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Cara Delevingne Makeup Look

Video - 11th Oct 2013 - Views - Comments - Watch →

I've done Caras make-up lots of times and was inundated by Cara fans for this particular look I did on her for the W Magazine party she hosted.

This video isn't about trying to look like Cara, it's simply about recreating the make-up look. I'm not a fan of the modern obsession of trying to look like a celebrity, make-up should be fun and a great tool for enhancing and bringing out your own individual beauty. I've recreated the look on my assistant Jessie's sister, a regular girl who happens to be the same age as Cara and a huge admirer of hers.

Think 'What Goes With' Pink!

Blog - 6th Oct 2013 - Comments - Read →

Was there a memo sent to all the designers saying don't forgot to make at least one outfit in pretty baby pink for A/W 13/14? I think so!  As a result of said memo, Autumn will be significantly brighter thanks to the new on-trend colour. Every magazine shoot I've worked on recently has had several beauteous pink ensembles hanging on the rails -  like this shoot I did for Turkish Vogue with Italian supermodel Mariacarla Boscono. The abundant use of this ultra feminie shade will gently ease us into the winter months casting a helpful, gentlly reflective blush onto our faces . I'm particularly noticing lots of rather fine designer and high street coats in this hue, making a welcome change from the black and camel offerings usually seen at this time of year. My favourite from the shows was the ultra chic oversized coat by Carven - which I also noticed sold out in my size within hours on Net-A-Porter.

If you do decide to embrace this sugary confection, it is worth being mindful of your make-up choices. I think wearing pink needs to be approached with a certain level of caution as it works amazingly on some skin tones and less so on others. Next to the skin, certain shades of pink can drain the skin of colour leaving you looking like havent slept in weeks!

Here are a few of my make-up tips for rocking this trend:

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Easy, 3 Minute Smokey Eye

Make-up novices, new mums and anyone in a rush or generally pushed for time will love this super quick, easy make-up look. Minimal products, minimal skill and time is required for this pretty, pulled together make-up X

The Beauty Pioneers - Helena Rubinstein

Blog - 24th Sep 2013 - Comments - Read →

As you all know, I have a huge love and passion for the history of beauty and make-up. From the potions and pastes favoured by ancient civilizations to the birth of the cosmetic industry as we know it today. I'm particularly drawn to the originators, innovators and marketeers so today I'm starting a series of posts on this subject with the true queen and founding 'mother' of the business of beauty.

The beginning of the 20th century saw the emergence of one of the masters of the modern cosmetics industry, Helena Rubinstein. She was one of the original self made women of the last century due to her astute skills in the production and marketing of beauty products. An insighful maverick, she was the first to create modern day mascara and made it acceptable for all women to wear make-up, not just the lowly prostitutes and actresses of the day.

Her brand may appear to be less prominent in many parts of the globe today, so you'd be be forgiven for overlooking her but the remarkable Ms Rubenstein should not be locked away in the tomes of time. According to the New York Times she was 'probably the greatest female American entrepreneur of all time'   ΜΆ  quite an accolade. An impressive, fiercy intelligent woman, she's an inpiration for women in business today not only for her savvy business sense but for the fascinating and often cunning tactics she employed to get ahead.

A classic rags to riches journey, Chaya Rubinstein (as she was originally named), was born in Poland in 1870 in modest circumstances. In 1902 she left Poland to live with her uncle in a small town near Melbourne.


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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Cover Makeup Look - Using High Street/ Drugstore products

Video - 19th Sep 2013 - Views - Comments - Watch →

This US Glamour magazine cover look I did on Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has been one of my most requested tutorials. Probably because its such a classically gorgeous look that can suit everyone. A glamorous, but not over the top, make-up that perfect for a girls night out, party or date. I’ve chosen to recreate this look using all drugstore/highstreet makeup.

Thanks to Model Ella Wahlsten at Premier Model Management to follow her on Instagram go to EllaWahlsten

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Pin Up Makeup Tutorial

Video - 13th Sep 2013 - Views - Comments - Watch →

This is an updated version of the classic Pin-up look that never goes out of style. Based on the look I did on Gemma Arterton for the Betty Page inspired short film I directed recently, its a great look for a party or special event.

Model: Mimi Doyle at Premier Model Management  follow her on Instagram at Maillepixie

The nail polish I'm wearing is Dior - Vernis Nail Lacquer in Lucky

Gallery Update: The Lion King

Blog - 10th Sep 2013 - Comments - Read →

I recently worked on this extraordinary and adventurous shoot with Tim Walker for the latest issue of Love Magazine. When Tim first told me there would be a full grown lion on the shoot I was a little taken back but excited as I knew with a visionary like Tim, an iconic and visually dazzling story was going to come out of it. The inspiration for the character was a Victorian female lion tamer Tim had been very taken with. After researching references and looking at lots of performance make-up from that era my assistant Jessie and I arrived at the country house estate location full of enthusiasm. Every now again in this industry you work on a shoot that has so much potential for magic and other worldliness that it’s almost palpable, like a little jolt of electricity. From the incredible styling courtesy of Katie Grand and film costume designer (and 3 x Oscar winner)  Sandy Powell, to the inspired headdresses and painting by legendary hair artist Julian D'ys and enchanting sets by Rhea Thierstein. Right down to the perfect casting of models Karen Elson and Edie Campbell who brought their own poetry and magic to the mix, the alchemy was just right.

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