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Inspiration: ‘Simplicity is Complexity Resolved’

Blog - 21st Jul 2015 - Comments - Read →

One of the questions I’m often asked in interviews is, ‘where do you find inspiration?’ And though the answer is ‘everywhere!’, one person that I reference again and again is the sculptor Constantin Brâncuși. As an art-lover, I’ve spent countless afternoons strolling around galleries and museums, but still remember so vividly visiting the Pompidou Centre in 1995 to see a major retrospective of his work. Although I'd seen photographs of his sculptures before it was only when I saw them in the 'flesh' that I really understood. I remember thinking 'This is it!' and feeling quite euphoric. It was a real lightbulb moment for me and from then on I became obsessed with his ideas and work.

The one where you meet an idol... and they are everything you hoped and more

Blog - 13th Jul 2015 - Comments - Read →

Throughout the years I’ve worked as a makeup artist I’ve made up some incredible people, but a couple of months ago I had a real 'pinch myself' moment when I was asked to do Isabella Rossellini's makeup for Lancôme's 80th birthday party in Paris. I had to stop myself from screaming ‘YES!’ down the phone. I knew I already had a shoot with Mert & Marcus and Daria Werbowy that day, was booked to do Kate Winslet's makeup late afternoon and had to get myself ready, but I was absolutely determined to make it work.

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Super fast 'Summer Nights' makeup look with 6 Products

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This is a really quick and easy long-lasting summer evening makeup, using only 6 products. It’s perfect if you’re going out after work or only have 5 minutes to get ready ;) X

Two New York Facials

Blog - 5th Jul 2015 - Comments - Read →

If you follow me on Instagram or Periscope you’ll know I'm back from a jam-packed week in New York, where I had a lot of interviews with press, a shoot with Teen Vogue and a personal appearance at Sephora amongst other things. I wanted to make sure my skin looked really good (especially as I knew my PMS face was due right before my Sephora appearance) so booked in for a couple of facials on the recommendation of some friends - who, naturally, have great skin!

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Makeup for Glasses

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This film is packed with make-up tips and tricks for glasses wearers with two final eye looks - one for longsighted and one for shortsighted eyes. It’s THE most requested video since I started my channel, I hope you like it! X

The nail varnish I am wearing is Deborah Lippmann's - She Drives Me Crazy

For more tips on foundation, from choosing the right shade to finding the right foundation for your skin type, click here for my Foundation Course

New trend: sculpting and contouring sticks

Blog - 26th Jun 2015 - Comments - Read →

Contouring continues to be a huge makeup trend, whether you're into it or not. If you are, there are lots of great contouring products available, from powders and compacts to creams and gels - very different to a few years ago, when contouring was much more of a makeup artist thing and specific contour products just didn't exist on the market.

I've recently spotted lots of cream contour sticks, which is another big change as, when I was starting out in makeup, if you wanted to cream contour the only option was to use a foundation stick in a darker shade. I don’t think that these sticks are necessarily any easier to use than powders (as you still have to choose the right colour, apply the right amount and blend it in really well), but there are some benefits - the creamy formulas blend well with fingers or a brush and, if you apply too much, they’re a lot easier to take down than powders (although it’s always better to start with a little and build up slowly).

Here are some of the contour sticks that I’ve been trialling on shoots and at the #HouseofEldridge

3 new discoveries for sensitive skin

Blog - 24th Jun 2015 - Comments - Read →

I recently noticed that a lot of the new skincare I've been trialling is designed for sensitive and reactive skin. And while I wouldn’t class my skin as sensitive (although it is prone to breakouts, so you could call it sensitive by definition), I’ve really enjoyed trialling them out on shoots and myself. Here's a quick round up - they're all great for keeping sensitive skin (or skin that's generally feeling tight, irritated, red or uncomfortable) soothed, calm, and gently hydrated...

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