T-shirts normally cost between £55-£95 each,depending on the print and wash. So if like me you are coveting, enter, you never know you might get lucky ; )

Gallery Update - Charlene Wittstock for Tatler

Blog - 27th Nov 2010 - Comments 35 - Read →

This month’s Tatler magazine features the beautiful Charlene Wittstock, fiancée of Prince Albert of Monaco, who I was lucky enough to make up in the equally beautiful setting of the Royal Palace Monaco. One of the things I absolutely adore about my job is the places it’s taken me, from royal palaces to deserted islands to the most amazing Hollywood parties… there’s never a dull moment! It was an honour to be invited to work in such a magical place – there is a real sense of history that envelops you in every room. You can see here the stunning pool, amazing staircase and incredibly beautiful dressing room – just what every little girl dreams of when she imagines herself as a princess!

The early sittings of Queen Elizabeth were the inspiration for the shoot and my aim was to create a classic make-up look that would stand the test of time. Natural with good eye definition, flawless skin and classic shades makes this a look suitable for a royal sitting.

Charlene was great to work with and, judging from these images, is going to make an absolutely stunning bride and an eternally beautiful princess. As always, I’d love to know what you think x

Photography - Ruven Afanador

Fashion Editor - Hannah Teare

Hair - Madeleine Cofano 

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Orange/Red Party Lip

Video - 25th Nov 2010 - Views - Comments - Watch →

After filming my Christmas Gift Ideas video, and feeling well and truly in the Christmas spirit, I decided to try out a Christmas party look. For all of you who have been asking, I've kept the make-up here similar to the make-up I had on in the gift ideas film, only with a bit of added glam on the eyes and lips!

Festive party make-up shouldn’t be about trends - just have fun with it (If you haven’t already, make sure you check out the looks I created for this month’s Glamour magazine for some ultra-glam, embellished, glitter-filled party make-up ideas) Here, I've used a mixture of universally flattering, shimmering browns and golds on the eyes which really compliment the strong, ultra-glossy lip. Party make-up is definitely an excuse to pile on the shimmer and shine! Plus, rich red and gold colours like I have used here automatically make you think of Christmas.

I hope you like the look!

P.S. On my nails is a red glitter varnish by Pop - called Xmas! It's a great product which gets your make-up Christmas-ready in minutes - just remember it needs an extra layer of top coat (2 in total) to make the glitter really shine.

Lisa Loves - It's already looking like a colourful spring!

Blog - 22nd Nov 2010 - Comments 30 - Read →

Nice to be going through all of next springs collections on such a dark and dismal winters day. I've picked out a few of the collections that have really caught my eye and some of the more colourful and pretty items.

Looks like its going to be a colourful start to the New Year!!

Gallery Update - New UK Glamour Beauty pics

Blog - 20th Nov 2010 - Comments 68 - Read →

This month’s Glamour magazine features a beauty story I worked on with uber beauty photographer Kenneth Willhardt featuring 5 gorgeous party looks. With so much minimalism in make-up around this season, it was great to let loose and create these stand-out looks, full of Christmas sparkle and shine!

I’m a big fan of glitter make-up and tried to use it in lots of different ways. In the first shot I layered large ' jet bead' style glitter over a dramatic smoky eye and added fine glitter in peacock hues to accent the inner corners. For the second image I started with a classic eye and lip make-up and then added a bright violet glitter to the lips which gave a gorgeous, almost holographic effect. For the shot below, again quite a trditional make-up of liner, lashes and a matte red lip, I added fine silver glitter as highlighter on and around the cheekbones to give the make-up a twist. Its also a great way to bring a real Christmassy feel to the make-up without being over the top.

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Liquid Blush

Video - 19th Nov 2010 - Views - Comments - Watch →

I’ve had tons of requests asking me about the huge subject of blush - from where to apply it, to what shade to use to the best blusher brushes around. But rather than make one massive (and long!) film, I’ve decided to break the subject up into a series of smaller films - this liquid blush one being the first.

Liquid blush is great for a natural look, but the products can be tricky to apply, especially if you’ve never used them before. I thought it was best therefore to make this tutorial really informative and give you an overall understanding of the basics of liquid blushes so that you can work out which colours and formulations will best suit you.

The film includes six of my favourite liquid blush products. I hope you enjoy it, and I’ll let you know when I make the next one (creams and mousses) in the series.

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