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Lisa Loves - Perfume Crush

Blog - 13th Apr 2010 - Comments 8 - Read →

When I was in New York last week I noticed Byredo had launched a new perfume called La Tulipe. I absolutely loved it but the sensible side of me managed to talk myself out of a purchase reasoning I really didn't need another perfume. On my return to London I popped into Liberty's to buy a birthday pressie for my sister and once again there is was. It was meant to be and I'm in heaven with its delicious scent. La Tulipe is the most gorgeous springy fresh floral I've smelt in a long time. I also love the packaging and bottle design, very simple...Coco Chanel would approve. Not many fragrances are inspired by tulips as its notoriously difficult to extract their scent which makes this little masterpiece all the more amazing. Byredo are celebrating with a 'La Tulipe' pop up store at the St Martins Lane Hotel in London.

Lisa Loves - Pound stores are so much cooler in Japan!

Blog - 12th Apr 2010 - Comments 11 - Read →

A Japanese friend of mine who has worn full strip fake eyelashes everyday since she was fourteen (that's dedication for you) brought me back this photo from a recent trip home. Their equivalent of  £ or $ stores, the 100 Yen store, sell the coolest stuff. Just look at the choice of fabulous eyelashes to choose from for 99 Yen  (68p at todays rates!) a packet....what a bargain. If you're big on lashes it's almost worth the flight over to stock up on a lifetimes supply!

Inspiration - Inoui Commercial from the 80's

Blog - 10th Apr 2010 - Comments 5 - Read →

I've been trying to track down this Serge Lutens commercial for the now discontinued Inoui (an enormous shame) brand since posting about his lipsticks last week. Despite the 60's/futuristic vibe of the ad it actually ran in Japan in the 80's. I first saw this commercial in Tokyo and thought it was brilliant. I absolutely LOVE the make-up!!!! Doesn't she look incredible? I love the lip liner, the crazy metal claw ring and the general bonkers-ness of it. Make up commercials seem so boring now compared to this...

Watch this video

Basic Powder Contouring

A minefield of the make-up world, contouring is something that can go badly wrong. This video is an introduction to the basic principles of shading and contouring the face with powder. Good contouring can make a wide face appear narrower and cheekbones appear more prominent. It can also help to define the jawline and lift the eyes. All this needs to be done with a light touch using the right product and shade, especially for a daytime look. Once you have mastered the very basic techniques shown here you can build up your skills and really make the most of your bone structure and the shape of your face.

Lisa Loves - The Worlds Most Expensive Lipstick?

Blog - 4th Apr 2010 - Comments 11 - Read →

I've been meaning to get my mitts on these for a while. Serge Lutens is the iconic make-up artist, photographer, fashion and jewellery designer, art director, perfume creator and film-maker probably best known for his collaboration with Japanese uber brand Shiseido. During his creative direction throughout the 80’s he was responsible for creating some of the most arresting beauty commercials and advertising images of all time.

By the time I started working at Shiseido in 1998 Serge had long gone but his presence and legend lived on. I was lucky enough to visit the archives at Shiseidos headquarters in Tokyo and was totally mesmerized by what he had achieved. I love to visit his salon at Le Palais Royal every time I go to Paris and already collect his fragrances, so his lipsticks were very much next on my wish list. As an avid collector of make-up from all over the world I knew my collection wouldn’t be complete without them.

The lipsticks – first let me say they are VERY expensive $75 (around £50) each and they are approximately HALF the size of regular lippies….a bit like mini lipsticks.

There are 10 shades, six highly pigmented and four sheers. They are incredibly chic and come in a very heavy metal case that is refillable (I have no idea how much the refills are, I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it!).

I decided against buying a classic red and instead went for Compliment Beige (a beautiful neutral tawny beige), Garde Rose (a ‘to die for’ bright fuchsia which Dita Von Teese had bought the day before) and Poupre Maure (a shade which looks dark berry in the bullet but goes on the richest and most divine cyclamen). I applied Garde Rose immediately straight from the bullet and walked proud and pouting down 5th Avenue in the bright sunshine.

I stopped for a giant bowl of spaghetti with capers, tomatoes and black olives in a lovely little restaurant with tables outside. When I got back to my hotel hours later and without touch-ups, the colour had not moved one little bit.

OK I admit it I also bought a mascara and a neutral lip pencil so all in all I spent the equivalent of the best part of a weekend in Paris but I LOVE it all.

One day I’d like to open a make-up museum, somewhere to house my archives and I think Mr Lutens is going to fit in there rather well... 

Watch this video

Soft Coral Make Up

Coral make-up is a big trend for this S/S. Flattering and wearable it works well on all skin tones. From premium to high street, all the cosmetic brands are currently offering great coral tones for cheeks, eyes and lips.

This soft coral make-up look is easy to achieve, warms up the skin and wakes up the face incredibly well. Give it a go!

Loving the Chanel Tattoos but NOT the price?

Blog - 1st Apr 2010 - Comments 2 - Read →

If you are feeling the Chanel tattoos but not prepared to hand over £49 for them, have a look at They have some spookily similar designs (they even have the birds) and prices start at a mere £2.99.

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