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Gallery Update: Winter Beauty

Blog - 20th Jan 2011 - Comments 54 - Read →

The January edition of Glamour magazine features a beauty story I worked on with Beauty Director Alessandra Steinherr and Sydney based photographer David Gubert, where food was the starting point of inspiration for the make-up. Using lots of rich chocolates, berry and plum colours I created some really gorgeous, wintery make-up looks. The idea of using bronzers in winter to create a shimmery glow can be a bit daunting but with clever use of tinted moisturiser, warming highlighter and bronzer the combination of bronzed skin and rich tones on the eyes can be stunning.

These deep, rich tones look great against dark winter fashion palettes and when paired with fresh, dewy skin the perfect winter glow can be achieved! I hope you like the looks – I’m going to be posting a tutorial this week where I recreate the strong, plumy eye as seen in the first photo. With my dark hair and brown eyes, this turns into a bit more of a dramatic look on me, so I’ll be really interested to see what you think of the look!

Inspiration - Odorantes

Blog - 18th Jan 2011 - Comments 45 - Read →

While I was working in Paris last weekend I visited Odorantes, an absolutely amazing florist which is owned by the equally amazing French make-up artist Emmanuel Sammartino and his partner Christophe Herve, which I just had to share with you all.

As you can see from my photos, this is not your typical florist – it’s more like a flower boutique. The walls are painted a chic, matte grey, which makes the flowers really pop. When I was there the store had a Greek God theme going on, with lots of beautiful statues dotted around. But being a bit of a concept store, the theme is changed every two months. Previous themes have been swans, butterflies and birds turning the store into something really special and magical. Christophe told me the theme was changing this week to Lapins (rabbits) so it must look amazing!

Emmanuel has some fantastic clients, including the beautiful Catherine Deneuve, who shops at Odorantes along with many other cool Parisiennes like Sofia Coppola and Karl Lagerfeld – who all know that a Black Baccara rose from Odorantes is the ultimate in Parisienne floral chic! And having worked with Karl, I know how fussy he is about the flowers in his studio – so you know you’re in good company if you’re shopping there!

All of the flowers in the store are carefully sourced fresh from around France, ensuring that each one is like a work of art. Emmanuel and Christophe themselves are true artists, always striving to make each bouquet completely unique and tailored to their client. They told me how they like to arrange their bouquets by scent rather than colour, meaning that each one is gorgeously eclectic, and always wrap them in chic black paper with little poems tucked away inside.

I have always found flowers so inspiring for my work and so it was amazing for me to spend some time here among some of the most amazing flowers I’ve ever seen. I especially loved the rich lavender, almost metallic, roses and the fleshy, peachy-pink anemones – (when I asked Christophe how he would describe the colour he said ‘blush’ – of course, as a make-up artist, I loved this!)

Along with flowers, the store also sells gorgeous candles and olive oil, and they did create a lipstick based on roses (their signature flower), which I’m gutted to have missed – I’m crossing my fingers that Emmanuel will create another one in the near future! As I couldn’t buy any flowers (not good to take on the Eurostar lol) I bought the ‘Primavera’ (spring) candle. I’m burning it now as I write this and its absolutely divine.

Have a look at my photos – have you ever seen as amazing an anemone as the deep red ones with the electric blue centre? I love them!

If you want to see more check out their website (particularly the floral gallery)…how incredible are some of the bouquets!


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Some Of My All-Time Favourites

Video - 14th Jan 2011 - Views - Comments - Watch →

Today, it seems that there's a constant fascination with what's new - everybody just wants to know about the latest trends, fads and products. I decided to go against this and make a film about some of my all-time favourite products - the 'golden oldies' I couldn't live without!

I scanned my kit and my own personal make-up bag for the products that have been in there for 10-20+ years (if they've been in there that long then they must be performing well, right?) and this film showcases a selection. New products come and go but all of these things have really stuck around.

If any of these items were to be discontinued I think I'd probably cry. Not only are they perennial favourites in my professional working life, they're items that I personally fall back on time and time again because they always deliver.

I hope you enjoy the film - I'd love to know which long standing make-up products you couldn't live without.

Gallery Update - Gareth Pugh Pitti 2011 - Film by Ruth Hogben

Blog - 13th Jan 2011 - Comments 13 - Read →

Gareth Pugh made his Italian fashion debut at Florence's Pitti Immagine #79 this evening and to showcase a glimpse of what's to come in his hotly anticipated forthcoming Paris show, Gareth collaborated with director Ruth Hogben on this truly amazing fashion film. Given the inspiration lay in the art, architecture, decoration and religious iconography of Florence it must have been all the more mind blowing to watch when you consider it was projected onto the ceiling of a 14th century Florentine church - I only wish I could have been there to see and experience it myself! Gareth Pugh made a special collection for the film and every piece was a work of art in itself - I was particularly blown away by the opulent blues and magnificent golds (look out for the wonderful gold feathered head dress... uh-mazing!)

The make-up was to represent and fuse the historical with the futuristic. All the dancers had their faces and bodies buffed and polished to a white, statuesque and velvety cold marble effect and their faces pulled impossibly tight with headache inducing tapes and elastics. I gave the main character Natasha Vojnovic various looks ranging from a deep, shadowy sculpted eye and face to a 'black tulip' coloured lip and bare eye. Brows where bleached white and again, extreme, lifting tapes contorted and pulled the contours of her face. Nails by the fabulous Teresa Smith were spectacular in Minx 'Golden Lightening' and 'Tease me Back and Gold'. Hair by Martin Cullen (who I just love) was his usual completely mad masterpiece of bonkers genius! It was a lot of fun to work on something so inspiring and creative. Everyone from Simon the brilliant director of photography to incredible Ruth Hogben (the one and only director to watch in fashion film at the moment) were great to work with.

To watch the film, courtesy of click here.

Gallery Update - Cheryl Cole for ELLE

Blog - 11th Jan 2011 - Comments 144 - Read →

I was really excited to see these images of Cheryl Cole when I finally got my hands on a copy of UK Elle. It was a great job and, despite being right in the middle of X Factor madness, Cheryl looked incredibly beautiful as always!

I decided to create this ‘lived-in’ smoky eye for the shoot – my aim was for it to look like it had been on for a long time, smudgy and imperfect. I paired this with strong brows, sculpted cheeks and a pale lip.

I hope you like the pictures – Iove to know what you think!

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Warm Toned Every Day Look

Inspired by my recent Dannii Minogue Marie Claire Cover this easy everyday look using skin warming tones is perfect for this time of year. This type of look can be adapted to suit all skin tones well. Switch to deeper, richer and brighter similar shades for darker skin tones. Naturally enhancing make-up with rich bronzes and apricots for everyday. The revolving mascara adds a bit of gadgety fun too! Hope you like the look x

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Pink Glitter Lip

Video - 28th Dec 2010 - Views - Comments - Watch →

This is the look I was wearing in the recent 'winners announcement' video and its also a take on the glittery lips look I did for December Glamour magazines 'Party Make-up' editorial that many of you asked me to recreate.

I know the first look, the very smoky eyes with jet beads and peacock coloured glitters was also hugely requested. I was intending to film that on a model at the same time but unfortunately my model was unable to make the filming due to the bad weather - so that one will have to wait for now. I guess party make-up looks can be useful at anytime of the year.

Anyway, the only difference between this look and the one in Glamour is the colour I chose for the lips and glitter. If you want to achieve something closer to the editorial, fill the lips in with a very dark berry coloured pencil first and then apply lots of gloss (more than I do in this one) clear or coloured, it doesn't really matter and to finish apply a smattering of ultra violet (I used a Fardel one on the shoot) glitter, any brand will do, just something that really stands out against the dark lip colour.

It's just a bit of fun, the lips are really quick and easy to do and the effect is definitely 'wow'. Hope you enjoy watching x

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