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3 Products, No Brushes - A Fresh & Fast Day Look In Minutes

A super fast, glowy makeup look for when you are on the run. Using only three products and no brushes, this video is packed with time saving tips. Base, Colour, Define and Go!

The Lipstick I used is discontinued but a great alternative is Revlon's Ultra HD Lipstick in Sweet Pea

For more foundation tips, click here for my Foundation Course


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Easy Festival / Summer Party Look (With Additional Tips For Girls With Freckles)

An easy, long lasting and gorgeous look, great for a festival or summer party. This low maintenance make up will actually get better with time. I hope you like it. x


And The Winner of The DFMA Makeup Artist Course Is...

Blog - 1st May 2014 - Comments - Read →

When I launched this competition, little did I know it would get such a huge response - I’ve been overwhelmed! In such a short space of time, I’ve received over 1,500 amazing entries.

The incredibly high standard of the work has been so impressive. So many inspiring ideas and techniques ... not to mention some really great photography, hair, nails and styling in some cases too. 

So much so, it's been almost impossible for Davinia and I to choose just one winner. I've been showing the entries to clients, photographers, hairdressers and manicurists on shoots I've done over the past few days, to get their reactions, and all have been blown away by the quality.

Eventually both Davinia and I chose around 30 entries each separately and then narrowed it down to the choices that overlapped.

Whilst scrolling through the entries on my own and with colleagues on shoots, this particular image kept attracting everyone's eye, time and time again, as it was something quite unique, brave, simple yet complex and conceptual. When I first saw this entry it reminded me of the Irving Penn picture below where the make-up artist had used a perspex mask on top of the makeup. I initially thought that it was the same but on closer inspection I saw it was just make-up (with no retouching, special camera or effects). On reading that Michaela had set out to create the effect of plastic over the face, works in a bakery, has a passion for make-up and that she used only two pencils, we all felt she had such a natural talent for light, shade and shape that was waaaay beyond the usual contour and highlighting. A natural, innate talent for this is what the best artists have whether they are sculptors, painters or life drawers. I personally feel that this way of really seeing light and shadow can't be taught... it can be improved upon of course but when it's there naturally without any training, you are halfway there.

So, congratulations Michaela Sullivan Bosch, you have officially won the Make-up Artist Training course  which will cover ‘Fashion, Media and TV Makeup and Hair’ at the fantastic DFMA Makeup Academy. Michaela, I think of you as a diamond in the rough with a natural talent and ability to 'see' that will really make you shine!

Due to the fact that the standard has been so ridiculously high and that choosing a winner was so difficult, Davinia has said that she would like to extend an offer of a place on a course at a reduced rate to everyone else who entered and are interested as a massive thank you for all your hard work and dedication, please email with your picture attached, the course and location and date you would like to enquire about. 

Also a serious and humble congratulations to everyone that entered, I can see that there are a lot incredible makeup artists coming through. I take my hat off to you all X

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Dramatic, Graphic Liner Look For All Eye Shapes - Editorial / Magazine Makeup

Video - 18th Apr 2014 - Views - Comments - Watch →

When I uploaded some new work to Facebook recently, this particular look got a lot of love. A makeup mashup with different inspirations - modern 60s liner and lip with a pinch of18th Century French, Marie Antoinette beauty spot and blush. Full of liner tips for all eye shapes, take from the look what you like to suit you and your personality. I hope you enjoy watching this fun editorial look come together! X


Over £5000 worth of Make-Up training for a star of the Future!

Blog - 14th Apr 2014 - Comments - Read →

This competition is now closed, judging is about to commence! To view the entries, click on my facebook page here

I adore looking at all the make-up looks you create and post on my social media so much so that I set up a #mylisalook Pinterest board which features all your fabulous creations. It’s fun to see how you adapt my tutorials to suit your personal style (and great to see skills developing so fast!). This time however, in the spirit of #mylisalook. I’ve got some exciting news for all the aspiring makeup artists out there...

The Prize

You have the chance to win a 4/5 week course in ‘Fashion, Media and TV Makeup and Hair’ at the fantastic DFMA Makeup Academy worth £5,180 ($8,600)!! The owner of the school used to work on my team many years ago and, after carving out her own career, has gone on to launch a successful make-up school.

The school has three UK locations in Brighton, Bournemouth and London (and soon to be Manchester). Its classes have a maximum of 12 students allowing you to get a much more hands on training with tutors who are actively working within the industry. These small classes and level of tutoring mean you finish with a high standard and level of makeup knowledge. 

On the course, you will learn the basics from flawless base makeup, editorial, period looks from the 30s to the 80's and much, much, more. The choice of when in 2014 you would like to take the course and which location you should prefer to attend is up to you. You will also receive a full hair and makeup kit!!  A few years ago I did a similar competition on my youtube channel and the winner (from New York) excelled and is now practicing makeup artistry. For more information on the course click here

You do not need any experience to enter ....just passion and love for make-up artistry!


How to Enter

Unlike my usual #MyLisaLook competitions, this is solely on Facebook.

To enter, you just need to...

  • 'Like' my Facebook page here
  • Upload your photo to my wall or in the post that mentions the competition. (maximum of two images per person please )
  • Include the @ for my facebook page and the DFMA facebook page (just to make sure we see it and know it’s for this particular competition )
  • You can create anything you like! If you’ve recreated one of my looks (you don’t have to), let me know which one - I love to see your interpretations
  • I will then add your photos to a Facebook Album so you can see all the looks created and you can share with your friends.

I will be announcing the winner on Thursday the 1st May 2014 at 15.00 GMT but all your pictures need to be posted by Midnight (GMT) on Tuesday the 29th of April.

So, get those makeup brushes out and start creating! I’m looking forward to seeing all the looks you create and extremely excited to announce the winner!

Good Luck!  

Lotion Low Down - Smooth Into Summer

Blog - 11th Apr 2014 - Comments - Read →

It's always a bit of moment when the legs finally come out of hiding for Spring. Although I usually need to give mine a hint of colour so I don't scare the neighbours, the condition of the skin is usually good. My thinking goes that body care (like exercise sadly) is an all year round business – that way, there’s no need for a summer pre-holiday panic.  Think about it, we are happy to take the time to moisturise our faces, and maybe even apply hand cream a couple of times a day, so why not take another five minutes to keep our bodies' in tip-top condition?

I know that most gals, myself included, don’t have tonnes of time to spend beautifying, so one of my favourite discoveries is L’Occitane’s Almond Shower Oil – it turns into a milky foam when it comes into contact with water and really sinks into skin. I find that I don’t need to moisturise when I come out of the shower with this one - and it smells absolutely divine! Great for shaving legs.

Nivea’s In-Shower Body Moisturiser is another great little time-saver. Think of it like a conditioner for your body – you use it as the last step in your shower routine (after shower gel/whatever), smoothing it all over and rinsing off to leave your limbs lovely and soft. So if you have dry skin and are in a rush to get out the door in the morning this should give you just the right amount of hydration to avoid leaving your skin feeling tight or dry.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on body care, or indulge in anything particularly fancy – brands like Dove make great, simple moisturisers (I like their Essential Nourishment Body Lotion) or try a classic body butter like Burt’s Bees (a firm favourite in the House of Eldridge as it smells great and sinks in without greasy residue), or Palmer’s Cocoa Butter (there’s lots of different versions available now – fragrance free, olive, firming etc...). Another purse-friendly option I’ve been trialling recently is Aveeno’s Moisturising Creamy Oil – also rich in almond oil (great for dry skin) and colloidal oatmeal (calming and soothing for sensitive skin), it's as nourishing as body oil with the benefit of having it in a light, non greasy lotion. It sinks into skin quickly so you can get dressed pretty much straight away. The initial marzipan smell is a bit overwhelming but it disappears once it sinks in.

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Easy, Pretty, High School/College Makeup - Teen Beauty Tutorial

An easy make-up for teens and makeup newbies who want a simple, pretty look using high-street / drugstore products. Great for high school or College!

I also mentioned by Acne / Blemish Covering Up Makeup Film which you can watch here.

For more tips on eyebrows, you can watch My Brow Routine here

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