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Soft Tonal Look - Clemence Poesy

This tutorial is based on the looks I've done on Clemence Poesy as they have been requested a lot. My colouring is totally different to hers obviously but these are the sorts of tones I've used on her and its definitely something that can be adapted. Relaxed,very easy to wear and even easier to achieve, I hope you like it X

Lisa Loves - Love Letters with Make-up

Blog - 3rd Feb 2012 - Comments 31 - Read →

It's been twelve months since the launch of Chanel's website dedicated to all things beauty 'Chanel Make-Up Confidential' and to celebrate this birthday it's been re-vamped and re-designed with a new feel. Previously the site has been more of a monthly magazine but thats about to change. As from the 9th of this month CMC re-launches as an all singing all dancing beauty blog which will continuously update with the coolest and most innovative beauty content on the web. Look out for my new 'interactive' make-up tutorials!

To kick things off, the first post is an interactive module called 'LOVE LETTERS' which enables you write messages using a type made up of the iconic Chanel make-up packs. Above is the personalised message I received from the Chanel Studio this morning (thank you Peter... I love it!). Create your messaage and then post to twitter/ facebook or email to a make-up obesessed friend or loved one. Perfect timing for Valentines day, it'll be sure to make their day. 

To be notified of all updates and posts including when Love Letters goes live ...sign up to Chanel Make-up Confidential site and get scribbling - Chanel Style!

Inspiration - Beauty Flash Back

Blog - 2nd Feb 2012 - Comments 42 - Read →

Maybe I should start using a pair of dividers for my tutorials! I found this pricelss 'tutorial' yesterday when Pathe uploaded it to their 'Vintage Archive' youtube channel. I'm a massive fan of Pathe films. They have the most comprehensive, fabulous archives stetching back over a centuary so you can really get a sense of how things were.

There are some classic lines which i'm thinking of adopting .... "Its all rather touching dont you think?" ; )


Gallery Update - Girl Crush Clemence

Blog - 26th Jan 2012 - Comments 57 - Read →

The first time I worked with Clemence Poesy a few years ago I thought she was just the bee’s knees. Something about the easy Parisian style, delicate colouring and twinkle in her eye. I've seen Clemence quite a bit recently, doing her make-up for this shoot and then bumping into her again last week as she was in town promoting Birdsong. Almost twenty years since it was first published, Sebastian Faulks book has finally been made into a film for the BBC starring Eddie Redmayne and Clemence. I missed the first installment of this epic tale so need to have a big catch up session on i-player as soon as possible! Did any of you see it?

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Marilyn Monroe - Iconic Make-up Look

Video - 18th Jan 2012 - Views - Comments - Watch →

Although its very difficult to get all the exact details as her make-up artist never betrayed her secrets, it's fun to talk about the different tricks and details of Marilyn's look. In this video Marilyn had lots of different looks and was pretty natural off camera but this video concentrates on the very glamorous look she had for her movies and poster shoots from 1953 through to the end of the 50's. Lots of the tricks were geared towards the lighting, film and cameras of the time... Hope you enjoy it! 

First you’ll need a good moisturiser or primer to suit your skin type. Ideally one that leaves your skin with a dewy sheen (unless you have oily skin in which case use oil free without a dewy finish). Marilyn liked Vaseline, Nivea and Erno Laszlo.

Next apply a medium coverage, fresh finish foundation (so nothing too chalky or matte). I used Suqqu Cream Foundation applied using a By Terry Foundation Brush in the video.

Conceal as needed and, if you have oily skin, apply a light dusting of sheer powder.

Apply a white/beige cream shadow without shimmer all over the eyelid. I use Bobbi Browns Glacier (Bone would be better for darker skintones) but you could also use a MAC Paintpot. If you don’t have any cream eyeshadows, use a matte powder eyeshadow in a similar shade.

Apply a white shimmery powdered eyeshadow all over the lid concentrating on the lid, brow bone and inner corner. Any brand is fine.

Give eye lashes a good curl - I use Shu Uemura in the video.

Add a good coat of any mascara to top lashes - I’m using Lancome's Doll Eyes.

Apply a set of specially made ‘half lashes’ or cut an existing full set in half leaving the longer end intact. Apply to outer half of top lashes. See my ‘applying fake lashes’ video for advice on application.

A brown pencil or gel (for modern day formula) is used next to trace a thin line along the top lashline, winging it up and out at the end. I use Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in Sepia Ink.

Take any cool taupey shade (to suit your skin tone) and buff the shade into the outer third of the socket line to create depth. I used a Mac 217 brush to do this.

Next, using the same shade of eyeshadow or a soft pencil draw a fake ‘upper lash shadow’ (as shown in the video) and then blend it well with either a brush or a cotton bud/Q-Tip. I used Suqqu Eyeshadow brushes.

Add a touch of mascara to lower lashes.

Using either a cream or powder contour start contouring your face. The exact method will be different for everyone as its dependent on your face shape but aim for a heart shaped look with wide forehead, high cheekbones and smaller chin/jaw line effect.

Highlight your face using either a lighter cream foundation, cream or powder highlighter, shimmey or flesh toned pale powder shadow and apply to the front of the cheeks at the side of the nose, high onto the cheekbones, down the centre of the nose, top of the lip and centre of the forehead. Again be lead by what suits your face shape and skin type.

Apply a bright corally pink blusher as shown in the video. I used the Horizon Blush De Chanel along the cheek bones and up onto the temples to sculpt.

Shape lips as shown using a true bluish red lip pencil with high pigment. I’m using Mac Lip Pencil in Cherry. How you do the lips depends on how long you want to spend and how many red lipsticks you own! In the video I use Mac Ruby Woo, Mac Lady Danger and Guerlain Kiss Kiss Insolence De Rouge.

Apply a touch of shimmer powder to the centre of the lower lip and finish with a coat of lip gloss. 

If you want to learn more about the history of makeup, have a look at my FacePaint page here X

Gallery Update - Fierce Block Brows

Blog - 16th Jan 2012 - Comments 36 - Read →

This editorial I did for Turkish Vogue recently is all about extreme fierce brows, glossy skin and major highlighting and contouring. A mini homage to the early 90's androgeny and the 'blocked out' brows of Rei Kawakubo's Comme Des Garcons girls and Peter Lindberg.

Raw, natural textured glossy skin against strong, artificial looking brows creates a really good contrast.

In reality, this coming season is all about strong, full brows (not as severe as this obviously!) and as many of you know, I hate thin, mean looking brows anyway so anything that encourages women to step away from the tweezers is good in my book.

I used fluidline gel liner by Mac in black to draw on the brows. The skin was glossed up with Mac's face gloss and Tom Fords Cream contour and highlight palette was used to further shape and define.

To see how to do a more wearable version of this look see my boyish make-up tutorial.

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Navy Blue Smokey Eye

Video - 12th Jan 2012 - Views - Comments - Watch →

Navy blue works really well as a chic and modern alternative smokey eye (looks particularly amazing on all shades of brown eyes). 

Check out my lovely model Hanako's blog.
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