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Glowing, Youthful Make-up Look for Mature Skin

I'm often asked how to do a really great day look by ladies over 50. The main questions are usually how to make skin look even and glowy without emphasising lines and how to get eye definition without a harsh end result. Here I demonstrate techinques on 64 year old Yvonne to help achieve a modern, defined and natural look. So whether you are in this category or you'd like to help your mother (It is Mothers day in the UK next week!) or Grandmother do her make-up, hope you find it helpful X

Molten Silver and Rose Gold - Luxe Grunge at #LFW

Blog - 21st Feb 2013 - Comments - Read →

Osman's collection was inspired by Narnia with lots of white, clean lines and metallic touches so I wanted to create something modern but with an ethereal, magical edge.

For skin I used Mac’s Face and Body foundation to give a very natural, not too done, 90’s look. I then applied Becca’s shimmering skin perfector to cheekbones and concealed any dark circles and blemishes using Clinique airbrush concealer and Laura Mercier Secret Camouflague. A little contour added definition, I used Tom Fords Shade and Illuminate.

This look was ALL about the eyes which were embellished with a swish of Eyeko’s new Metal Liquid Liners (launching mid May). I used 'Platimun' along the upper lash line - which went on as smooth as molten silver and stayed put like you wouldn’t believe - and 'Rose Gold' along th'e lower lashes. Both caught the light gorgeously. Next I curled upper lashes and applied Skinny' Mascara in Black.  To complete the eye look I coated the tips of the lashes in the Platimun Metal Liner – this gave the eyes a really beautiful, shimmery and ethereal quality - perfect for the catwalk.

The Make-up look at Matthew Williamson

Blog - 18th Feb 2013 - Comments - Read →

Matthew’s inspiration for the collection was the Northern Lights - and as you guys know, I actually saw them recently so I felt surprising well prepped! The clothes were gorgeously embellished with lots of amazing colour combinations and beautiful embroidery.The set featured an iceberg type sculpture which changed colour throughout the show going from neon pink to orange (the girls were caught in a magical snowstorm in the finale too!)..... so overall there was quite a lot going on. With this in mind, my idea for the make up was to have it almost as if, from the neck up, it was like looking at a sepia photograph... neutral, desaturated tones and natural definition. Similar to when you do an instagram picture of yourself, maybe when you are not wearing any make-up, and put a special filter on that instantly sculpts and shapes your face giving it a wonderfully even tone. Even if you don’t look like you have any make-up on, it makes everything look that extra bit gorgeous!

Gemma Arterton - Baftas Make-Up Look

Blog - 14th Feb 2013 - Comments - Read →
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Kylie Cover Make-up Look - Pinks!!

Video - 11th Feb 2013 - Views - Comments - Watch →

A version of the make-up I did on gorgeous goddess Kylie Minogue for the January issue of Elle UK. This look screams pink but (hopefully) not in a barbie way. Pinks around the eyes can be tricky but this video includes lots of tips on how to get it right. A nice look for valentines day maybe?; )

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Tippi Hedren -The Birds - Hitchcock Heroines

Video - 30th Jan 2013 - Views - Comments - Watch →

This tutorial is inspired by Tippi's make-up in Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. The make-up changes subtely throughout the movie, which as i say in the video, may have been deliberate but may also have been a result of the Techicolour film, lighting etc. The 3 strip process was notoriously difficult for make-up artists to work with and often resulted in weeks of pre-shoot make-up colour tests. The make-up artist Howard Smit was not only a Hollywood veteran - entering the industry in the early 30's - he is also recognised as something of a pioneer, helping make-up artistry gain its rightful position in the film business. 

For The Birds and Marnie (Hitchcock's second and last fim with Hedren), Hitchcock dictated every aspect of Tippi's look on and off screen. Hitchcock's vision was meticulously carried out by legendary costume designer Edith Head, Howard Smit on Make-up and hairdresser Virginia Darcy.

Hope you enjoy it, it's a great 'vintage-chic' look for a party!

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Quick Brightening Make-up

Video - 15th Jan 2013 - Views - Comments - Watch →

Easy, minimal and brightening make-up. Good for days when your are looking tired or for weekends when you want an easy going but fresh look. I'm using a couple of new products I'm loving, hope you like it X

Update: The Chanel - Lipstick - Rouge Hydrabase is now discontinued but a great alternative is Clinque's Chubby Stick in Bountiful Blush (10). UK / USA

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