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Thanks Everyone

Blog - 5th Jul 2011 - Comments 66 - Read →

Wow what an amazing day I had meeting SO many of you at Selfridges. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to travel into central London to meet me. It was overwhelming and humbling to hear your views on my website and films. I was really struck by what genuinely nice people my website followers are and sort of felt as though I already knew everyone personally just through having this site in common. I got some pretty incredible (and highly unexpected!) presents too, so very big thanks for those. I really love this funny make-up related 'fuzzy felt' card (above) I got. Its from Marks & Spencer,  I think I definitely need to get some more of these!

I didn't  have time to take photos myself on the day but I know that lots of you did. Please post them on my facebook page if you have time as I'd love to see them!

I've been a little hectic with work and shoots this past week but there are lots of great things and new videos coming up on here very soon, so stay tuned X


Come and meet me!

Blog - 22nd Jun 2011 - Comments 111 - Read →

If you are in London next Friday the 1st of July, pop into Selfridges and say hi! To celebrate the launch of 'Make-up Confidential', Chanel are hosting an event. I will be on the counter all afternoon giving tips. To book an appointment call 020 73182372. There is also the opportunity to book an appointment to get your nails done by super manicurist Marian Newman with the latest Chanel colours. If you don't manage to get an appointment you can still drop by. Hope to see you there! XX

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'No Make-up' Look Tutorial

Video - 21st Jun 2011 - Views - Comments - Watch →

Last Wednesday morning I posted images of a recent red carpet make-up look I'd done for actress Gemma Arterton and described the make up as a 'No Make-up' kind of look. I asked in the post if anyone would like to see a tutorial on this type of look (which is something of a signature look for me) and was overwhelmed with the response. So many people requested a tutorial... I had to get straight on it!!

I've done this look for hundreds of shoots for the worlds glossiest mags like Vogue, Glamour etc. I've also done it for countless celebrities for red carpet, movie press junkets and shoots. As I say in the video you can go as far as you like with it but always remember the tones have to work with your natural skin tones so nothing clashy and NEVER use glossy or overly shimmery textures as these do not occur naturally in the skin in real life so will always look artificial. Save the all over shimmer and gloss for a shimmery summer look. I left the edit long as there were so many tips! I did ask on FB yesterday if viewers would prefer a shorter edit and over 350 of my make-up bunnies commented instantly to say absolutely NOooo! I use the same techniques in the video I use for the A-listers ; )

Hope you enjoy X

Gallery Update - Gemma Arterton for the Red Carpet

Blog - 15th Jun 2011 - Comments 153 - Read →

On top of a ridiculously busy week of shoots last week, I managed to squeeze in four red carpet make-ups too (it didnt look as though it would work on paper but miraculously it all sllpped into place perfectly!) I'll try to update my gallery later this week with the others, but first up is the amazingly beautiful Gemma Arterton.

I did Gemma's make-up for Glamour Magazine's Women of The Year Awards where she took the Best Film Actress award for her many roles in films like Prince of Persia, Clash of the Titans, Tamara Drewe, St. Trinians and many more. Everyone was thrilled for her, as apart from being a huge talent she's also one of the most genuine people in the industry and it's always a pleasure to work with her.

The brief was a dewy, pared down 'no make-up' make-up look and suited Gemma perfectly as her skin is absolutely flawless anyway!

Products I used were:

Chanel Vita Lumiere Aqua Foundation  - Mixture of No's 10 and 20 (no powder)

Fushion Beauty - Under eye Concealer Pen

Mac Paint Pot in Groundwork - to define eyes

Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara in Black

Dior Rosy Nude palette - the pale peachy shade as a highlighter for the eyes

Suqqu - Brow Felt Pen in 02

Fushion Beauty Sculpting Cream Blush in Haute

The lips where a mixture of a few shades from my palettes to create a customised natural lip for Gemma - I wanted the perfect shade of natural lips but better!

Hope you like this beautifully simple look. I'm planning on making a 'no-make-up' make-up tutorial... is that something you guys would like to see? I'll include all my red carpet cheats for those of us who are not quite as blessed as Gemma in the skin department! X

UPDATE: The video is done! Watch it here.

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Organic / Natural Make-up Look

Video - 13th Jun 2011 - Views - Comments - Watch →

I've been asked many times if I ever use organic and natural make-up brands in my kit. As much as i would love to use all organic make-up I find that the range of colours in these brands is often too limiting for professional work (particularly in terms of foundation shades and textures). Due to the fact that many of the chemical ingredients and silicones are omitted there will always be certain textures and pigment types which they cannot achieve. However, the market for these ranges is growing and they are improving all the time in terms of their formulations and colour palettes.  I've included my current favourite natural brands Lavera, one of the best out there, along with well established Dr Hauschka. These are brands I have used personally for years.

I havent touched on the subject of animal testing (suffice to say all the brands mentioned have animal welfare high on their list), as its such a huge subject. Working in the industry I know more about this than most but its not something i can cover and do justice to in a short video. Ditto the use of silicone in cosmetics. I did include all my thoughts on silicone in this video but it was 25 minutes long! I don't have a problem with silicone myself, its worked its way through the medical industry for years before making it into cosmetics but its up to you to make your mind up for yourself. The look i'm creating is very simple and untechnical as I wanted to focus more on the textures and feel of using these products. Hope you like it X

Gallery Update - Romola Garai

Blog - 9th Jun 2011 - Comments 46 - Read →

I worked on this cover and set of pictures for Tatler with brit actress Romola Garai on a freezing cold day in early spring. I really felt for Romola (who was completely delightful and fun to work with) as she posed so beautifully whilst literally shivering in the cold - what a pro! 

Romola, who has starred in films like Atonement and Vanity Fair as well as BBC costume dramas Emma and The Crimson Petal and the White, is set to appear in this summers big rom com 'One Day' based on David Nicholls best selling book, alongside Anne Hathaway.

One of my main aims on this shoot was to keep her amazingly beautiful skin looking peachy and even toned - not blue with the cold -  and to make the overall look young and fresh in keeping with how naturally pretty she is.

I wanted her skin and the feel of the make-up to be peaches and cream with a defined eye. So Mac's face and body for all exposed skin was a must! I used Vita Lumiere foundation in No10 to keep skin dewy and even toned. For eyes i went a touch 60's with a smoky brown socket, black liquid liner and lots of little individual lashes. Lip colour ranged from a subtle pink (Chanels boy) to a juicy pale peach (cant remember what that was!). All in all a good, if a little bracing, day was had by all and I really love the shots.

How does your skin react to cold - does it turn red, purple, blue or ashy?

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Dramatic Black 'Cat-Eye' Liner

Video - 31st May 2011 - Views - Comments - Watch →

This is the look I did for Una Healy from the girl band 'The Saturdays' for their Glamour Magazine shoot. After posting all five images of the girls on my blog I had a ton of requests from readers asking me to re-create their favourite make-up look.

A week ago I added up the votes and, although it was very close, Una's look pipped the others to the post. As well as demonstrating my way of drawing on a perfect winged liquid liner there are also lots of tips on achieving a gorgeous clean base and glowy skin. Hope you enjoy this tutorial! X

To see the five different looks from the shoot click here.

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