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David Bailey's Stardust

Blog - 6th Feb 2014 - Comments - Read →

I first met Bailey in a professional capacity when I did make-up on a couple of his shoots many years ago. I got to know him better socially after I met my husband with whom he shares a long history and friendship. Every time I see him he has me in stitches with his subversive sense of humour and dark wit, he's as sharp as a tack with a tongue to match. I sat next to him at a dinner last week and in between telling me about his new exhibition he made hilariously inappropriate comments about the other guests. I laughed so hard I cried all my make-up off!

One of the most iconic, ‘take me as I am’, cheeky East End photographers, he captured the Swinging Sixties like no other, taking unforgettable images for the worlds of Fashion, Rock 'n Roll, Entertainment and East End Gangsters. From The Beatles, Mick Jagger, Andy Warhol, Jean Shrimpton and Twiggy to Micheal Caine, The Kray Twins, Kate Moss and Jude Law...his gallery of famous faces, both beautiful and brutal, is limitless.

He began his career in 1959 as an assistant to pioneering fashion photographer, John French. By the age of 22, in 1960, Bailey was already shooting for British Vogue himself, with a reputation of being a bit of lad. Devilishly handsome and with boundless energy, every model wanted a piece of him! Bailey's enigmatic character was film director, Antonioni's inspiration for the fashion photographer, played by David Hemmings, in his classic 1966 film, Blow-Up. In one year, he shot over 800 pages for Vogue, taking inspiration from Picasso with his rule being that there are no rules!

His exhibition fills the ground floor of the National Portrait Gallery (making it the largest photography show the gallery has ever done), with nineteen different sections including portraits devoted to fashion, entertainment, his travels and his wife, the astonishingly beautiful Catherine Bailey. Devout fans and connoisseurs will be over-the-moon at the inclusion of previously unseen images too. The exhibition has been structured thematically, with iconic images hung next to lesser-known portraits, representing the idea that we are all made from, and return to, ‘stardust’.

I was invited to the private view a couple of nights ago and for me the most interesting image is the Self Portriat of Bailey lying on his army bed during his national service in Singapore (above). Taken three years before he became a famous photographer. Note the Picasso above his bed - if you think about this in the context of that time (1957) soilders usually had pin-ups over their beds so this was such a cool and edgy thing to do. Marking himself out as a man of great taste (he was married to Catherine Deneuve for chrissakes!), an aesthete with a starry future ahead of him.

BAILEY’S STARDUST, sponsored by HUGO BOSS at the National Portrait Gallery, London

The exhibition starts on the 6th February and is on until the 1st June. However, if you can’t make it the book 'Bailey’s Stardust' is available to pre order from amazon here

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Fresh Faced Beauty Makeup with Sophie Dahl

Video - 31st Jan 2014 - Views - Comments - Watch →

Check out Sophie Dahl's wonderful website

A quick and easy to achieve fresh faced beauty makeup look, great for this time of year particularly good if you're looking and feeling tired. X

The nail varnish I am wearing is Nails Inc in Porchester Square. and the lip gloss I am wearing in the introduction is YSL's Gloss Volupte in 202

In the film Sophie and I talk quite alot about concealer and for more tips and information, I have made two concealer films - An Introduction to Concealer and a Tutorial on Concealer  I hope they are helpful .

Winner of My Trailer Competition

Blog - 31st Jan 2014 - Comments - Read →

Last week on my Facebook and Google+ I announced a fun little competition to name all the models and celebrities that appear in my Tutorial Trailer.

As always, I love the effort you all put in - I hear there was some serious stop, starting, pausing and rewinding of the film!

Without further ado…the lucky winners with the most correct answers (each picked at random) are…

1. Flavia Zacar

2. Georgiana Gia 

3. Emily Lupton

Congratulations, you’ve each won some makeup goodies. Keep an eye out for a message from me.

And if you are interested, the correct answers were: 

1. Jagoda Lagiewska from Osman Yousefzada S/S 2010 Fashion Show - London Fashion Week

2. Ming Xi from my Vogue China 2012 and A/W Make-up Trends Video

3. Dree Hemingway in my Behind the Scenes at Matthew Williamson S/S 2012 Show

4. Anja Rubik in my Behind the Scenes at Matthew Williamson S/S 2012 Show

5. Lindsey Wixson in my Bright Eyes, Glossy Lips Feat Lindsey Wixson for Vogue UK

6. Giedre Dukauskaite in my Beauty Shoot for Vogue UK 

7. Cara Delevingne from the ID Magazine Fashion Film

8. Cara Delevingne from the Love Magazine Covers, 2013

9. Edie Campbell from the Love Magazine, 2013

10. Georgia May Jagger from the Love Magazine, 2013

11. Rosie Huntington Whiteley from the Love Magazine, 2013 

12. Alexa Chung for Eyeko, 2013

13. Lara Stone for Turkish Vogue, 2012

14. Liv Tyler for Marie Claire, 2012

15. Katy Perry for Glamour Magazine

15. Emma Watson in my Elle UK Look 

16. Karmem Pedaru Vogue Turkey

17. Cheryl Cole in my Elle Cover Look

18. Jourdan Dunn in Vogue UK 2010

19. Ming Xi in my Vogue China 2012 and A/W Make-up Trends Video

20. Jourdan Dunn Vogue Turkey 2013

21. Kate Winslet in Harper’s Bazaar 2013 with my Baby Bardot Look

22. Kate Winslet for Lancôme Advert 2013

23. Kylie Minogue Elle UK, 2013 

24. Edie Campbell for Love Magazine, 2013

25. Lily Mcmenamy Love Magazine, 2013 

26. Sam Rollinson Love Magazine, 2013

27. Lara Stone for Turkish Vogue, 2012

28. Rosie Huntington Whiteley and One Direction for Glamour Magazine, 2013

29. Mariacarla Boscono in Vogue Turkey, October 2013 

30. Anja Rubik for Vogue Turkey, 2013

31. Kinga Rajzak for Dansk Magazine, 2013 / Paper Makeup  

32. Andreea Diaconu for Italian Vogue, 2013

33. Kate Winslet on Red Carpet, 2012 / Glamorous Red Carpet Makeup

34. Cara Delevigne DKNY Awards, 2013

35. Keira Knightly Red Carpet Makeup for the premiere of Anna Karenina, 2012

36. If you include me! From my 'Easy, Effortless Winged Liner Anyone Can Achieve'

37. Madeline from my 'Acne / Blemish Covering Make-up Tutorial'

38. If you include me! From my 'Make-up Removal Tutorial'

39. Stacha Hicks for my 'Smokey Look for Hooded /Mature Eyes'

40. Yvonne Ellis from my 'Glowing, Youthful Make-up Look for Mature Skin

41. If you include me! From my Flawless & Chic Make-up Look / Keira Knightley Red Carpet Look

42. If you include me! From my 'My Emma Watson Cover Look Tutorial'

43. If you include me! From my 'Cheryl Cole UK Elle Cover Look'

44. Kylie Minogue and me from my 'Kylie Cover Make-up Look – Pinks!'

45. If you include me! From my 'Ultimate Guide to Red Lips Tutorial' 

46. Joanna Halpin from my ‘Baby Bardot’ Fresh Spring Make-up Look'

47. If you include me! From my 'Classic Smoky Eye Tutorial'

48. Claire in my 'Grown Up Girly Look Tutorial' 

49. Jiin Jang from my 'Fresh and Polished Look for Office / Work tutorial' 

50. If you include me in my'Audrey Hepburn – Breakfast at Tiffany’s Inspired Make-up Tutorial' 

51. Svetlana Pavlova as 'Tippi Hedren - The Birds - Hitchcock Heroines Tutorial'

52. Ivana in my Marilyn Monroe - Iconic Make-up Look Tutorial

53. Claudia Devlin in my 'More Biba Fever: Comtemprary Look and Vintage Make-up' and in 'Biba Fever' 

54. If you include me in my 'Old Hollywood Inspired Party Look with Vintage Golds'

55. Helena McKelvie from my 'Wide-Eyed 60’s Lashy Dolly Eyes Tutorial

56. If you include me from my Editorial / Dramatic liner, Lashes and Stars Tutorial

57. Monique Sterling from my 'Trend – Orange Shades. A Simple Look for Olive/Darker Skin Tones' 

58. Meve Zunderdorp in my 'Showgirl / Fantasy Peacock Eyes Tutorial

59. Taii Gordon 'Dramatic Black ‘Cat Eye’ Liner Tutorial

60. Meve Zunderdorp in my 'Trend – Candy Colours Tutorial

61. Aleksandra Gilli in my 'Colorful Glitter Party Eyes'

62. Carolyn Murphy from the 'A-Z of Wink for iD Magazine'

63. Frida Gustavsson in my 'Beautiful ‘Star’ Make-up Shoot, Vogue UK 2010' 

64. Xiao Wen Ju 'A-Z of Wink for iD Magazine'


Keira Knightley's Red Carpet Make-Up - Get The Look

Blog - 22nd Jan 2014 - Comments - Read →

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of making up one of my favourite clients, the gorgeous Keira Knightley for the press junket and UK premiere of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, an action thriller starring Keira, Chris Pine and Sir Kenneth Branagh (who's also directing).

When I checked the schedule I could see we were starting with print and tv interviews, a photoshoot and cast photocall. After that was the red carpet premiere in Leicester Square followed by a TV show and finally, the after party. I figured I would need to do three looks - each one would need to work pefectly with the different outfits, lights and conditions etc. Here's what I did using Chanel Products:


Keira was going to be wearing a cute, lacey midriffed, black and white Chanel dress with her hair down in loose waves. I wanted to create a very natural, fresh and pretty look that would work for all the different interviews and photos. I knew there wouldnt be time to re-do the base before the Red Carpet so I had to do an absolutely flawless, (not hard with Keira's skin!), long lasting base  -  that I could touch up rather than have to refresh. I applied Perfection Lumiere Foundation in 20 (plus a dash of 30) with a brush and then used concealer under the eyes. 

I then applied a light touch of cream blusher in Inspiration with a brush onto Keiras cheeks to add a soft, healthy glow. 

For eyes I used one of the new 2014 Summer Collection Illusion D'Ombres, New Moon #97 (available May). I'm absolutely crazy about this colour. Its a minky, mauvey copper with a hint of pink champagne ... divine!. I buffed it across Keiras eyelids with a very light hand for a transparent wash effect. I finished eyes with black waterproof pencil all along the upper lash liner, adding a good coat of Le Volume black mascara in Black, curling lashes first.

I finished off the first look with Rouge Coco lipstick in Charme - an understated Pink (see photo with Chris Pine below)

The Beauty Pioneers - The History of Rimmel

Blog - 19th Jan 2014 - Comments - Read →

As you know from previous posts, I love to delve into the history of make-up. Be it discovering original formulations, fabulous packaging, pioneering founders (my 'Biba and Beyond' post) and how this all relates to social history, I never tire of exploring the world of beauty, past and present.

Following on from my Helena Rubinstein post, I’m going even further back in time to take a look at another industry pioneer and the origins of a beauty brand who are celebrating their 180th birthday this year – none other than Rimmel, London. We all know Rimmel as the brand that symbolises “cool Britannia”, represented by London’s fashion glitterati - Kate Moss, Lily Cole and Georgia May Jagger, so it maybe a bit of a suprise, to find out  that the originators of “The London Look” were actually from across the English Channel! It’s hard to believe that the founder of one of the world’s most iconic “British” make-up brands, was the flamboyantly named Hyacinthe Mars Rimmel, later joined by his son, Eugene and that the pair came from Paris, not London.  Rimmel was a highly celebrated French perfumer, trained under the legendary Pierre-Francois Lubin, the personal “nose” to the Empress Josephine.  But in 1834, he left his Parisian life behind and set up shop in London’s exclusive Albermarle Street, with his wife and teenage son, Eugene, in tow.

His exclusive perfumery and cosmetic boutique in London’s gentrified West End became the “in” destination for London ladies looking for luxury and innovation in skin care preparations and fragrance.  And judging by early images, he was much admired for his good looks, as well as his perfumery skills and Baccarat crystal bottles into which his fragrance were decanted!  There’s no doubt that Hyacinthe was a bit of a maestro of fragrance, but the Rimmel that we know and love today doesn’t owe its huge success solely to him.  It was his dashing young son, Eugene, then just 14, who turned out to be the real genius, and even more of a perfume pioneer than his father.  With his father’s charm and looks, Eugene was not only a natural when it came to fragrance, he was a determined and innovative entrepreneur.  After just a few years under his father’s wing, he opened his own business, The House of Rimmel, at 96 Strand Street, in Westminster, and in 1842, he took over the family business, lock, stock and barrel.  This bold move launched him internationally and helped build his reputation for being a creator of unique beauty products and fine fragrance.

The young Rimmel was unstoppable, chalking up a hefty list of beauty breakthroughs, before he had even turned 30. From the introduction of mail order catalogues, a brand new idea in the world of perfume and cosmetics, to scented fans for ladies to use at the opera, theatre and ballet and perfumed Valentine’s cards, his piece de resistance was a fragrance fountain created for the Great Exhibition in 1851. Perfumed jets of eau de cologne were dispensed by the fountain which could be used to scent the handkerchiefs of delighted visitors. Even by today’s standards, this was a fairly audacious publicity stunt and it certainly didn’t fail. His fragrance fountain brought him to the attention of Queen Victoria who not only became Rimmel’s patron, but she appointed him her official Royal perfumer, an accolade that spread his name and fame across the globe. In his lifetime, he collected 10 Royal Warrants, not just from Victoria, but from heads of state throughout Europe.

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My Makeup Tutorial Channel Trailer for YT

Video - 16th Jan 2014 - Views - Comments - Watch →

Stay In And Have A Bath - It's January!

Blog - 10th Jan 2014 - Comments - Read →

“There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won't cure, but I don't know many of them.” - Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

Depending on where in the world you are, it feels as though there's no better time of year to soak in a tub than post NewYear, when the holidays are over and we settle into the quiet, dark months of January and February. If you were lucky, you may have received some delicious bathing goodies over the holiday that can be put to good use now. Whatever the time of year I love nothing more than to sink into a hot bath - and relax. I rarely have time for pampering treats, like massages or days at the spa, so if I have any free time (night or day), and want to really switch off and de-stress, I light a candle, run the bath and unleash some of my favourite bath-time treats.

Being someone who really feels the cold easily, luxuriating in a hot bath after a day on location when I just can’t seem to warm up, is my idea of heaven. It does the trick for total body warming in a way that a hot water bottle never could. I don’t necessarily see taking a bath as a way of 'cleansing', for me it’s much more about the delight of dimming the lights, putting music on and soaking up something deliciously scented.  If I want a refreshing, exfoliating, cleansing experience, I opt for a shower instead.

As a make-up artist I spend a lot of time contorted in odd positions with my right hand held up for extended periods and as a result get a lot of tension around my neck and shoulder area. When I'm in the bath I like to do some gentle stretching as the combination of having the time to do them slowly and the water makes it feel more effective. Nothing strenuous, just simple things like pushing my elbow gently across to the opposite shoulder with my opposite hand (always make a very satisfying loud crack) and pointing and stretching my feet to relieve calf ache from standing up all day. I also like to massage my neck and shoulders once the hot water has done its thing and softened the muscles an connective tissue. Lots of small, firm circular movements on relaxed muscles feels just great!

Take care you don't have the water too hot. Hot but not scorching is the way to go as research shows that an overly hot bath can actually have the opposite effect and cause insomnia. If you notice you start to look like a boiled lobster and your feeling light headed, reach for the cold tap! After a long, hot bath glug down a large glass of water to avoid dehydration.

You can use anything you have to hand to soften the water (or just go au natural) but here are some gloriously, blissed-out bath treats I think are great for different skintypes and tastes, including some of my personal favourites. Enjoy!


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