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Gallery Update - Joan Smalls (& Product Rave)

Blog - 29th Nov 2012 - Comments - Read →
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Glamorous 'Vintage Inspired' Party Make-up

Video - 23rd Nov 2012 - Views - Comments - Watch →

Hope you like this vintage inspired 'classic hollywood' make-up look. It would be great for any party, formal evening event, costume party or even a grand masked ball! I got an email from the owner of Face Lace, Phyliis Cohen showing me her very limited edition face masks and I decided to try this one out for a Harpers Bazaar cover shoot I did and liked it so much I thought I'd try it on for myself. I was also a little bit in love with Christian Dior 'Grand Bal' Christmas collection too. See my recent blog post on the collection here ... the packaging is to die for!!

Lisa Loves - Le Grand Bal

Blog - 21st Nov 2012 - Comments - Read →

There are so many beautiful Christmas make-up collections around this year (if you haven’t watched it already have a look at my Christmas Gift ideas film), but this offering from Dior is particularly spectacular. The whole collection is inspired by Christian Dior’s love of the grand balls and extravagant parties he witnessed growing up in Granville Normandy. He was always enchanted by ball gowns (himself designing some of the most beautiful couture gowns of all time) and the masked balls of the 18th century.

I absolutely love the unashamed glamour of this make-up collection. I decided to photograph it amongst these outrageously baroque cakes complete with iced ruby slippers and Venetian Mask. Not a traditional make-up picture I know but hopefully it conveys a little of the sheer romance and overblown allure of this collection.

For me, the hero products are the amazing lipsticks and nail varnishes, all housed in beautiful couture-inspired gold packaging with a modern twist. The Diorific Vernis nail varnishes (£20 each) are like cheeky little gold baubles – you can just image them on a dressing table looking achingly chic! This packaging was around in the 90s but was discontinued until now. The four shades - Marilyn/cream red, Lady/white pearl, Diva/cream black with multi-coloured pearl and Diorling, an antique gold pearl - look just as good on nails as they do in the bottles. I found one coat of Diva more than did the job.

The four Diorific lipsticks come in similarly decadent vintage inspired gold packaging and are all beautiful, party-perfect shades of red. Anyone who has seen my Ultimate Guide to Red Lips will know that I am a huge fan of red lipstick, especially when they come in packaging as gorgeous and eye-catching as this – this is definitely a lipstick you don’t want to keep hidden away in your handbag! I have made a video using one of the nail and lip colours which I’ll upload in a day or two so look out for that.

This collection is limited so if you are looking for something collectable and oh so couture, get your hands on it fast!

Get free worldwide delivery here:

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Smokey Look for Hooded/Mature Eyes

Video - 11th Nov 2012 - Views - Comments - Watch →

I get so many requests for smokey eye make-up for hooded eyes so I thought I would do this look. This video is also useful for more mature ladies who may not have had a hooded shape initially but who's eyes have become more hooded with age. Please remember that a hooded eye shape is not a 'problem' its just a different shape like any other. Hope its helpful X

With special thanks to Stacha for modelling for me! Stacha has written a few thoughts about 'beauty' and asked me to post them here. Please read on:

"I sit  in the chair trying to keep my back straight so the camera always has the perfect shot. My wild curls scrapped back to ensure we have perfect lighting.  I am tired from the previous days migraine.  I listen to Lisa say her viewers like questions, the camera roles and the dutiful actor begins her work.  I feel more vulnerable than I expected,  but I am happy to be of service.

Later I would read the comments and for the first time in my life question if I was beautiful,   it had never occurred to me.  I had always felt beautiful.  Everyone who has ever loved me told me I was beautiful,  so I was in no doubt I was beautiful,  as in fact most people I have ever met are beautiful and I am not just talking souls.

What the media reflects as beauty and what actually is are two different things,  very different,  especially as what the media reflects is not actually real.  It does not exist.  That is what I hoped doing this video would convey.  If you had met Kate Moss without her make up as I have more than on one occasion,  you would see we are the same age.  She is still beautiful,  just different.  Not unlike you.  We all have great days and bad days with and without make up.

A photograph is often a cheap imitation of woman,  it should never be the other way round.  Did I cry,  of course not,  I am blessed with a strong understanding of my worth.  

We have so many aspects to us as woman,  there are days we are Goddesses, Fiery Hell Maidens,  The Dark Temptress,  The Innocent Girl, The Wise Crone, etc and all of these we enjoy playing with.  We play with them with whatever means are that are available to us, make up, clothes, hair,  music, scents and anything else that fires our imagination,  if we can find a way to express whats inside us at that time we will will,  for we are a creative bunch. However I also know that  during some of my most difficult times, with none of these things available and the world against me that I am,   magnificent, as many other wonderful beautiful woman I know.

We are each and everyone of us so much more than a before and after photo as the wisest woman in us all knows there is no such thing."

Stacha xxx

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Ultimate Guide To Red Lips

I adore red lips and believe everyone can look fabulous in red lipstick, its just a case of finding the right shade and texture for you. Here is a guide to the various types of shades and textures available along with tips on how to wear them and which skintones they best flatter. Hope you find this video helpful! X

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Flawless & Chic Make-up Look

Video - 20th Oct 2012 - Views - Comments - Watch →

This is a recreation of the look I did on Kiera Knightley for the world premiere of Anna Karenina. For Kiera's red carpet look I used Chanel products but in this video I'm using all high street/drugstore products. It's a beautfully chic look that works for so many occasions. The shades of blusher and lipstick can be adapted to suit you skin tone.

See the original look I did on Kiera and the products used here.

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Favourite Hair Products & Styling Tools

Video - 14th Oct 2012 - Views - Comments - Watch →

I dont usually make videos about hair but I've had a lot of requests to make one discussing the products and styling tools I like. I'm not a hairdresser so these are just my personal favourites. Some recommended to me by the many great hairdressers I work with and others through trial and error. X

I always get my Kerastase products from the UK website HQ (link below) as they very often have 25% off the entire range, which considering how concentrated they are, makes them a lot better value for money. 

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