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From Club to Catwalk - 80's Exhibition

Blog - 19th Nov 2013 - Comments - Read →

Rewind to the Eighties...

Whatever your age or experience with the decade of decadence, if you live in London or are visiting anytime before the 16th Feb 2014 you must check out the V&A Museum’s latest exhibition, From Club to Catwalk. Centered around the London club scene of the time, it’s a brilliantly curated collection of the faces and figures that made the early 80s one of the most creative eras in 20th century fashion, graphic design, music, hair and make-up.

Kitchen Cupboard Beauty

Blog - 12th Nov 2013 - Comments - Read →

Avocado, honey, banana, eggs, green tea and lemon. No, this isn’t what’s on the lunch menu today at Lisa Eldridge HQ! These are just a few of the many tried and trusted ingredients from around the kitchen that can be whisked-up into a multitude of home-spun beauty recipes. Ask any Grandma what she used before we were spoiled with so many luxurious “natural” beauty brands, and chances are she’ll have a few culinary gems up her sleeve. Kitchen staples have appeared in beautifying preps for many centuries and even the most 21st century of products owe something to folk remedies of the past. Clinique’s best-selling Clarifying Lotion which launched in 1968 is a prime example of high-tech prestige brand meets folk remedy, as its key ingredient is none other than salicylic acid, originally derived from willow bark, and best known as the active ingredient in Aspirin - not strictly from the kitchen, but you get the picture.

It’s comforting to know that even modern day natural beauty advocates are not averse to blending up their beauty products over the stove. Jo Malone, revered for her gorgeous fragrances and Vitamin E skincare, started her beauty and fragrance empire as a facialist, and used to make her now world famous Vitamin E Gel in her own kitchen. Seriously. So, here are a few kitchen superstars. I’ve teased out their beauty benefits, and thrown in a few recipes to boot for those of you who like a bit of DIY. If not, I’ve also recommended ready-made, off-the-shelf alternatives, for those days when blending bananas, slicing avocados and brewing up green tea just aren’t an option. Enjoy!


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Easy, Effortless Winged Liner Anyone Can Achieve

This is the look I wore to the Harpers Bazaar 'Women Of The Year Awards" dinner this week (and the highly requested look from my recent Beauty SOS video).

Its such an easy, effortless winged liner look. Perfect for anyone who struggles to achieve a good winged shape with liquids and pens. Try it!

To see some of the photos from my night out check out my Instagram X

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100 Years of Bollywood - Modern Day 'Devdas Inspired' Makeup Look

To see my Bollywood blog post click here:

Its the anniversary of Bollywood and what better way to celebrate than a Makeup Tutorial : ) I've created a simplified, modern take on Aishwarya's makeup in the 2002 classic 'Devdas' A good place to start, for any newbies to Bollywood style and make-up! Have fun re-creating (and dont forget to send me a picture!) X

With special thanks to the lovely Nalintha Twitter: @la_la_perera or Instagram @nalintha_lalaThanks to Nalintha at MOT Models, follow her on Twitter: @la_la_perera or Instagram @nalintha_lala

100 Years of Bollywood Beauties

Blog - 1st Nov 2013 - Comments - Read →

Being aware of all the key references in film, art and literature is a huge part of my job as a make-up artist. I happened to notice that this year is the 100th anniversary of the Mumbai based Hindi language cinema known as Bollywood, one of the most prolific film industries in the world. The very first film screened in India was the silent black and white classic, Raja Harishchandra (1913). Just 40 minutes long, there were only a few female characters, and all the roles were played by men. It was a world apart from the riotously glitzy, all-singing-all-dancing Bollywood blockbusters of today, many of which are at least three to four hours long!

Stylistically, the 50s, 60s and 70s were considered to be the “golden age” of Bollywood cinema. Films like Awaara, directed by Raj Kapoor in 1951, and starring legendary actress, Nargis Dutt, who was considered to be one of the greatest actresses in Indian cinema, became internationally famous, with many fans in China – it was Chairman Mao’s favourite film – Russia (where 63 million people saw it) and Turkey. I particularly love (from a make-up point of view!) the scene where Nargis’ character, Rita, wears an amazing moon-shaped bindi (see the black and white picture below)

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Beauty Nightmares! Solutions from my Pro Kit

Video - 25th Oct 2013 - Views - Comments - Watch →

Most of the time my job is all about prettifying - a touch of blusher here and a slick of gloss there - but very often there are beauty emergencies to be dealt with. My canvases are the worlds top models and A-listers who, just like you and I, can be struck with allergies, irritations, puffiness and unwanted facial hair. They are depending on me to make things better and in this film I show just a few of the products I rely on to solve problems quickly.

As I mentioned here are the links to My French Pharmacie Skincare Favourites film  and my Puffiness & Bags Under the Eyes - Causes and Treatments

The lip colour I am wearing is Clinique's Chubby Stick in Pudgy Peony-15 and the nail varnish I am wearing is Foot Loose by Essie

Also, to see how to create the look in this film, take a look at my 'Easy Effortless Winged Eye Liner - My Night Out Look

#MyLisaLooks Winner!

Blog - 20th Oct 2013 - Comments - Read →

When I launched the first #mylisalook competition last week, little did I know it would get such a massive response! I’ve literally had hundreds of your gorgeous make-up looks flooding in via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and it has been so inspiring and fun to see the make-up you’ve been so busy creating. Thank you for sending in so many beautiful and innovative looks, and for taking part in #mylisalook with such enthusiasm!

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