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'Being Betty' with Gemma Arterton

19 Aug 2013 - Views - Comment - Share →

This is not a tutorial its a short film I made with actress Gemma Arterton playing Betty (Bettie) Page for Love Magazine. Based on the Teaserama series, I LOVE classic Pin-up make-up and Betty Page is the perfect inspiration. I had no idea if gorgeous Gemma would like my concept but luckily for me she loved it. I made a total of 3 films all entitled 'Being Betty' with Gemma playing 3 characters, Betty Page, Betty Blue and Betty Ford. Very different form my usual tutorial based videos, this is the first time I've directed a little beauty/fashion film with an actress. I work with Gemma a lot and she is seriously one of the most beautiful, nicest and most down to earth people I know X

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