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Gallery Update - Hayley Atwell Bafta TV Awards

Blog - 28th May 2011 - Comments 40 - Read →

I had been meaning to post these pics sooner as the event was last Sunday but this past week has been a bit crazy with back to back shoots..thank god its the weekend is all I can say!

Hayley is going to be starring in this summers blockbuster, Captain America but it was the very classy period drama Any Human Heart she starred in with Matthew Macfadyen that was nominated for an award last weekend. Hayley is definitely on a roll at the moment and I was thrilled to hear that Any Human Heart won. I've been seeing quite a bit of Hayley recently for Captain America press shoots which is always a pleasure as she's one hell of a nice girl.

Hayley had just flown in from LA and was coming down with an air travel induced bug so for this event we decided to go with a very fresh and modern glamorous look. Here are the products I used:

Foundation: Vita Lumiere Aqua in No.30 -  to give a light, dewy base. 

Concealer: Clinique Air Brush in 04 - under eyes and around nose and mouth area

Lashes - Eylures Sex and the City Miranda lashes - LOVE these lashes which are dense at the outer corner and gradually thin out towards the inner edge.

Mascara: Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes in Black

Eyeliner - Bobbi Brown - Caviar Ink Long-wear Gel Liner

Eyebrows: Suqqu Brow Powder Palette

Blush: Chanel Fucshia Tweed

Highlighter: Laura Mercia Stardust Powder at the inner corner of eyes and on brow bone.

Lips: Mac Lipstick in Lustering

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Soft and Pretty Everyday Summer Look

Video - 21st May 2011 - Views - Comments - Watch →

This video is full of tips on how to make the transition from spring to summer. The start of summer its always tricky as the majority of us are not at our full summer colour yet and using bronzers and highlighters to give the skin a glow can be tricky to get right. For the best results begin with something subtle, especially when reaching for the bronzer! Soft and pretty definition around the eyes and on the lips make this look all about the glowy skin. When using a cream bronzer like this be sure to use it over moisturised skin and primer...never powder. 

Hope you enjoy and find it helpful X

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Bright Eyes, Glossy Lips Feat. Lindsey Wixson

Video - 14th May 2011 - Views - Comments - Watch →

I have a major crush on Lindsey Wixson right now so couldn't resist posting this gorgeous film featuring the beauty herself. Lindsay is the sweetest girl and doing her make-up felt a bit like painting the face of a beautiful doll (took me back to my 'Girls World' days...for those of you who remember this ancient toy!)  Kansas born Wixson was selected by Steven Miesel at just 15 for an Italian Vogue shoot and shortly after shot to fame when she opened the Prada Show. With two campaigns for Miu Miu as well as Alexander McQueen, Versace and Jill Stuart under her belt, its safe to say this girl is flying!

Because we were shooting stills for the magazine and moving image at the same time I had to make sure the make-up looked equally good for both - there's no re-touching on magazine editorial moving image! I think this is something all make-up artists who work in fashion and magazines are having to get used to now. Most shoots I do these days involve some element of moving image... whether it be for the magazine or brands website or for youtube/apps. I love it, as I've been having a huge love affair with moving image and fashion film for quite a while now.

I really loved the hair, styling and nails on this shoot. The hair was courtesy of James Pecis, who has the cutest (and most practical) habit of using playing cards to hold the hair in place in between shots as it stops the clips from causing a kink in the hair and is better than tissue - incase you were wondering! James recently created a youtube channel ( and I'm hoping he will start uploading films regularly as he's super talented, charming and one of my favourite hairdressers to work with.

The fabulous glitter nails complemented the make-up perfectly and were deftly created by nail supremo Sophy Robson, who's blog ( is THE place to go for anyone who takes their nails and nail art seriously.

I've listed all the main products I used for each shot below and if you have an iPad, treat yourself to the App. Seriously, if like me you love moving image and fashion you will love the contributions from photography legend Patrick Demarchelier as well as Josh Olins and Tom Craig.

Hope you enjoy this film! 


In look #1 I used:
Bobbi Brown - Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner - Black Plum Ink
Chanel - Allure Extrait de Gloss 60 Exces
Dolce & Gabbana - Eyeshadow Duo - Blossom (Violet Shade)
MAC - Powder Blush - Dollymix
MAC - Ruby Woo
Max Factor - Masterpiece Mascara
MyFace - Blingtone - Purple Haze
RMK - Ingenious Powder Eyes
Urban Decay - Eyeshadow Flash

In look #2 I used:
Bobbi Brown - Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner - Chocolate Shimmer
Dolce & Gabbana - Eyeshadow Duo - Blossom (Copp
Illamasqua - Eyeshadow Roulette (DISCONTINUED)
Illamasqua - Pencil Bait
MAC - Lipstick - Fleur Power
MAC - Paint Pot - Soft Ochre
Max Factor - Masterpiece Mascara
MyFace - Blingtone - Morocco
Nars - Lip Gloss Easy Lover
Nars - Lipstick Schiap

In look #3 I used:
Barry M - Glitter Shaker Pots - 3 White/Lilac Mix
Chanel - Allure Extrait de Gloss 60 Exces
Dolce & Gabbana - Eyeshadow Duo - Blossom (Violet Shade)
Inglot - Eyeshadow - Matte 362
Inglot - Eyeshadow - AMC 51
MAC - Fluidline - Blacktrack
MAC - Lip Pencil - Redd
MAC - Lipstick - Lady Danger
Max Factor - Masterpiece Mascara
MyFace - Blingtone - Purple Haze

For all three looks I used Chanel Vita Lumiere foundation in 20

Gallery Update - The Saturdays

Blog - 11th May 2011 - Comments 176 - Read →

For those of you who tweeted and messaged after spotting me on the TV show 'The Great British Hairdresser'  with hair supremo James Brown, here are the pictures from the Glamour Magazine shoot we were working on that day.

The hair was done by the two finalists of the 10 week show, James and Keris ...didnt they do a great job!

For more information about the show click here.

Lisa Loves - New York Drugstore Buys

Blog - 7th May 2011 - Comments 88 - Read →

I had two great weeks in New York recently, predominantly a family holiday with a little work and a few business meetings thrown in here and there. We stayed right in the heart of my favourite area, Soho, close to all the shops I love...Isabel Marant and Sephora! I did the majority of my make-up shopping in Sephora this time as I had a long list of goodies i wanted (more about all that in the coming weeks) but I also picked up a few drugstore items from the brands I always make a beeline for.

Firstly, I always check out Neutrogena as the range in the States is huge compared to whats available here and we dont have the make-up at all. I liked the 'Skin Clearing' foundation I tried on my last visit, which is comparable to Cliniques Anti Blemish foundation in that it contains salicylic acid, so this time I bought the matching concealer. You can see from the pic that it got a LOT of use as I (typically!) developed a huge spot on my forehead just in time for the most important of my meetings! The only problem was the shade selection...not too many to choose from. I always buy Dry Touch sunblock in factor 70 and this time I also bought their newest face block 'Ultra Sheer Liquid Daily Protection'  SPF 55 as it sounded like a good everyday under make-up block. Its really sheer and helps to avoid white face far I like it. Finally, from the Neutrogena counter their 'Healthy Volume' mascara in Carbon Black. I was attracted to the giant, bushy, old school bristle brush. Will debut this one in a video soon.

The Physicians Formula stand is another favourite, as again its something we dont have in Europe. I especially like the powders, bronzing ones in particular. The reason I like them so much is because they have such good shades...comparable with the premium house of Guerlain. So there are shades to suit you whatever your skin tone. They are also one of the few brands that do matte textures. Last time I bought some of their organic make-up range and this time my head was turned by the multicoloured 'Light Bronzer' (hello Guerlain), a pretty mix of flattering, matte shades for paler skins. I also bought this great Matte Collection eyeshadow palette in 'Canyon Classics' - a great basic staple for any make-up bag and fab for very pale brows too.

New lashes are always interesting for me as I work with tons of celebrities so can never have enough sets in my kit. I'm LOVING these Ardell 'Accents' which are the most perfect corner lashes I've come across. I've already used two sets on celebrities this week. I also bought some Modlash No.53 which I liked the look of...looking forward to trying those out.

From Cover Girl I bought the new mascara 'Lash Blast Fusion' in Black  (identical to the new Max Factor one in Europe) and the Eco Tools Foundation Brush made its way into my basket as I like the shape and size (havent tried it yet but it'll probably make its way into my videos soon).

Finally, I love the mini handbag sized lint rollers you can pick up everywhere, not widely available here. As the owner of two cats, these things are indispensable! The picture below is the amazing view from my terrace at night... I love NY!

Which US drugstore brands are your favourites?

Inspiration - A Jewel in my Vintage Crown

Blog - 25th Apr 2011 - Comments 52 - Read →

Once in a while, you manage to find something so interesting, rare and precious that you just have to have it.  That is what happened when I found this one of a kind compact made by Dunhill.

Dunhill is a name synonymous with men’s luxury goods and is a quintessentially English brand. The founder, Alfred Dunhill was obsessed with detail and the quality of the craftsmanship that went into his designs. In1927, Dunhill launched their revolutionary Unique cigarette lighters in sterling silver which were the first lighters that could be used to light a cigarette with one hand.  These items were treasured by lucky recipients who had one and coveted by those who did not.

Not many people know that Dunhill also made a very special limited edition of their famous lighter. No ordinary novelty powder compact, this rare piece is a four in one make-up kit, containing powder, a perfume vial, eye kohl pencil and lipstick…everything a gal needs!

This era is known for its glamour and opulence so, for the newly liberated woman who was out dancing and having fun, a make up compact disguised as a cigarette lighter would have been the perfect accessory! 

This compendium compact, as they are known, is extremely rare and is even news to some collectors. Fifteen years ago, one fetched £200 in an auction at Christies.

This post marks the end of this vintage series on my website. I hope you have enjoyed it and I really want to thank you for all the wonderful comments! I only managed to cover a small amount of the subject so there is plenty left to do next time, IF I do another vintage week!

I hope I have inspired you to start looking for your own vintage make up gems.  They don’t have to be as rare as this one or expensive, just pretty and loved by you!

If you want to learn more about the history of makeup, have a look at my FacePaint page here X

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More Biba Fever: Contemporary Look, Vintage Makeup

Video - 21st Apr 2011 - Views - Comments - Watch →

Another make-up look using my original Biba make-up from the early 70's. This time I'm using their limited edition "Birds of Paradise" collection. Rather than creating a totally period look, this time I'm using the bright oranges, lime greens and yellows of this collection in a more modern way. Still doing the rounder eye shape and high blush as a nod to the period, but applying the make-up to create a more contemporary look.

I hope you enjoy it! Would love to hear your comments and thoughts.

If you want to learn more about the history of makeup, have a look at my FacePaint page here X

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