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Chanel - Collection États Poétiques

Blog - 7th Aug 2014 - Comments - Read →

I’m away in Austria this week so won't be uploading my new video today (back in a few days though, so will upload early next week). In the meantime, fans of Chanel make-up may be interested to see this look I created for their site using their Fall/Autumn 2014 Collection États Poétiques. The eye colours in this new collection really make a statement so I decided to do a bold colourful eye look. You can recreate the look in any way you like. I've also taken a few photos of the other items in the collection, as we all love drooling over pictures of make-up!




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Cleansing Balms and News Update!

Video - 30th Jul 2014 - Views - Comments - Watch →

Here's a little update on everything that's been happening at the House of Eldridge and an in-depth look at some of my current favourite Cleansing Balms.Xx

The nail varnish I am wearing is Jessica's White Cap

Youth in a Tube

Blog - 19th Jul 2014 - Comments - Read →

I have been working in Ibiza this week and while packing my personal bags and kit, I was thinking about how much choice we have now when it comes to facial suncreams. When I was in my teens, a very well-preserved Norwegian lady I knew told me off for getting a facial tan by warning that "A tan lasts a week but the damage lasts forever" Admittedly this was years ago before the advent of lasers, retinol creams and peels etc but it stayed with me. As an acne sufferer I had a love/hate relationship with suncream back then and wearing creamy, pore blocking SPF creams made me very nervous. I understood (although there was a lot less information available about what the changes actually were) that the UVA rays could potentially damage and age my skin and the UVB could cause skin cancer but I hated the breakouts that followed suncream use even more. My focus back then was definitely on controlling the spots and living in the moment and the lack of non- greasy products meant I usually went bare faced. 

The first time I got excited about SPF was when I went travelling in the US and found that there were a lot more dermatologist brands creating oil-free formulations with high protection aimed at acnegenic skin - it was a revelation! Although I have the acne under control now I'm still always on the look out for the best facial blocks that really work with, not against, my skin type. Today it's a lot easier as there are so many textures, finishes (oh how I used to dream of an oil free, matte finish sunscreen in my teens) and price points to suit everyone. So combine protection with a texture that makes your skin look and feel great.

Here are a few facial creams I like for different skin types....

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Summertime Pin Up Inspired Make-up Look

Video - 10th Jul 2014 - Views - Comments - Watch →

An easy Summertime pink twist on a classic Pin Up look. Enjoy X

The Winner of My Makeup Artist Competition Shares Her Story

Blog - 1st Jul 2014 - Comments - Read →

Hi there! You may remember me from a blog post two months ago— I was the girl with the trompe l'oeil plastic-face makeup who won Lisa’s contest. I’m writing to you from a café in Fulham the day after my graduation from Davinia Fermi Makeup Academy here in London. When I fly home to Boston in a few days, I’ll be glad to be in a country where I’m not constantly looking the wrong way before I cross the street, but I’m going to miss being surrounded by people as infatuated with makeup as I am for 7 hours a day! I’m so glad that I have this chance to share with you some of what I’ve learned and some of the work I’ve created here in London this month.

Applying makeup to a face other than your own is an entirely different task. I had almost exclusively done makeup on myself before DFMA, and was excited to start working on others. I learned that eyelids other than your own are not so well behaved as you brush them with gel eyeliner. Skin tones different from my own turned my bright coral blush into a rosy pink color. A foundation that sat cakey and dry on my face could blend seamlessly and invisibly into another woman’s skin. As a makeup student, I learned the most from my mistakes. And hey, it’s just makeup. You can always take it off and start again.

One of the most valuable parts of my education at DFMA was sitting for my classmates as a model. Every day, we would pair up and take turns applying the day’s lesson to each other’s faces. It is so important to know what it feels like to be the client; you learn what different brushes feel like on the skin, which head and neck positions are comfortable, and what kinds of touch to use. Working on someone’s face and hair can be very personal; a client or a model has to trust you not to hurt them or make them look like a clown. Thankfully, I got weeks of practice making my classmates look like clowns (sometimes) and occasionally poking them in the eye (it happened one time!). Despite the learning curve, I was always very pleasantly proud of my work when the look was complete, and surprised by my newly discovered talents.

Here are a few of my talented and beautiful classmates who modeled for me during the course. The first look is a rebellious bridal makeup for a role-play client who said her wedding dress would be black.

Another look I worked on is a frozen Ice Queen, complete with glued-down eyebrows, glacial cheekbones, glittery icicle hair, and an artfully tied bathrobe. I love using photography to create an illusion—here I painted her cheeks white so they would disappear into the background.

Pout Protection - Lipsticks for Summer

Blog - 26th Jun 2014 - Comments - Read →

I’m a big believer in daily SPF to protect from the ravages of time. Most of us are pretty good at making sure our faces are well coated but lips can be easily neglected.

Susceptible to sun damage, lips are more sensitive as the skin is very thin so extremely delicate and vulnerable to burning. They also have almost no melanin - the pigment that helps shield our skin from harmful rays - so a little TLC for our pouts wouldnt go amiss! Use a specific lip product (using your normal face SPF can be a little too creamy and can leave a strange waxy look) with minimum SPF15 and don't forget to reapply regularly. 

Summer lip products, like face and body SPFs, have improved leaps and bounds with better textures and more effective technology. From clear subtle balms to brightly coloured lipsticks, here are some of my favourites…

A Few of My Festival Beauty Essentials

Blog - 20th Jun 2014 - Comments - Read →

With the festival season just around the corner, I thought it was the perfect time to share a few festival beauty favourites.

You don’t want to turn up with an enormous suitcase of beauty kit (after all, we are trying to give off an air of laid back, low maintenance here!) so be extra selective and go for small sized multi-tasking essentials. Choose products that will get through the rain (a likely occurrence if you’re heading to a field in the UK) or a full day of dancing in the heat!

1. SPF

When you’re going to be spending most of the day outside, SPF is a must (even if the weather forecast is cloudy). Choose a product that suits your skin type as some products can be quite greasy whilst others have a drier finish. For extremely sun sensitive skin, I like Institut Esthederm’s High Protection Face Cream or for a cheaper alternative Avene’s Very High Protection Mineral Cream is great. Riemann’s P20 has a non greasy formula and one that lasts all day (although be sensible and reapply if the sun is hot or if you’re fair skinned). My current favourite for oily/blemish prone skin is Medik 8’s Physical Sunscreen as it has a completely matte finish that lasts.

BB and CC creams with SPF are also good for protection and coverage (don’t use instead of SPF in hot weather though). I’ve been using Bourjois’ CC Cream a lot recently as it gives pretty good coverage but looks natural and healthy, or Maybelline’s Dream Fresh BB Cream is also good and has SPF 30.


2. Cleansing

If having a shower or washing your face is going to be impossible, it’s a good idea to pack a mini bottle of cleansing water like Bioderma Sensibio H20 – it’s effective enough to remove waterproof mascara and will make your face feel clean without having to step near a sink. Try to remove your make-up no matter what time you end up rolling back to your tent! Although I’m usually not a fan of wipes and would never use them to remove make-up, I do think they are super handy for festivals for cleaning and freshening hands and underarms etc. Cheap and cheerful is best.


3. Touch Ups

If you need more coverage or want to cover up under eye circles, blemishes or redness, you could pack a handy concealer compact, my go product and one that could fit in your back pocket and has a mirror is Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage.

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