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Gallery Update - Dannii Minogue

Blog - 17th Dec 2010 - Comments 43 - Read →

Although its not unusual to work on magazine cover shoots 3 months in advance, when the issue does finally comes out I'm usually the last to see it. So I was pleased to have the time earlier this week to go and actually buy my own copy (yes the magazine does send a copy to my agent but that usually stays at the agency) as lots of people had been tweeting me about it.

I have to say I'm really happy with this one, it really does do her justice. Dannii took time out of her hectic schedule which includes being mum to gorgeous baby Ethan (who was on the shoot smiling away as good as gold, not even a squeak!) working on her clothing range 'Project D', launching her perfume AND being a judge on the X factor. Everyone here in the UK has been gripped by X factor fever in recent months and its as much about the female judges hair, make-up and outfits as it is about the acts performing.

Despite all of that Dannii looked radiant and was a total sweetheart. Her hairdresser from the X factor Christian was on hand to tend her tresses and did an amazing job. I think the moment she put the gold Victoria Beckham dress on which complimented her amazingly petite figure and TINY waist so well we all knew we had a great cover.

Hero products for me that day were Emma Hardies 'Amazing Face Serum' which I used as a skin prep and Mac's Ruby Woo lipstick.

Lisa Loves - Favourite (beauty) decoration on my Christmas tree this year..

Blog - 15th Dec 2010 - Comments 44 - Read →

How gorgeous is this limited edition palette by Chanel? Inspired by Karl Lagerfeld’s pre-Fall 2011 show, an ode to Istanbul and the rich Byzantine stonework aesthetic, Peter Philips has designed a make-up range which mimics this beautiful collection. Here is a very sneak peek at it’s star product, Lumieres Byzantines de Chanel, a palette of five gorgeous cream highlighters.

The gold and bronze shimmery tones are absolutely beautiful and can be used as highlighters on eyes, cheek and brow bones, and would also look amazing worn alone on eyes and as a highlight on the centre of the lips . The palette itself is stunning – really opulent and exquisite and automatically conjurs up images of precious antique stonework.

Only 1500 of these palettes have been made, so it’s super limited edition and a bit of a collectors piece - the real question is, if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one, will you actually want use it and therefore ruin it?!

The Chanel Byzance Make-Up Collection won’t be available to buy until June 2011, but I thought that this was just too gorgeous to keep to myself hence its star appearance on my Christmas tree (and on my blog!). The golden, bronze hues in the palette will be perfect against summer tans so I'm saving it until then (if I'm brave enough to stick my finger in!)
Which Limited Edition palettes and items have bought in the past and not had the heart to actually use?

Live Webchat with Sunday Times Style Tomorrow!

Blog - 14th Dec 2010 - Comments 11 - Read →

I was thrilled to be asked to take part in one of the Sunday Times Style magazine’s live web chats and will be hosting mine tomorrow, Wednesday 15th December from 1 until 2pm UK time. Anyone who subscribes to Times Online will be able to join me and ask me any beauty-related questions and queries you might have, whether it's a question about a product, a trend, or what look you should be sporting for this weekend's office party! If you are not already a subscriber but fancy taking part it may interest you to know they are currently running an offer of £1 for a whole months access.

I'm really looking forward to it and am excited to see what kinds of things I’ll be asked as it's the first time I've ever done something like this - if you want to take part in the beauty discussion simply log on HERE.

In case you are wondering, the picture I've posted here is my make-up table from a recent editorial job... a bit of a visual feast to get the party started...

See you there! x

What a year!

Blog - 11th Dec 2010 - Comments 165 - Read →

Exactly one year ago today I was uploading my first tutorial (morning after make-up) and wondering if anyone would actually watch it! My blog followed, launching in February, and all in all this year I've posted around 60 films! All my videos are shot at home and the main problem for me has been actually finding the time to film something.

The most amazing thing I far as I'm concerned about all of this is the amount of feedback I get from the people who watch. There isn't a more intelligent, committed and passionate-about-make-up group of people anywhere! So I wanted to thank everyone who's watched and commented on my films. Also a big thanks to all of you who have told your friends, family, twitter followers, blog readers and anyone else about them.

I found out on Friday that my blog has won Best Beauty Blog of the year in the awards, such an honour as it was voted for by their readers.

To celebrate this milestone I'm having a giveaway next week ...look out for the video. There will be some great make-up palettes and Christmas gift sets for some lucky Facebook and Twitter followers along with You Tube subscribers and anyone who is signed up to my mailing list.

I'm working on a big shoot today (shouldnt really be writing this) so better get back to work (it's going to be a very long night!!) but I couldnt let this momentous occasion slip by without marking it so please raise a glass for me tonight and let's toast to the year ahead...

Happy Christmas Everyone and, as usual, thanks for watching!

Lisa x

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A First Date Look

Video - 10th Dec 2010 - Views - Comments - Watch →

I've had lots of requests from people asking me to film a first date make-up tutorial as getting your look right for such an occasion can be tricky. I think that one of the most important things to remember is that your personality should shine through no matter what, so if you usually wear a smoky eye then don't feel like you need to do something different and replace this with a statement lip - if you don't feel comfortable your date will be able to tell!

First date make-up should also reflect the date itself - think about what you are going to be doing, are you going for a walk in the park, a romantic dinner, or a party or club? When you take all of this into account there's no one look for all first dates but one thing I've learnt from experience is that the majority of guys don't like women to look like they're wearing tons of make-up - that means heavy bases and garishly bright lips are out (unless that's your signature look of course!!).

The look I decided to do for this film follows this - I've tried to give lots of generic tips of how you can make yourself look and feel your best, with flawless, glowing skin, full lashes (I've used false ones in the film as my lashes aren't naturally full but if you're not used to wearing or applying them then it might be best not to - again, a first date isn't a time to feel uncomfortable) and natural, dewy lips.

In the film I talk about my Grandmother's make-up related first date disaster story - I'd love to hear any that you might have!

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My Brow Routine

I've been asked many times what I do to my brows to keep them in shape etc. This film will hopefully answer all those questions as I describe my personal routine. I have a very low maintenance brow routine which suits me and I'm not suggesting others have to do the same. Hopefully it will be interesting for those who asked! x

To see what brow products are in my pro kit, click here

Gallery Update - Jourdan Dunn

Blog - 3rd Dec 2010 - Comments 19 - Read →

This story features my work on the unbelievably gorgeous Jourdan Dunn. This was a really fun shoot which centred around an American Sportswear theme and I wanted the make-up to compliment this.

I decided to keep it really natural (perfect for Jourdan as she is such a natural beauty anyway!) and using lots of bronzers, a mixture of matt and shimmery powder ones, made her skin look super-healthy and glowing. Her eyes were defined but not too heavy, and lips were kept full and natural. I used lots of earthy natural brown shimmering shadows (Dior) on her lids and lined her eyes with Bobbi Browns Gel Eyeliner in Caviar Ink before applying lashings of black mascara. Base was kept light using Beverley Knight Light coverage Oil Free foundation and brush concealer. I then used my Bobbi Brown University palette to mix stick foundation shades to further conceal, contour and bring ‘light’ into Jourdans face. Lips were super simple with a slick of nude gloss (cant remember which one I used now …sorry!)

Jourdan has to be one of the most naturally stunning girls in the business, not to mention a lovely person and I have to say, she made my job very easy! Hope you like x 

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