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Love it or Loathe it... 10 Years Younger is back!

02 Aug 2010 - Share →

Starting today the new series of 10 Years Younger will be on Channel 4 EVERY evening at 5pm for the next two weeks. For those of you who haven't seen it, the premise of the show is make-up and beauty treatments verses quite heavy duty surgery. I am of course the champion of the power of make-up. Two women take part and are judged by the public to see who has lost the most years... sometimes I win ...sometimes I don't.

This series was shot over a year ago so I'm looking forward to catching the show just to remind myself of the all the fabulous women I worked with. I do remember there are some phenomenal transformations and, I seem to remember, a few victories for me.

To watch the shows on the internet go to 


If you manage to catch any of the shows let me know what you think. Lisa x

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