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K.I.S.S. Valentine's Look

Video - 11th Feb 2011 - Views - Comments - Watch →

To find out what the K.I.S.S stands for you have to watch the film, its one of my makeup mottos!

As I say in the film, this is a look that I can imagine the beautiful Vanessa Paradis wearing for a romantic Valentine's Day date. The heavy, flicked eyeliner paired with a red lip is a classic look, but can easily be given a modern feel - try using a creamy lip pencil like I do in the film for a sexier, more nonchalant feel. Teaming a soft base with pretty pink blush also keeps the look girly and romantic.

While this look is simple, it's definitely sexy too -- I hope you like it, and wish everyone a very happy Valentine's Day!

As the No.7 eyeliner was a limited edition, you could try one of these alternatives:
Bobbi Brown - Long Wear Gel Eyeliner - Denim Ink
MAC - Fluid Line - Waveline

For more nude eyeshadows that are good for socket shading, read my post here.

For more powder blushes I like, read my post here.

Osman Backstage

Blog - 7th Feb 2011 - Comments 67 - Read →

Just as we are gearing up for the next bout of fashion shows taking place this month, I took a bit of time to reminisce about last seasons shows (which showcased the Spring looks you’ll be getting ready to wear now!) when I was sent these brilliant pictures from backstage at the Osman Spring/Summer show I worked on last September.

Osman is a fantastic talent who is flying high and set to go even further this year! I’ve worked on his show for the past 5 or 6 seasons. I’m a huge fan of his work – his clothes are beautifully minimalist, but he is also (like me) a huge lover of colour. I have to take all of this into account when designing the make-up look for the show, and this look – flawless, glossy skin, teamed with a pop of bright yellow at the inner corners of the eye – seemed the perfect compromise between colour and minimalism, and a great reflection of his work and style.

To make all of my gorgeous model’s skin glow, I managed to persuade Suqqu Gankin massage therapists Tziana and Sze Wan to perform Gankin massages on the girls before I applied their make-up. And not only were the models completely in heaven, but their skin was absolutely glowing!

Take a look at my Backstage Secret Beauty Weapons blog post which I posted shortly after the show to see the girls at work, and to find out where you can download a free step by step guide to doing a Gankin massage on yourself.

I used very little base on the models skin, just enough to really enhance their natural features. I made this bright yellow by mixing Suqqu eyeshadow with Fardel white paint and daubed it just at the inner corner of their eyes. To add a modern futuristic feel to the skin I used Suqqu's highlighter palette to create a strong pearly highlight on the high point of the cheekbones and brows were natural, lightly powdered and brushed into shape. Lips were kept pale and neutral to keep all the focus on the eyes.

Of course, if you’re not a fan of yellow, you could try out a similar look using any other bright, summery colour.

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Cheryl Cole UK Elle Cover Look

Video - 31st Jan 2011 - Views - Comments - Watch →

After posting the pictures on my blog, I had loads of requests to film a tutorial for this look which I created for Cheryl Cole’s February ELLE cover. It’s a great look as it’s cool and sexy without being overdone, and it suits the majority of faces and skin tones.

My main aim was to create a ‘lived-in’ smoky eye, smudgy and imperfect, which looked great paired with strong brows and a pale lip. The other main focal point of the look was strong, sculpted cheekbones, created with lots of blush and contouring - you can see some of the techniques I used on Cheryl here, and I have also filmed a Basic Powder Contouring tutorial which will give you some more tips and advice if you need it.

I hope you enjoy the film!

Spring Wedding Make-up - Live Webchat

Blog - 30th Jan 2011 - Comments 18 - Read →

Getting married this spring and want to ask me a question about the make-up for your big day? Why not join me online at my Sunday Times Style Magazine live web chat taking place between 1-2pm (GMT) this Wednesday the 2nd February. Click here just before 1pm to get started.

It's the second time I've done one of the Sunday Times live web chats... last time that hour felt like the quickest of my life! I'm hoping to be faster at answering this time and get through even more questions.

Tweet me shortly before it starts... so I'll know to expect a question from you.

Looking forward to answering your questions and in the meantime have a look at the general bridal tips and two classic bridal look videos on my site X

Video: Bridal Make-up Tips

Video: A Classic Bridal Look

Video: A Summer Rose Bridal Look

Gallery Update: Rose Byrne for InStyle

Blog - 27th Jan 2011 - Comments 36 - Read →

Last month’s InStyle magazine featured the gorgeous Australian actress Rose Byrne who I was really excited to work with - I absolutely fell in love with her after seeing her play Duchesse de Polignac in Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette, one of my favourite films! She’s also had parts in a lot of other major films such as Star Wars and Troy is currently stars in the cult US TV series Damages.

I tried out a couple of different looks on Rose before deciding to stick to this super-natural look - as you can see, there was no one story in the clothes and so I needed the make-up to work with all of these different outfits. And, as such a gorgeous girl, a simple make-up look was all that was needed to really accentuate her natural beauty and bone structure.

Inspiration - Illustrator Izzie Klingels

Blog - 26th Jan 2011 - Comments 26 - Read →

Izzie Klingels is an amazingly talented illustrator whose work I’ve admired for a long time - she works across fashion, music and advertising and has a really unique style which is always eye-catching. She’s collaborated with huge brands like Topshop, Topman and Calvin Klein and her work has featured in tons of magazines such as Nylon, Dazed and Confused and Vogue.

Izzie says her work is often influenced by traditional folk illustrations, experimental film, surrealism and fairy tales and you can definitely see these elements running throughout her work – it’s really dream-like and dark, with lots of beautiful and girly elements such as flowers and butterflies, all in a very cool and magical way.

I love the gorgeous, dreamy images of the shoes floating in water (I’d love a pair of the glittery ones) and how she combines her illustration with photography. Her ‘How to create the perfect eyebrow’ illustrations for Cookie magazine particularly caught my eye -surprise surprise!

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Chocolate Berry Look

Video - 23rd Jan 2011 - Views - Comments - Watch →

This tutorial is inspired by the looks I created for the January edition of Glamour magazine (you can see some of the images here). The make-up was inspired by warming winter tones like rich chocolatey browns, shimmering bronzes, plums and vibrant berries.

The gorgeous model Eve was a blue-eyed blonde, so I adapted the opening spread look a little to suit my colouring otherwise it would have become very dramatic with my dark hair and eyes! Despite this I think these types of tones work really well on all skin tones. Using tinted moisturiser and shimmer on the cheeks keeps the skin fresh, glowy and natural looking.

For darker skin tones deeper and more vibrant berry and plum looks great on eyes and cheeks whilst softer chocolatey berries and lighter shimmering bronze tones work better for paler skins.

At the end of the film you will see a photo of how I look when I do an exact copy of the first look in the magazine. You can see how much more dramatic and evening/sultry this look becomes when framed against my dark colouring. As usual its all about selecting the right tones to suit your skin tone and the occasion.

I hope you enjoy the film!

Pictures shot by David Gubert for Glamour magazine

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