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Gallery Update - Kate Winslet for Bazaar

Blog - 26th Mar 2013 - Comments - Read →

I loved working on this shoot for UK Harpers Bazaar with Kate Winslet. The shoot was inspired by late 50's and early 60's couture and the work of photographers like Henry Clarke and John French. The styling for the shoot was phenomenal and when we werent salivating over the racks of amazing dresses, all the girls on the shoot were hanging around the jewellery table, drooling ... there was some serious rock-age going on!

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How to Find the Right Shade Of Foundation

Video - 25th Mar 2013 - Views - Comments - Watch →

The second video is my Foundation series - this is a basic guide on how a little self knowledge can go a long way when it comes to searching for a good colour match.


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How to shop for the perfect Foundation

Video - 23rd Mar 2013 - Views - Comments - Watch →

This is the first of eight videos covering everything you need to know about foundation. Whether you are a complete beginner when it comes to make-up or are just struggling to find the perfect base, this series will be your ultimate #foundationcourse X

Make-up for the new Nars Cosmetics Film

Blog - 23rd Mar 2013 - Comments - Read →

Have a look at this very cool interactive film I did with super talented director and animator Quentin Jones for Nars. The film features all 8 shades of their delicious new Satin Lip Pencils and the interactive journey means you decide which direction to go with the make-up. The 6 minute director's cut, linear version above takes you through all the various looks without interuption but if you want to see the interactive version too visit

It was a really great project to work on not least because of the two mega babe models - musician Sarah Ruba from über cool Canadian electronic band 'New Look' and fashion designer/stylist and style icon Catherine Baba... I'm crazy about these gals. I absolutely love this video and find myself getting lost in the journeys and dreamy moods.

Have a look and if there is one look that you absolutely LOVE and would really like to see as a tutorial, let me know. Whichever look gets the most requests, I'll make! X

The Bespoke Fragrance Experience

Blog - 17th Mar 2013 - Comments - Read →

Ever fancied creating your very own fragrance? Something so unique, so Some of you may remember that as part of my Christmas giveaway I offered a chance to do just that. As it's something I haven't personally experienced, I asked the lovely winner Anna Mason to let me know what it was like. Anna descibed it so well I asked if she would consider being my first guest blogger so we can all hear about it. Thankfully she said yes and here's how she got on:  

"When Lisa held her Christmas 2012 giveaways I was tuning in to her site each day. She was offering amazing makeup sets, nail polishes, body creams, make up courses….all really lovely, I’m sure you remember. However I was really excited the day she was offering the bespoke Floris perfume.

You see my excitement was such because I had been looking for a replacement to my favourite perfume for a couple of years. My favourite perfume was Grosellina, part of the Aqua Allegoria range by Guerlain. Sadly they discontinued this a few years ago. I was lucky because I managed to source a few bottles from a pharmacy in Menorca when I was on holiday. This meant that I had a stockpile but of course eventually my stockpile dwindled.

I had tried many other perfumes some of which were beautiful. The problem I found was this; people would say ‘oh you smell lovely is that so and so?’ and then name the perfume. Or they would say something like ‘oh Shalimar really suits you!’ It does, Shalimar and many others do suit me, they are right. However what I really wanted was a scent that was unique to me. You see when I wore Grosellina no one was ever able to identify it, it became my signature scent and that’s exactly what I was after; my new signature scent.

Perhaps you can now imagine my excitement when Lisa contacted me to let me know I had won the bespoke Floris perfume giveaway. I was over the mood. It had never occurred to me to have a perfume made especially for me. I was delighted and very excited.

A few days later my beautiful invitation arrived from Floris, gold and embossed, just lovely. I rang, made my appointment and booked the date in my diary. The day arrived, I caught the train, negotiated the tube (not that easy when you live outside London!) and found Floris on Jermyn Street. Everything was seamless, you know how it is when everything goes well? No jams, jumped on the right tube, exited at the correct exit and clapped eyes on the street name immediately, no hitches, no problems, straight there – just perfect! I knew then that the experience was going to be amazing.

Summer's Coming!

Blog - 15th Mar 2013 - Comments - Read →

Yellow mascara?? Really? Could you? Would you? I'm not sure about that one either but everything else in Chanels Summer Butterfly collection has got my heart all a flutter. The highlight of the collection for me is definitely the wild and wonderfully striking waterproof mascaras in Blue Note (Electric Blue), Aqua Blue (Light Blue), Lime Light (Vivid Turquoise Green) and Zest (Bright Yellow). They are all completely opaque in colour and have been designed to wear over black mascara to create a flash of dazzling colour but I think the electric blue shade Blue Note looks rather amazing on its own. Blue mascara hasn’t looked this good since 1982! The idea is to apply black mascara, then just tip the ends of the lashes with the colour of your choice. You may not be bold enough to wear them everyday but they could be the perfect summer holiday fling.

The other highlight  for me is, of course, the nail polishes, I'm wearing Bel-Argus in the pictures but I'm equally facinated by the rich metallic teal shade, Azure.

There are also six 'Fresh effect' cream shadow sticks in various butterfly hues which feel very cooling on contact with your skin. Its nice to see such a bold and colourful collection which you can play however you like. For the look I created with the collection (below) I used Cream Eyeshadow Sticks in Jade Shore (all over my upper eyelid), Pink Lagoon (along the lower lashes) and Cool Gold (to highlight at the inner corner and brow bone). I applied black mascara and tipped it with Blue Note mascara and finished things off with Bel-Argus polish. The full get the look video will be available soon on Chanel Make-up Confidential.

Coloured mascara is a bit like marmite, you either love it or hate it, where do you stand? 

Gallery Update - Vogue Italia

Blog - 8th Mar 2013 - Comments - Read →
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