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My Emma Watson Cover Look

So many of you requested a 'get the look' video for my Emma Watson Elle UK cover (shot by uber snapper Rankin) that it just had to be done. It's a really simple look which can easily be adapted (less or more mascara, more pink in the cheeks etc) to suit the individual. The look really focuses on the spiky lashes and super highlighted skin. Emma is undoubtelbly one of the most gorgeous young actresses around, so I must ask you to put your imaginations into overdrive as not only am I old enough to be Emma's mother - but I was also extrememly tired (and a little hungover) when I shot this!

Hope you enjoy it! X

The nail polish I'm wearing by the way is Boots No7 Chritmas Limited Edition 'Glitter Bomb'.

For more comprehensive step by step help on how to apply indiviual fake lashes please see my video about this.

See the original post featuring the Emma Watson pictures with full credits here.

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