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Tippi Hedren -The Birds - Hitchcock Heroines

This tutorial is inspired by Tippi's make-up in Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. The make-up changes subtely throughout the movie, which as i say in the video, may have been deliberate but may also have been a result of the Techicolour film, lighting etc. The 3 strip process was notoriously difficult for make-up artists to work with and often resulted in weeks of pre-shoot make-up colour tests. The make-up artist Howard Smit was not only a Hollywood veteran - entering the industry in the early 30's - he is also recognised as something of a pioneer, helping make-up artistry gain its rightful position in the film business. 

For The Birds and Marnie (Hitchcock's second and last fim with Hedren), Hitchcock dictated every aspect of Tippi's look on and off screen. Hitchcock's vision was meticulously carried out by legendary costume designer Edith Head, Howard Smit on Make-up and hairdresser Virginia Darcy.

Hope you enjoy it, it's a great 'vintage-chic' look for a party!

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