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I Love Nail Colour

I've had a huge amount of emails & comments asking what my favourite nail colours are. Well, as a polish addict I have quite a few. This video covers some of my top favourites and why I personally love them. It also features a cool storage item I spied on a shoot recently. What are your favourite shades? How do you fellow nail colour addicts store your bottles?

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Green Smoke Glittery Glam Party Eyes

Video - 23rd Dec 2011 - Views - Comments - Watch →

This glam party look featuring deep berry lips, sultry green smoked eyes and the twinkly addition of good old fashioned glitter in fresh iced peppermint is deliciously wintery. Shimmery, modern textured skin compliements the eyes and keeps everything looking bang up to date. This look can work on all ages...just reduce the glitter and shimmer factor on more mature skins (however, a tiny touch of shimmery light or twinkle on the inner corner of the eye still works perfectly well on a much more mature lady).

You can of course swap the green shades for golden bronzes or plummy purples and it'll still be fabulous. You can also use any brand of eyeshadow, you really dont need to invest in Tom Ford (as much as we love him!). Mac, Maybelline and many other brands have shades very similar to these.

Hope you have a great time and I wish you all a very Happy Holidays! X

To find out more my beautiful model Amber and hear what she's up to, follow her on Instagram.

Gallery Update - Tulisa

Blog - 17th Dec 2011 - Comments 69 - Read →

Love it or loathe it, one thing's for sure, its impossible to get away from the phenomenon that is the the X Factor at this time of year. Here is a shoot I worked on with British singer/songwriter (and one of this years UK X Factor judges) Tulisa Contostavlos. Fans of the show will know by now that Little Mix (who I loved!), the girlband Tulisa mentored, won the competition - but at the time of this Glamour shoot the process had only just begun.

Tulisa is a naturally very pretty girl with a unique style so I kept her look very simple. Changing only the lip colour for the different shots - a pale, nude pink for the close up beauty shot, bright orange and pinks for the fashion shots and a fresh raspberry for the cover.

Tulisa has amazing eyes which I accentuated with a thick black liquid liner placed graphically along the top lashes and a much softer, more blended smokey powder line along the lower lash line. A full set of lashes and defined 'Elzabeth Taylor inspired' brows kept the focus of the eye-make-up on the top lid and gave the make-up an updated 'old school' glamour feel.

To create all the lip colours used, I mixed and blended shades from my beloved lip palettes.

To see my palettes click here.

What do you think of the look I gave her?

Red Carpet - Kelly Reilly

Blog - 12th Dec 2011 - Comments 40 - Read →

This week saw the European Premiere of the new Sherlock Holmes movie in London's Leicester Square. I was thrilled to be making up fantastic Brit actress Kelly Reilly, one of the films leading ladies. Kelly has appeared in many films including the first Sherlock movie, Eden Lake and Pride & Prejudice. 

I just love her amazing red hair and icy blue eyes, perfect for a smudgy smokey eye. Kelly asked me to use her favourite eyeshadow Dior's Ultra Violet to create the soft and messy, smokey eyed look she prefers. I hadnt used this shadow before but found it to be a total winner for bringing out her eyes. The base of the shadow is matte black shot through with large violet pearl to give an iridescent effect.

After using Chanel's Vita Lumiere Aqua foundation in No.50 sparingly so's not to cover Kellys skin (and fabulous freckles), I buffed Macs paintpot in Blackground all over the eyelids lightly as a base for the eyeshadow. Next I worked the sooty ultra violet shadow over the paintpot bringing it up and out slightly at the outer corners. I then smudged it along the lower lashes to create a soft cloud of smoke. Next I used Macs Fluidline in Blacktrack along the lower waterline and through the upper lash roots, smudging well.

Cheeks were given a soft bloom with Make Up For Ever HD blush in Light Rosewood and Dr hauschkas bronzer was used to shape and define Kelly's killer bone structure.

Lips were incredibly simple with a a layer of No7's Nude pencil follwed by a light dab of MUFE HD blush in Cassis (a rich red berry shade) as a stain.

I love making up redheads as you can really have fun harmonizing the colours. The slightest hint of colour shows up and reacts immediately with red hair which is why I felt Kelly choice of the violet/black shadow worked so well. The photo below is a little blown out with flash but I hope you get the general idea and like the look X

Lisa Loves - Dream in Full Colour

Blog - 10th Dec 2011 - Comments 56 - Read →

I really wanted to include this very christmassy 'dream-catcher' inspired palette in my Christmas Gift Guide video but didnt manage to get one in time to feature. I absolutely love stained glass windows so was immediately drawn to it. 

Stila was a favourite of mine back when it launched in the early 90's, a combination of the cute retro illustrated packaging and cutting edge make-up artist friendly formulations - the line was founded by the fabulous hollywood make-up artist Jeanine Lobell. Jeanine sold the line after 5 years and I was sad to watch how quickly it fell from grace after Estee Lauder took over the reigns in 1999. Evenutally stock dwindled completely and it left the UK before being sold on again in 2006 and again in 2009.

I'm very happy to say that not only is Stila back on our shores but, by the look of this palette, its back with a bang! I really hope the new owners will do it justice and bring it back to its former glory.

What are your favourite Stila products?

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Gold, Sparkly, Glittery, Glossy....

This video is a tutorial of the look I was wearing in my Christmas Gift video as so many people requested it. Its a really simple, easy to do look thats great for Christmas parties. You can make use of existing make-up products you have at home to re-create it. Anything a little glittery or metallic will do the job! X

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Trend - Red Eye Eyeshadow

Video - 26th Nov 2011 - Views - Comments - Watch →

Red eye shadow has been seen on the runway a lot over the past few seasons, most notably at Thakoon A/W 2011 and Miu Miu S/S 2012. I personally feel that it looks more modern when you colour block it as a single shade. Blending it with other shades or trying to make it subtle and wearable feels like a total misnomer and slightly misses the point. Whenever I use red on the eyes for editorial I love it best as a bold, clean statement. One could probably make any shade of red work with the right application and make-up on the rest of the face however, as much as I don’t really like make-up ‘rules’, I do feel that for the novice red eye shadow wearer there are certain shades that work best on different skin tones. It is more of a runway/editorial colour for eyes but it can look amazing for a party, so work it baby!

Hanako has her very own blog! Check it out here.

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